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Zombies and Beer Come Together For the First Time

Jason Clement

Have you ever wondered what would happen if zombies and beer were mixed together? Apparently Moonbite Studios has, because they're bringing you the world's first game that mixes two of the world's most favorite things together, and it's called Zombeer, Zombies and Beer.


It's a first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter set in a dark, distant future where a mysterious plagues is turning the world's population into zombies. The main character, "K," awakens in a bar all alone (and with a hangover to boot) only to discover that he's been bitten by a zombie and that the virus is slowly taking over.


Eventually, K inadvertantly discovers that the only way to prevent the virus from taking over entirely is to drink beer. But if he doesn't drink in moderation, he'll lose control and be in trouble!


"Thanks to our creative team and our background in animation, we've designed Zombeer as a horror comedy full of action and beer, which is perfectly true to our tastes," said Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Moonbite.


"Our team is very passionate about pop culture so the game proudly features many references to movies, comic books and games that we like. We have said that if Zombeer had a fragrance, it would be a mix between Las Vegas and a Tijuana dive bar. We can't wait to unveil it and feed our fans with more videos and images of crazy and naughty zombies until the game releases!"


Moonbite Studios has definitely hit upon a unique premise for sure. Find out what happens with the unique mixture of zombies and beer when Zombeer, Zombies and Beer on PC, Mac, and HD consoles at the end of the year.


You can check out one of the trailers for the game below.


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