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Zeno Clash II Gets New Screenshots

Marcus Estrada

Zeno Clash was a game with a very distinctive art style that made the rounds on Steam and XBLA in 2009/2010. It was helped most by word of mouth, sales, and fun gameplay mechanics. Before 2012's E3, Atlus announced the sequel with a short trailer. Today they have tossed out some new screenshots.


This time around, Zeno Clash II will reach more gamers. It was announced earlier as being developed for PC, PS3, and 360. This only leaves out Nintendo fans, but who knows if a port for Wii U will ever arrive. The game focuses on an open world and includes enemies not found in the first.


Zeno Clash II will be out in 2013. However, if you'd like to test out the original game first, it is currently on huge sale via Steam for 99 cents. Here are the new screenshots:



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