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Samsung Galaxy S6 Impressions

Posted by Emilia Clarke, in Review, Purchases 07 June 2015 - - - - - - · 1,821 views
Mobile, Samsung, Pictures
Samsung Galaxy S6 Impressions Samsung Galaxy S6

I recently picked up the new Galaxy S6, opting for the standard model over the more hyped (and more pricy) S6 Edge.

Thing's I like so far
Gorgeous AMOLED High Resolution Screen
Fast and Snappy
Nice "Premium" Feel
Super Customizable
Dual SIM
Fingerprint Unlock
Wireless Charging
Great Camera

Thing's I don't like
No Removable Battery...

Hong Kong Rugby Seven's 2015

Posted by Emilia Clarke, in Travel 30 March 2015 - * * * * * · 956 views
Rugby, Sports, Travel, Hong Kong
So I went to my first ever Rugby event this past weekend, and it was a blast! Here are some pictures and videos of what went down.


Honestly I don't get Rugby much but like any other sport it was fun rooting for your favourite countries, i...

Kickstarter - Was it Worth it?

Posted by Emilia Clarke, 22 February 2015 - - - - - - · 939 views
So Kickstarter has been around for a few years now with many success stories coming out of it. Remember the Ouya? Well you can thank Kickstarter for its existence.

I recently took a gander at my Kickstarter account to see how the last two years have turned out in terms of projects...

A Day in Singapore (Pictures)

Posted by Emilia Clarke, in Travel 01 February 2015 - - - - - - · 1,021 views
Singapore, Travel, Pictures
So I went on what might have been the shortest trip I've ever been on, a full 28 hours in Singapore~

Below are some highlights of my brief time there.

To see the full album click here .

For some reason I put the images in reverse chronological order... ah well.


Six Months Living in Hong Kong

Posted by Emilia Clarke, in Travel, Uncategorized 26 December 2014 - - - - - - · 1,369 views
Hong Kong, Real Life, Experiences
Six Months Living in Hong Kong So it's been six whole months since I made the jump from the US to live in Hong Kong whilst I work on going back to school. Living somewhere new is also an interesting experience, more-so when aforementioned "somewhere" is on the other side of the planet. Despite being very westernized (It's a global city after all!) it has it's own unique quirks and cult...

A Realm Reborn, Attending a Friends Wedding?

Posted by Emilia Clarke, 20 December 2014 - - - - - - · 1,282 views
Realm Reborn, Wedding
As you might know I have a wedding coming up with fellow Podunker Ciel, however I had the opportunity to attend my buddy Cal's wedding which I happily accepted just so I could get a look at how the whole process went down.

Arriving five minutes early I was ushered into the waiting room in which the other invitees were already waiting.


Hong Kong Halloween!

Posted by Emilia Clarke, in Travel 01 November 2014 - - - - - - · 1,098 views
Hong Kong, Halloween, Party
Hong Kong Halloween! It's always interesting to see how different places celebreate holidays and I didn't think that Halloween was much of a thing outside the USA....


Halloween is a big deal here in Hong Kong, but there is no trick or treating, but rather....


There are several hotspots in Hong Kong for this. Disney Land and Ocean Park h...

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves turned FIVE today

Posted by Emilia Clarke, 13 October 2014 - - - - - - · 873 views
Uncharted, PS3
So I saw some people mention this elsewhere but thought it was something to bring up here as well. It feels like only yesterday that I was picking up my launch day copy of Uncharted 2 and playing through the whole in days.


While there were plenty of games before it...

My Experience With Archeage and Why You Should Try It

Posted by Emilia Clarke, 30 September 2014 - * * * * * · 1,112 views
Archeage, MMO, Khorne
Quite recently I was convinced into trying my hand at a new MMO called Archeage which you may or may not have heard. Seeing as it was free, I decided to give it a try and joined up with Khorne on the continent of Nuia. The game has four races split amongst two continents, Khorne plays as a Nuian / Human and I chose to play as an Elf since they occupy the...


My Golden Joystick Picks! What are yours? (Win an iPad)

Posted by Emilia Clarke, 10 September 2014 - - - - - - · 2,412 views
Awards, GOTY
Check out the Golden Joysticks HERE

*Voting in this enters you to win an iPad*

I just wanted to go through my picks for this years Golden Joystick because it's fun! I've been pretty bad about playing games this year so my picks are far from definitive.

Best Original Game

My Pick: Child of Light
Runners Up: Broken Age, Shovel Knight

So many great ga...

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