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Review: Kersploosh!


Developer: Poisoft

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: 3DS (eShop)

Release Date: March 7, 2013

ESRB: E for Everyone



Many times, when a gamer looks at game reviews, they will wonder if it's worth their hard-earned money. This isn't the case with Kersploosh!. Making its eShop debut at a mere $3, it's unlikely the game will make or break anyone's budget. So, for most gamers, since Kersploosh! is not broken or unplayable, it will be with the asking price. However... the real question remains: Will it be worth your precious, limited time?


In all honesty, Kersploosh! is a bit of a hard game to describe. There's no real story to speak of, except for the little skits before each level that explain the (odd) reasons why people are throwing (odd) things down a well. These objects can be anything from a simple stone, to a drop of liquid, to a watermelon. Then again, if someone is buying a game like Kersploosh! for a riveting story and developed characters, they're really looking in the wrong place.




This eShop game's gameplay is also on the simplistic side. All you have to do is make sure that your selected object makes it to the bottom of the well without breaking. As easy as that might sound, though, Kersploosh! can actually be quite difficult, and the way it makes it hard is when it really starts to get wacky.


When you're falling down the well shaft, you'll be accosted by all manners of unusual objects. Flying confectioneries will try to ram into you, fans will try and slow your momentum, and cannons will shoot fiery doom at you. It's certainly not a normal well, to say the least! Learning to dodge these hazards and hitting balloons and doughnuts is key to getting to the watery bottom in one piece and with a fast time.


With ten wells to be able to fall through, things can get very difficult very fast, especially if you're trying to get through with a more fragile object. Eventually, you're stuck with either memorizing the well trap-by-trap or just giving up and using the rubber ball (which is unbreakable) or another high HP object. While getting through a well with a drop of liquid, which has one HP, may sound rewarding, with some of the nasty tricks Kersploosh! pulls, most will give up far before they see that goal.




How much time you'll spend with this game, and therefore how much enjoyment you get, depends on how much you care about getting the fastest time with the weirdest items. You can share your fastest times via StreetPass, but it's unlikely you'll see many others with the game. Getting the high score is purely for the player's own enjoyment, and not really for bragging rights; it's because of this that I find it hard to recommend to everyone. Many people don't care about getting that fast time or perfecting their falls, thus Kersploosh! will not be the greatest experience for them.


To sum it all up, Kersploosh! is, and always will be, worth that three dollars. Whether or not it's worth the time to trudge through depends purely on gamers' tastes, though. If you're one that enjoys aiming for high scores and faster times, you'll get your times' worth from this title. Otherwise you might want to put those three dollars in your piggy bank, and save up for a pricier, but better game.




+ Wacky setting is certain to entertain

+ Simple gameplay makes it easy to get into




- Those that don't care about faster times won't find much to come back to

- Takes about an hour to unlock all the wells and most the objects

- 3D effects with the general aspect of falling may cause motion sickness


Overall Score: 6 (out of 10)



As interesting as Kersploosh! seems, the game's limited appeal and bare-bones content make it hard to recommend to other than hardcore score hunting fans.

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