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Zynga Bids Farewell to Petville and Others Before Ushering in the New Year

John Kidman

Zynga began as the story of a relatively small developer who targeted social gaming and skyrocketed to success; however, their success has quickly transformed into a cautionary tale for both developers and those who dedicate significant amount of time to social games.


The company“s CEO, Mark Pincus, announced the closure of 11 games in November and hefty after the CEO of Facebook unveiled his plan to heavily focus on mobility. The rapid investment and development of new Facebook games eventually caught up with the company, whose dwindling share price continues to haunt them.


Petville and Mafia Wars 2 officially closed up shop on December 30, following in the footsteps of Fishville, Treasure Isle and Vampire Wars which shut down earlier in December. Zynga officially removed Forestville, Mojitomo, Word Scramble Challenge and Mafia Wars Shakedown from the Appstore. The next game to officially close will be Indiana Jones Adventure World on January 14, but this game is already closed to new players.


According to TechCrunch, Zynga is offering players a virtual package for more popular games to players of the affected games. Many long-term players are outraged by these closures, essentially wiping away years of progress… a feeling players of unsuccessful MMORPGs know quite well.


Would you take Zynga up on a virtual goods package for a different game if they closed down your go-to game?

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