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Zynga Looking Toward Real-Money Gambling in U.S.

Marcus Estrada

Zynga has been losing revenue as of late, and has started to take steps in new directions. Just a few months ago, they started taking steps toward creating real money gambling games for the UK audience. This wasn't just some testing ground though as now they are working toward the same for those of us in the U.S.


As it stands, using real money to gamble online is illegal. So how does Zynga hope to sidestep this law? Instead of trying to reach all fifty states, they are instead setting up shop in Nevada. If the application they've now filed is granted, they will be allowed to have users bet real money in their games with no repercussions for the company.


Zynga shared this small statement about their filing:


"As we“ve said previously, the broader U.S. market is an opportunity that“s further out on the horizon based on legislative developments, but we are preparing for a regulated market."


Right now, Zynga does have gambling-style games, but they aren't quite "real". Basically, you can use real money to redeem virtual tokens, but when you win all you get is virtual currency back. If their plans work out for Nevada, then that would change to add the possibility of real monetary payouts.



What do you think of Zynga's latest plan?

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