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Review: Monster Legacy

Sailor Liztress

Developer: Outplay Entertainment

Publisher: Outplay Entertainment

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Release Date: March 20, 2014

Rated: 4+



Everyone has heard of Pokemon these days—a popular game series that has gamers collecting different monsters and battling trainers in order to have the best team. You can also find many clones of the series on mobile devices, and while most are blatant rip-offs or feel like really poor imitations, Outplay Entertainment's Monster Legacy hopes to offer a familiar gameplay style that brings some new features to the mix. It should be noted that even though you can see some resemblance to Pokemon, Monster Legacy does offer enough to stand out on its own.




You play as a keeper who travels through the vibrant world of Arborea, catching monsters to use against the evil Lord Ardur and the monsters under his command. During your travels, you will meet other keepers and villagers. With over 100 monsters ripe for the picking, any keeper who puts in enough time can make a formidable army. The story premise is one we've seen in books, movies, and other video games. But as this is a mobile game, having a good and enticing story is just an added bonus.


Those who have played any of the Pokemon entries will understand the basics of Monster Legacy's gameplay. You have a nice number of monsters you can battle and catch with box shaped traps. Not much can be more satisfying than to successfully catch a monster that would bring your team the upper edge in random and trainer battles. Monster Legacy does give players a bit more with quests within each area. Doing those will help you level up your trainer which in turn gives you coins, energy, and gems.


Monster Legacy is a free-to-play game with the ability to purchase in-game items to help your journey. Do you need to spend money within the game? Not really. Leveling up your character will net you a nice amount of gems. These gems are used to purchase traps that guarantee a capture when used and to pull off the special attacks each monster has. They are also valuable for purchasing new monsters, boosting their attacks in the status menu, and for those who want to bypass leveling a monster to the level needed to evolve them. However, one will need to have patience in order to stock up on the gems, coin, and energy.




The graphics are pretty nice as they're colorful and the monsters stand out. Animations don't feel real clunky, though I did experience a slight lag during some attacks. Each area varies enough to not seem like they are basically reused maps. Granted, you are likely to get bored of visiting the same area over and over when trying to level up your monsters.


As with any freemium title you can find on your mobile device, Monster Legacy allows players to buy gems and coins with real money via in-game purchases. As said above, you don't have to spend money to progress through the game. But it definitely does help you get through the story and level up your monsters much quicker. If you're jonesing for an experience like Pokemon but don't have the handheld for it, Monster Legacy does offer more than enough to warrant playing.




+ Crisp, clean, and colorful monster designs

+ Easy to control

+ Plenty of monsters to catch and quests to complete




- Grinding can get tedious and boring

- In-game purchases with real money can make the game go by quicker



Overall Score: 7 (out of 10)



Monster Legacy might look like another Pokemon clone but the additional features give it a leg up on any other similar styled games out there.

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