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Ys I & II Chronicles+ Hoping for Love with February 14th Steam Launch

Marcus Estrada

Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin were the first Ys titles to grace Steam last year. It was XSEED Games' first foray onto Steam as well. Since then, they have been fairly silent on the PC front until today. Now Ys I & II Chronicles+ is set to join the digital storefront.


Not only is this collection a way to play the first two games, but it also has a handful of PC-specific features. The games are aiming to please both new players as well as fans by having many ways to customize the experience. If you want to listen to the original 80s soundtrack then you can, although a modernized one is also included. Similarly, you can change the art style, turn pixel smoothing on or off, or play in widescreen mode.


Since the game is on Steam there are also Achievements. Other modern conveniences are also included such as Steam cloud support and leaderboards. The Nihon Falcom developed title is set to arrive on Valentine's Day. Ys I & II Chronicles+ will cost $15 but if you pre-order it before February 14th you can nab it a tad cheaper at $12.74.


Check out the official trailer to get a feel for Ys:


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