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Zeno Clash 2 Unleashed on April 30th

Marcus Estrada

If you never played Zeno Clash then you're not alone. The game originally came to PC in 2009 (and on Xbox 360 in 2010) but never really gained a large following. Those who did experience the game though often remark on the distinctive visuals and gameplay. Developer ACE Team are now set to expand their audience with Zeno Clash 2.


Zeno Clash 2 is coming soon - really soon. On April 30th the game is launching on Steam and offers a few reasons to pick it up early. As is the norm, pre-ordering includes a 10% discount, making it $18. More interesting is the fact that pre-orders reward players with the original Zeno Clash alongside its sequel. If you already have the original then you can send the copy to a buddy.


Also offered is a special edition which comes with a digital soundtrack and artbook as well as a copy of the original game. Unlike the pre-orders, this set always includes both games and costs more (currently $27). Now the question is if those who have never experienced the game will be willing to part with their money now or wait for an upcoming Steam sale.

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