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As the blog title suggests, I'm looking for people interested in a little PS4 multiplayer action. I don't have a super extensive library yet but am interested in getting into multiplayer with the following games:


Diablo III


Assassin's Creed IV


Madden 15


Pure Chess


Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition


The Last of Us Remastered


Feel free to add me on PSN if you aren't already on my list. :)


PSN = kezins


I haven't been a PS4 owner for long but already have some games I enjoy quite a bit and a few I dislike quite a bit;


My go to games at the moment:


Rock Boshers DX: The Director's Cut

DC Universe Online (the first MMO I actually enjoy)

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition



Games I have already deleted off the hard drive:


Secret Ponchos

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut


The biggest surprise for me with the PS4 is how much I enjoy the social networking features. I certainly underestimated them before owning the console. It's still early (for me) but RESOGUN may be the best game I played in 2014.


Which games are you digging so far on the PS4?




My latest Injustice Video f. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Nightwing (me):

*I pretty much only play on Medium or Hard difficulty at the moment. Anything harder and I'd be pwned too easily. The fighting genre isn't my strong area in gaming but I've always enjoyed them.





We already know Sony has pretty much indicated we aren't going to see many PS3 games remastered for the PS4 which is wise in ways but I think they should do a few. That may encourage people hanging onto the PS3 for certain games to take the jump to the PS4. Remastering PS2 games for the PS3 in HD was a financial success for most of the "HD Collection" games but they started with those late in the game.


In addition to a few key remastered PS3 games, Sony would be silly to avoid looking into the PS2 library for rare titles that would sell well.


What games do you guys want to see remastered for the PS4?


Here's my Wishlist (although most are very unlikely):


The .hack series


Silent Hill

Burnout 3


Disgaea 2

The Elder Scrolls (Complete Series)

Fallout (Complete Series)

BioShock (Complete Series)

Mass Effect Trilogy


*Updates At Bottom* (May Include Spoilers but I will try my best to avoid revealing major plot points)


I've been playing a wide assortment of games lately considering I have more time on my hands during the winter. I decided to give Dragon Age Inquisition a spin tonight and am enjoying it so far despite some glaring flaws.




+Initial Positive Observations:


*The story seems to be interesting and successfully grabs your attention quickly.


*While too early to tell, it seems we may may have more choices to determine how this story ends.


*Navigating the menus indicates to me that there will be more customization involved.


*One addition to the game which makes life easier is the ability to pick up loot items while still in combat.




-Initial Negative Observations:


*Graphics seem to have taken a large step backwards this time around. This may not be the case with the PS4 version but the textures on the PS3 version are noticeably annoying. At times, the game is visually appealing but seems to be less appealing more often. Certain areas also appear very "grainy".


*Combat still lacks the need for much strategy.


*Menus are clunkier and take up more of your time than the previous two games.




I do look forward to finishing this game in the near future. I hope the story is able to distract me from the glaring flaws.






My Background in Dragon Age:


I am a longtime BioWare fan and enjoyed the first two games (the original being a superior product to DA2). I beat the first two games and all the available DLC on the PS3 and Xbox 360. I still plan to go back and replay both.




Update #1 (3.5 Hours of Gameplay)


Three and a half hours in and am impressed with the game despite my previous complaints about the graphics. The first two Dragon Age games felt more linear and restrictive. While DAI is certainly linear for the most part, the game feels more epic and exploration is finally a more legitimate factor in the game. Just picked up a mount.....like nearly every game with horses, this aspect could have used more work.


Screenshot of mount taken with iPad camera. Playing the game in 720p on a Sony Bravia TV:





Update #2 (5 Hours In)


I should probably be further along with the game but exploring is pretty fun. It seems like every time I am headed out to complete a specific quest, I get sidetracked along the way. This definitely isn't "open world" like Skyrim or anything but it is infinitely more open than the first two DA games. The scope of the game certainly explains the graphics being a little subpar. Supposedly, we are looking at 150-200 hours for total completion which would certainly make the game a good $$$ investment.


Experienced my first system hard crash of the game shortly after the 5 hour point. Hopefully that doesn't become an issue.




Update #3 (10 Hours In)


I'm enjoying the game more and more as I go. I think I liked the characters from the first Dragon Age more but the story in this one is a little better. I am now on my 3rd hard system crash which is annoying and causes you to restore the PS3 file system. I have gotten more into crafting and utilizing the war council which is pretty interesting. Certain areas start feeling a little less open world when you end up having to run past the same area too many times.


Difficulty is combat can get annoying. You may face an enemy who can destroy your whole party in seconds but return to them once you've gained one level and dominate the battle easily. At this point, my complaints are that the gane is very often not visually appealing, 3 hard crashes in 10 hours of gameplay makes me wonder if Bethesda gave BioWare advice and the characters really don't interest me a whole lot. While you can use various tactics in battle, tactics really don't matter much.


The positives I'm holding on to primarily include a real interesting story, more exploration than the first two games and seemingly more choices to affect the outcome.


Update #4 (16 Hours In)


No hard crashes in the past 6 hours of gameplay but I've been exiting the game after every two hours of gameplay. I have recruited 4 of The Companions at this point and probably spend too much time exploring and looking around. Decisions I make are noticeably affecting the game more which include overhunting in areas. It is possible to knock a wild species out of an area and they may be replaced with something else. Still not attached to any of the characters I've recruited. The game is still flawed yet highly enjoyable. I'm pretty excited about the future of the Dragon Age franchise.


Update #5 (20 Hours In)


Still no more hard crashes but I'm keeping my fongers crossed. Sidequests are repetitive but at least the environments are varied. I'm guessing I'm gettong close to the halfway point with the main story line so plan to focus more on sidequests. I'd hate to finish the story too quickly.


Update #6 (25 Hours In)


I like the game so much I decided to get the PS4 version (I didn't own the PS4 at the time I started this) and will start over from the beginning. I don't consider it time wasted because I wanted to do things a little differently anyway. I found the game for $20 new on sale and couldn't pass up on that.


Too many games.....too little time..... :(


My plans could always change but for now, my goals are to finish up with the following games in the next few weeks.


Madden 15 - I'm mostly playing in an online franchise with my high school buddy. We're getting close to the end of our second regular season. We were both eliminated in the first round of the playoffs our first year. I'm coaching the Buffalo Bills with John Madden using Carr as my QB.


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Played about an hour and a half last night with TK & company. The game is outdated but I like it enpugh to keep going. Lol


Natural Doctrine - I've played a couple hours of it and enjoy the game so far. Hoping I can get pretty deep into it soon.


Mass Effect 2 - Doing my second playthrough but on the PS3 this time. I'm probably going to do my 3rd playthrough of the first game as well.


Those four are definitely enough to gouge into my precious free time in the next month or so. If anyone is interested in playing some Madden, ND or D&D, definitely HMU. I haven't played enough Natural Doctrine to have a solid opinion but I do like it so far. The washed out colors and funky camera angles are my main complaint at the moment. Some people have complained about too much information being on the screen at once but I actually love that aspect.


Written on iPad. Will check for typos later.


While Season 2 wasn't as emotionally connecting as the first season, I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the decisions available but definitely understand that the majority of the story is predetermined. Some reviewers seem to have a problem understanding that aspect. :)


Below are the "choices" I made this season and my thoughts on those decisions and the story in general. I'd love others to express their thoughts as well. Be sure to use spoiler tags. If you haven't finished the season yet, please find the nearest exit now....


Episode 1: All That Remains



Did you try to save Christa? I decided to try and help her. Honestly, I never liked Christa (from the moment she first appeared in Season 1) and always thought something was off about her but I try to do the right thing most of the time. I thought Omid was a pretty good dude though and wish he had been in the story longer.


Did you kill the dog? I killed the dog for reasons of mercy. I honestly was not pleased with the dog scenario and lack of better outcomes. A dog that friendly would not have snapped so fast especially once it got the food. Dogs can snap over food but I believe had she just dropped the can and stepped back, things would have been fine. I think the story played too much into the myths about dangerous dogs. I've been around dogs my whole life and they are easier to predict than this one was.


Did you accept Nick's apology? I accepted it. Didn't care for his character much though.


Did you give water to the dying man? I did. Don't regret the choice.


Did you save Nick or Pete? I saved Nick. Pete was a better person and more valuable to the group but he was obviously bitten.


All in all this episode was OK but I realized quickly that the new group was definitely not as good as the group from Season 1. I'm sure more time into the chaos had something to do with it.





Episode 2: A House Divided



Took blame for Sarah's photo? I took the blame. Wish I had made more decisions in Sarah's favor during the game.


Who Did You Sit With At Dinner? I chose Kenny. Glad I did. The new group expected way too much loyalty in a short time span and I felt like every member of the new group was too selfish. I feel like the narrative became too obvious at this point and knew that the rest of the season would likely lead up to a choice between Kenny and the others.


Told Walter the truth about Matthew? I told the truth and don't regret that. Nick was an idiot obviously but the truth needed to come out. I felt the new group was pretty immature as adults letting Clementine make so many decisions.


Nick's Fate? I convinced Walter to forgive Nick. It was obvious he was a moron but he fired the rifle on the bridge for a good reason.


Left to find Kenny? I sought out Kenny's help. He may have been a jerk but his care for others was genuine unlike the others. In my opinion.





Episode 3: In Harm's Way



Helped Sarah with her chores? I helped. Despite the outcome, I'd do it again. It was the right thing to do.


Told Bonnie About Luke? I hid Luke's presence when talking to Bonnie. Glad I did. I didn't like Bonnie from the jump and when all was said and done at the end of the game, it was for good reason. She was definitely someone who will always look out for herself above anyone else.


Admitted to stealing the walkie talkie? I tried to hide the theft but regret that decision. There was no avoiding the discovery and I should have made a different choice.


Watched Kenny kill Carver? I watched. Despite everyone else's problem with what Kenny did, I think he did the right thing. Carver was way too dangerous to leave alive and In a zombie apocalypse, I'd want someone like Kenny around despite his many flaws.


Chopped off Sarita's arm? I killed the zombie but wanted to chop off her arm. Lol. I'd probably chop off her arm if I play the season again.




Episode 4: Amid The Ruins



Left Sarah at the trailer park? I saved her at the trailer park. The opposite choice was simply wrong any way you look at it.


Robbed Arvo? I refused to rob Arvo. I didn't Arvo. He was obviously trouble despite the game's best efforts to make you feel sorry for him. In real life, I wouldn't have robbed him but I may have held him captive for a while to discover information about who he was with.


Crawled through the ticket booth? I volunteered to crawl through but it was very telling that the adults I was with were not great people.


Held the baby? I held the baby. What kind of maniac wouldn't?


Shot Rebecca? I shot Rebecca and would stand by the choice. The other choices were too dangerous.





Episode 5: No Going Back



Protected the baby? Of course I did. The baby was the only person in the group who was still an innocent.


Went to help Luke? I tried to help Luke. I honestly think he was a selfish dirtbag despite his charms and the game constantly wanting you to like him. Luke and Jane are definitely two people I would not want to be around in a zombie scenario.


Asked to leave with Mike? I did not ask to leave. They were pulling off a very sneaky thing which showed they were all cowards. Definitely confirmed my belief that Arvo was a bum too. Out of curiosity, do you guys think they all got away or do you think Kenny finished them off? My sympathy for Mike, Bonnie and Arvo dropped to 0. They were willing to steal all the supplies and leave Clem and the baby behind with Kenny who they were scared of. Despite bring a jerk and a maniac at times, Kenny still came off as the best adult of the season.


Shot Kenny? I shot Kenny but not necessarily for Jane. Kenny was too far gone and would never find peace until he was back with Duck and his wife. He really had run his course and the game made that obvious from the moment Clem reunited with him. Despite his numerous flaws, Kenny was still a good guy and at the end of the day with a little support, Kenny was a guy that got results and came through. I felt like the rest of the group put it on Clementine to fix things too much and they treated Kenny like crap the whole time.


In the end, who are you with? I ended up alone with AJ and am satisfied with that choice. Jane was selfish, lied too often and pushed Kenny's buttons knowing it would lead to his death. I figured she was a manipulative and selfish person.....she would eventually cause Clementine or AJ's death. While Jane's loneliness was sad, she was a person who would do anything to get the results she feels are right and at any cost to others. After 2 seasons, Lee is still the only character that would go to hell and back to save Clementine. Kenny had his moments too but he would have never done what Lee did.


All in all, I'm satisfied with the ending I chose. I didn't necessarily like the direction they took with every character and certainly did not like this group very much. I definitely missed Lee. It's rare to have a emotional attachment to a character like I got with Lee and Clementine. Last time I recall that kind of strong connection was in Final Fantasy VII.



Desires For Season 3......





A large part of me feels a need to find out how Clementine is doing so I want to continue with her. Another part of me feels like maybe it's best I just assume she made through to the end. Lee's death was pretty devastating in my opinion even though you knew it was coming. Clementine's demise one day could be worse. Maybe it's best we just get to make up the rest of her story in our own heads. I'n not sure if there's a right answer.


Whether we continue with Clem or go with a new storyline, I hope they take greater care developing characters that are more unique than what we got in Season 2. Too many characters were very similar to others in the first season. In a world full of unique people, it shouldn't be hard to give us fresh characters.


As far as story development, I hope we get a less predictable narrative.




My Choices (Screen Captures)

















While I do enjoy playing Magic The Gathering on my iPad and PS3, it seems good sportsmanship exhibited by other players rarely exists. I'd estimate that in 80-90% of the multiplayer games I'm in where it's obvious I will win the match, the other player will exit the game which causes a slow down waiting for the computer to take over for them.


I'm not sure where the lack of sportsmanship comes from. Anytime I know I'm going to lose, I give my opponent the satisfaction of finishing me off and completing the game. It's a real shame the game doesn't punish those who quit out.


Even worse than people who "quit out" is people who will take the maximum time for every move they make likely in an attempt to get you to quit once you lose patience. Magic 2015 definitely gives players way too much time to make moves.


Perhaps the anonymous nature of online interaction encourages rudeness...who knows...




We're in the process of redoing the upstairs of our house and one priority of mine is getting the computer gaming setup in order. I have most of it setup at this point other than a few minor additions.


My next step will be picking up some longer cables so I can get the router, cable modem and DirecTV hookups way out of the way. I'm also going to hookup my Harmon Kardon speaker to the setup soon.


Right now it's the iMac, LG TV and laptop hooked up. I switch the settings over to two screens for photo editing etc. I'll update the blog as I am able to improve the situation. I can't change the layout much until I get longer cables for some of the devices.


The only device that will be added in the future is possibly a PS4. I'll likely keep the PS3 hooked up in the family room area for quite a long time.


Suggestions HIGHLY appreciated! :)










I wouldn't suggest using the GBA4iOS app if you don't own copies of the games (to stay legal and all) but it works really well for a GBA/GBC emulator. The on screen controller is tough to get accustomed to on a large iPad screen though. I'm hoping one of the new iOS 7 controllers coming out this year turn out to be good. So far, I have yet to use a controller for the iPad that actually works well. :(.


The app is not available on the app store for obvious reasons. You have to custom install it at your own risk. No jailbreak is required.


I loaded up Dragon Warrior III to test the app...one of the best Game Boy Color games!




I was talking to a buddy who said he would never drive manually in racing games because it "wouldn't be very realistic without having to engage a clutch pedal". It got me thinking about the fact that perhaps many people don't realize that higher level drivers in real life often don't shift using the clutch pedal at all. My first car was a 5-speed Mazda MX-6 and I didn't even realize it until years later when I went to a truck driving school to get a Class A CDL and later trained on the road for 2 months with a veteran driver out of a company in Wisconsin. His truck intimidated me at first because it was an 18-speed transmission which required a flip of a switch to go from the lower shifting to the top gear shifting. Driving a truck in the beginning is tougher than cars because you have to double clutch when you shift instead of single in most cars.


After I got good, he started teaching me the old timer tricks like how to shift without using the clutch at all. Basically if your road speed and RPMs are both in the proper range, you simply shift gears without touching the clutch pedal. In the right range, shifting requires no significant hand force either. You can shift with just one finger and light pressure if you want. Lol. Really the only time you need a clutch is at the beginning to get a vehicle moving.


Hope I didn't bore you too much, but I thought it was possibly interesting. :)


If I was Sony's CEO


I love Sony...I'm not complaining too hard, but if I were CEO, I'd make some big changes and bury Microsoft's game division once and for all. The days of Nintendo, Sony and Sega changing the landscape of gaming bring me happy thoughts. Microsoft brought us a culture of talking smack to strangers online and too many rinse and repeat simple yet addictive FPS games.


Here are the changes I'd fly in with to beat Microsoft down with no mercy and bring the PlayStation to a stage even more glorious than the PS2.


#1: Make all PSN purchases from the PS3 available on the PS4 for free. Simply have people deactivate their PS3 and do some sort of voucher or key system to play the games they purchased through the streaming service. The vagueness surrounding this issue keeps lots of people on the fence. I would release firm details on the streaming service ASAP. Gamers don't like to guess about these things. I know I'm on the fence and I'm a compulsive gadget guy. I even get my hands on electronics before launches sometimes. The PS4 hasn't itched me at all yet. It's great fir Nintendo though because that's who is getting most if my money lately.


#2: I'd diversify the PlayStation Plus program. It rewards people who haven't already purchased the games. I can't count how many times I've bought a game Power gamers are often left in the dark for a few months in a row. I think it's a fantastic deal, but how about a tiered system for people who buy lots of games at retail price before they hit PlayStation Plus? Perhaps an alternate game option for big spenders or a reward system exclusive to spenders.


#3: Sony owns a huge library of movies, shows and music. I'd offer freebie downloads as surprise gifts to loyal Sony consumers on PSN from time to time. I'd also use that as an opportunity to get people signed up for Music Unlimited. Small freebies lead to sales of bigger items. I'd also knock off the piracy paranoia and very transparent ruse to disallow MP3s and CD transfers to the PS4 to get you to pay for their music service. We aren't all silly rubes who don't notice and some care. It's a real Microsoft style move. Most research indicates a little piracy actually boosts legit album sales and concert ticket sales above the losses.


#4: I'd develop a stronger sense of community on PSN and come up with more creative contests. How about a game related photography contest? Give the winner a free PlayStation Plus subscription and an older Sony Alpha camera sitting in the warehouse somewhere. Social activism would be good too. Perhaps when a game needs a sakes boost, offer a % of sales to Wounded Warriors or a Cancer charity. Sony was worth around 80% more 13 years ago. They need a cultural revolution. Cool games doesn't work, because everyone has cool games now. Better marketing would help too. In the day and age of underground marketing and three second memories, they need viral marketing that knocks people's socks off. I find their marketing quite flat and predictable.


#5: The primary reason the PS4 is hotter is because it's 100 cheaper. I'd stop announcing things like there's no room for price dropping in the future like they did. Microsoft heard and as soon as the Xbox One gets 100 off, the playing field is even. I highly suspect the Microsoft price may have been a possible marketing ploy making room for a huge discount and Sony could get crushed. Sony needs to know we aren't dopey in the age of info. We already know a PS4 costs less than $300 to build by some credible estimates.


#6: Finally drop the price of Vita memory cards and offer the coming 64GB card for less than what the 32GB card costs now..and I mean a lot less. For one, it's easy to find out how much it costs to make memory cards and it's cheap. For two, people with more memory are more likely to get PlayStation Plus. It doesn't take a moron to figure out the memory cards are the biggest complaint and 32 GB is a joke on a device like a Vita. I'd even take a loss on memory to make up the loss with hardware and game sales.


Rant Over. :)


My Gaming Articles From The Past.


Kind of a personal informal blog rant....



I wrote professionally about games in the past for a couple sites, but Gaming Today was by far the most lucrative. I was checking out GameFront today which basically took over Gaming Today years ago when I was working for Ziff Davis Media (1Up Network) and they let the property go in bankruptcy. GT was one of the places I wrote for and would say it was an enjoyable and well paying gig for the most part. I did mostly marketing work for the site, but also wrote a lot. To my surprise, they imported most of my articles into the new site. It looks like there may have been a database problem because some articles now have strange characters or formatting in them, but the bulk of the writing is still there.




Skimming through the articles, there were winners and losers, but I definitely noticed a pattern in my writing that may have not been obvious. Towards the end of 2007 and into 2008, I experienced a series of complete mental breakdowns which put a pretty fast stop to me being productive professionally and academically. Lately, I've been feeling more mental clarity thanks in part to some new programs at the VA, so things are looking up. I think I might get back to writing daily even if it's on a complete amateur basis.


After GT, I started Kezins.com which actually got tons of traffic every day causing me to upgrade hosting plans every other week it seemed. Lol. Problems with hosting paired with personal things I had going on really took the site down even though it had a ton of momentum. I hate toot my own horn often. But I was an underground social marketing master then. I don't know what it would take to get back to that stage. We even slowed down sites like Kotaku with some of our articles they'd mention. I guess I had options to get things going even more, but just couldn't keep up with everything. The hosting issues were really the excuse but there were underlying issues that caused me to fail.


I guess right now, my main goal is to get more organized and back on a path towards true productivity in any field in the next few years. I've kind of been a zombie for 6 years now. Here's one post Owen made about us on Kotaku that kinda made me laugh with the word "infamous". We actually put out quite a few controversial articles during a short span of time...




If you learn anything from this post, never ever use GoDaddy. :)


Photo from my very first blog gig (1PStart) which no longer exists but by far my fondest memories. One of the three is still highly successful in the world of tech and blog gaming, so that's definitely cool.


So far, it has been a pretty good winter for me. I just registered for some college classes starting in January and have knocked out a lot of backlog games and have had time to revisit classics as well. Black Friday is also coming up. I hear even Target will be selling 3DS XLs for $150, but I'm keeping my eye out for even bigger deals.


Since I've been able to knock out more games than usual in the past month, I decided to go ahead and post some reviews in the coming weeks. Here are the game reviews I will have posted in the near future:


Psycho Fox (Sega Master System)

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)

Fatal Frame (PS2)


In addition to these, I may do a few Top Ten lists as well.




I gave my 3DS away a while back because it simply didn't feel great in my hands. I experienced hand fatigue while using the 3DS XL as well, so had pretty much given up on portable Nintendo games until the 2DS came out and I decided to give it a shot.


While the plastic in the 2DS doesn't feel high quality, the device has a surprisingly nice weight to it and feels great in my large hands. I never really cared about the 3D functionality in games, so losing that was no big deal. The 2DS does have noticeably better pixel density (but the screens are the same size as a standard 3DS) and games do look a little better on it than a standard 3DS.


Battery life is still simply awful with the device, so that's a letdown, but I didn't expect much. While the design looks like the 2DS is an awkward "doorstop" like many say, it's surprisingly a very comfortable design.


At the end of the day, I'd suggest looking into this cheap option if you don't have a 3DS. I plan to just use it to play SMT games and maybe a little Pokemon.


blog-0155142001351893111.jpgThe Nintendo Wii launched on November 19, 2006. Six years later, the quality of the game library is still heavily debated by gamers. In my opinion, the Wii turned out to be a fantastic system with plenty of good games. In some ways, it proved that you don't need HD graphics for a quality modern game experience. Some hard-core gamers talk entirely too much smack about the Wii and dismiss it as a system for casual gamers. While it certainly has a library full of shovelware and casual games, I can name many games that were actually good or even excellent. While I certainly enjoyed my time with the Wii, it's time to move on. I have done everything with the system that I wanted to and will definitely have quite a few fond gaming memories from the system.


Without any further delay, here is my definitive Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games list. Feel free to debate the list in the comments section.


#10 Super Smash Brothers Brawl


While it's not a personal favorite of mine, there's no denying the fact that this is considered one of the top Wii games by many people. I can fully respect the competitive nature of the game and have enjoyed watching many people play it. Despite what the "hard-core" gamers might say, this is definitely a hard-core competitive game that requires skill.


#09 Donkey Kong Country Returns


Donkey Kong Country Returns is actually more difficult than the original game, which was a nice touch. The level design was top notch and I can see this being considered a true "classic" in the future. The first hour of the game might have seemed a little slow, but things quickly pick up as the challenge increases. The game was certainly no "cakewalk" and deserves respect for quality level design and challenge that takes us back to the SNES days when games were hard.


#08 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition


As a longtime Resident Evil fanatic, I can't say I like the direction this game took the series in, but I can't deny that it was an awesome action game. Although the game originally came out on GCN and PS2, the Wii version immerses you in the action with motion controls at a level not seen before. I haven't played the HD version on PS3 and I probably never will considering I was satisfied with the Wii version. You can also pick up this game for $10 new on Amazon.


#07 Rock Band 2


In many ways, I feel like Rock Band and Rock Band 2 completely shattered what you get with Guitar Hero. It seems rhythm games are on the decline these days, but I had plenty of fun with Rock Band 2 when it came out. 2008 was a rather boring year for the Wii, but Rock Band 2 definitely helped the library out.


#06 No More Heroes


No More Heroes is a rather strange game that you either love or hate. I happened to love the unique title within an hour of getting it. Suda 51 games can be an acquired taste, but once you experience them, you'll be constantly trying to find out about their next games. No More Heroes had plenty of action, interesting visuals and a sense of fun with everything you do. The controls were a little funky at times, but I didn't let that deter from my experience.


#05 Super Mario Galaxy


If you consdier yourself a gamer, you absolutely need to play this game. I really don't know what to say about it other than that. There have been so many great Mario games during my lifetime, and this one destroys most of them.


#04 Okami


Okami was originally a PS2 game, but motion controls for the game on the Wii blow the original experience out of the water. I'm not even the biggest fan of motion controls, but when they work, they definitely shine. The visual style is my favorite on the Wii and the gameplay is top notch. I will never understand why Okami didn't sell too many copies. I guess it wasn't "Call of Duty" enough for the modern gamers. I would certainly classify Okami as a masterpiece.


#03 Xenoblade Chronicles


Xenoblade Chronicles wasn't the greatest visually, but it has the best gameplay on the Wii in my opinion. We live in a day and age where quality RPGs just don't happen that often. If you like JRPGs, you owe it to yourself to experience this game, especially considering the fact that we almost never got the game here in North America. For me, Xenoblade Chronicles was the swan song for the system. Some may mention The Last Story, but I was not a fan of that game.


#02 Super Mario Galaxy 2


Super Mario Galaxy 2 took everything that worked with SMG and came out with an even better game. I played through the game 3 different times and felt the same level of enjoyment each time. There's really not much I can say about the game. If you haven't played it, you are in the wrong.


#01 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


It's a pretty safe bet that any Zelda game (made for Nintendo consoles) is a winner, but Twilight Princess was a special game that offers challenge combined with a rich experience. I would definitely consider it the greatest Zelda game ever made and I have played them all.


In the end, I don't see the logic in people who trash the Wii for "not having any good games". I'm pretty rigid and highly critical of games I don't like and could name off around 50 games on the Wii that I really enjoyed. Any console that has 50 games I like is a winner in my book. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Wii U. Nintendo is trying to focus harder on the core gamer this time around, so in time the Wii U might be a good buy.

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