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Creating Inside Out 2 From The World of Inside Out: Movie Theory

Posted by John Kidman, 08 July 2015 · 1,548 views

Creating Inside Out 2 From The World of Inside Out: Movie Theory Toy Story to Wall-E, Pixar animation has always ridden a fine line between entertainment for children and messages that resonate more with those accompanying the children. The ability to express and cope with a wide range of feelings seems to be Pixar's prime directive and it is this space that we find Inside Out.

Inside Out follows a little girl named Riley who deals with some emotional issues, prompted by life-changing decisions by her parents. Pixar Animation Studio's President and the Director of Inside Out mentioned that a sequel is not currently in the books, but “never say never.” We are, after all, receiving a sequel to Finding Nemo in 2016.

Let's take a look at a few possible underlying plot lines that Inside Out 2 could tackle based on Inside Out:

Puberty. Changes are coming. This would have to be the frontrunner for the theme of Inside Out 2. Inside Out already portrayed Riley as dealing with issues of leaving behind her childhood, but a few events in the film makes it clear that her issues are compounded by the advance of puberty. The sequel would, in all likelihood, place an even bigger spotlight on this change.

Identity. Riley's brain is controlled by five emotional characters, but Inside Out temporarily visited the brain of three characters beyond Riley. The mother, the father and a boy on the hockey team. As you can see below, the brains of the father and mother are controlled emotions containing uniform characteristics. The boy on the hockey team may have a brain that is out of control, but it is also filled with uniform characters.

Posted Image

Could Pixar be hinting at gender identity as a potential underlying story line in the sequel? Pixar is generally known for their subtlety, as they do not generally bash children over the head with messages that may be portrayed as inappropriate for the targeted audience. I am expecting to see both of these as driving forces behind a new story for Inside Out 2, even if the main story for the children becomes little more than introducing a handful of new emotions.

What did you think about Inside Out? What do you think will take center stage for Inside Out 2?

I still have not had a chance to see Inside Out, but puberty would make for a great theme for the sequel. Going along that natural course, they could make a potential third movie focusing on a character's first romantic relationship, and then even a fourth which focuses on marriage and kids.

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