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The Majority Of Magic 2015 Players Exhibit Poor Sportsmanship

Posted by Kezins, 21 August 2014 · 1,750 views

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The Majority Of Magic 2015 Players Exhibit Poor Sportsmanship While I do enjoy playing Magic The Gathering on my iPad and PS3, it seems good sportsmanship exhibited by other players rarely exists. I'd estimate that in 80-90% of the multiplayer games I'm in where it's obvious I will win the match, the other player will exit the game which causes a slow down waiting for the computer to take over for them.

I'm not sure where the lack of sportsmanship comes from. Anytime I know I'm going to lose, I give my opponent the satisfaction of finishing me off and completing the game. It's a real shame the game doesn't punish those who quit out.

Even worse than people who "quit out" is people who will take the maximum time for every move they make likely in an attempt to get you to quit once you lose patience. Magic 2015 definitely gives players way too much time to make moves.

Perhaps the anonymous nature of online interaction encourages rudeness...who knows...

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I think that when we see that games you know just "games" have to have a punishment system in place for people quitting out because otherwise they just leave with out finishing shows us what most people are really like.


I don't think this is just for magic 2015. I think its for all games the only difference being that in other games they will count it as a loss, or keep track of your quits.


They don't want to play they want to win. Otherwise it's not fun and if they aren't having fun why should anyone else?

Quitting out in Magic counts as a loss but losses aren't listed in your main stats. It's definitely a problem in many games. I just never understood why people do it. You should give the other people the satisfaction of completing a win. I take losses and wins myself. Losing is no big deal.

Not much of a Magic fan, but back in high school and after I had friends get me to play and teach me. It's quite a fun experience. I prefer to play Yugioh since that's the only gaming card game I can play and know the rules.

Magic is much funner playing with cards than app as well. Also nobody gets mad that way either. I might have to eventually download the game on my tablet if they have it for Android. I'll have to play against you Kezins. :D

Definitely more fun in person but hard to do these days. The new game is on Android. I'm not sure if the multiplayer works with iOS though. Everyone I've played in multiplayer seems to be using iPad.

I do and don't do things like that, it all depends. In most cases I would say I mostly don't as it's out of respect. But in a game say like Pokemon Showdown, if I know I'm going to lose and literally the only thing I can do is stall, then hell yeah. I'ma send the person a message that says GG and leave. Why would I waste both of our times when we know the outcome? But no, for Magic, ya gotta finish it out.

Hearthstone has the some of the same issues.Except if your opponent leaves he loses the match.Slow players taking 90 seconds every turn. Spamming emotes,being a **** in general with emotes. 

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