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iwx Leprechaun

Theater Rooms are awesome, lets be real about it. Who doesn't want to watch movies or game on a giant screen from the comfort of their own home?


But they're too expensive...

You're wrong.


$1265 - That's how much it cost for me to build my theater room. For a comparison, the 60" 1080p Sony in my living room cost $1050, plus another 150-200 for the sound bar so that I could actually hear my TV. So my living room setup is closer to $1200-1250. It's not insignificant, but it is totally doable.


The theater room amount also includes seating, if you have already have furniture, knock off $450. BOOM! Theater room for $815.


I'm going to take you through the steps I took in creating my own little theater room and hopefully provide you with some good tips in creating one yourself.



Step 1: Measure & Plan, Plan & Measure


This is the most important step in the entire process. Break out your measuring tape and figure out your room. You're going to want the length, width and height of the room.


Are you going to mount the screen? If so Wall or Ceiling? You're going to want to find a stud finder and measure out the studs on the wall or the joists in the ceiling. In my case, the joists in my ceiling weren't spaced standard widths apart, which made a ceiling mount for a 120" screen a difficult prospect. Ultimately I decided to go with a free standing screen. High quality, simple set up, no mounting required. You can also paint a wall with specially designed screen paint.


How big of a screen do you want? There are many formats for calculating "throw" which is the size screen that can be projected based on a projectors location. You can look up the formulas and calculate what the "ideal" is. ProjectorCentral.com has a built in calculator on it, where you can choose your projector and it gives you all the calculations. Below are the results for my particular projector. For most, a 100" screen will be more than sufficient, I however am a crazy person and wanted that 120".



So for a 116" screen, it is recommended to sit 12' back. I will say there is some leeway to this. Base it on what is comfortable to you. This could be a little closer or even further back. If you can buy the projector first and project on a blank wall to test screen sizes and what you are comfortable with, I HIGHLY recommend it. Doing this will help prevent buyer's remorse from either wasting money buying a screen that is too large for you to use all of the viewable area or a screen that is smaller than what your room is actually capable of.



Step 2: Finding Your Projector


Projectors range from pretty cheap to expensive. You're typically going to notice 5 resolutions: XGA, SXGA, WXGA, HD720 and HD1080. Right away, you're going to want to eliminate the first 2 resolutions. XGA and SXGA just do not have the picture quality you're going to want. WXGA is the best of those 3 options and some of the projectors even have 16:9 modes to give you a resolution pretty close to 720P. That said, the minimum I really recommend is 720p.


What you purchase is likely going to come down to cost. This is my first attempt at a theater room and I wanted to spend close to as little as possible to get a decent room together. Also if things didn't work out, I'd have less buyer remorse. So I decided on 720p as my resolution. You'll see that 720p projectors price points start at $500+. However, there is a way to get them cheaper. As far as other settings go, I would just make sure the projector you choose has built in image correction tools, will help you to get the best looking image after mounting.



I chose to go with a manufacturer refurbished Epson 730HD. This decision saved me $150 off the cost of the projector, bringing the total to $350. When buying refurbished products, pay attention to who did the refurb. Since it was done by the manufacturer, it also came with a 2 year warranty, a nice piece of mind for buying a refurbished product.





Step 3: Finding a Screen


So by now you've decided how you're going to mount the screen: ceiling, wall, floor or paint. I will say this, if you are painting, take special care to cover any imperfections in the wall you are painting first, you WILL notice these imperfections with a projected image and they can be quite distracting. Screen paint is also pretty expensive, you likely won't save that much money over just buying a screen.


Going back to step 1, you've measured what your optimum screen size should be, or you got your projector early and have sized it out to what you'd like. Similar to how TV's are, as the size goes up, you are going to pay more; as the quality goes up, you know you are going to have to pay more; the more features there are... you get the point.


I'm still new to this, so I do not really have screen preferences. I advise you, like any other product, to read several reviews from several sources (good, bad, middle of the road). I chose to go with the 120" Yardmaster 2 by Elite Screens, 4 1/2 Stars on amazon with 151 reviews $180, seemed like a good place to start. It was also freestanding, something that was a need for me.




Step 4: The Sound


My projector came with a single Mono speaker in it, not really the best in terms of a theater room. Your selection of sound options is pretty much limitless. It really boils down to how much you want to spend and how much work you want to put into how you mount all of the speakers.


Again, I was keeping this a budget build, so I opted to go with a sound bar. I chose an open box Samsung 400 series. By going open box I saved about $100-150, paying only around $260 for it. This set up included the Sound bar, a wireless sub and wireless rear satellite speakers. And for $260 it sounds fantastic.


The most important feature, is the HDMI pass through. It's important to take a look at your projector before investing in the sound system. My projector in particular has NO audio out. So I had to make sure I had a solution that pass the sound through separately from the video. The HDMI pass through allows to cut down on extra cabling, especially when you have multiple input needs.


Step 5: Mounting


By this point you've decided how you're going to mount everything. While some room setups don't allow for it, it is best to try to center the projector and screen. There should be those tools to help straighten the image if you're a little bit off, but do your best. Most screens come ready to be mounted right into the wall or ceiling, just get the hardware and get it into the joist/studs. The projector can be ceiling mounted, placed on a high shelf or on a table. I recommend ceiling or shelf mounting, it can be pretty frustrating to reconfigure the screen if your projector gets moved. Again, go by reviews on anything you're going to be purchasing. I paid maybe $25 for my mount, had solid reviews and does the trick.


IF YOU CEILING MOUNT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT INTO A JOIST! Last thing you want is this falling out of the drywall and right onto your head.


Step 6: Seating


Whatever you choose here is up to you. Most important thing is that you're comfortable. We ended up purchasing a couple "Theater Recliners" from Walmart for $150 each. For the price you can't really beat them. Comfortable, have a nice recline, in 3 weeks I've fallen asleep in one of them at least twice.



Other Considerations


-Projector lamps: the lamp in a projector won't last as long as a TV, so it will need to be replaced every 1-2 years. You can find both refurbed and compatible lamps to save money on this. Just be prepared, this WILL happen eventually.

- HDMI switch: Can buy these pretty cheap on Amazon, way better than getting up to switch HDMI every time you want to change inputs

- TV Stand: Depending on how low your screen hangs, you might not have a lot of room for a stand to keep all of your consoles/video equipment. The LACK TV stand from Ikea is on $50, low to the ground and has a lot of room because of its length. I'll be picking one up during my next trip to Ikea.

- Blackout Curtains: Is your theater room anywhere other than the basement? You're gonna want these. Walmart sells these cheap Eclipse blackout curtains for $10 a panel. Put these up in the room and you're good to watch any time of day.

- Hide the cables: Do your best, you can pick up an outlet cover/wall chase from Home Depot for under $10.

- Make it your own: Add art to the walls, throw a popcorn machine in there, whatever you want. It's your theater/gaming room, throw your own custom flair on it


Eventually I will replace the projector with something 1080p and get a proper sound system installed, but right now I couldn't be happier with how this room came out. It's easily my favorite room in the house.



iwx Leprechaun

Twas a dark cold evening March 6th, 1998. I had just turned 11 years old, cake had been eaten and gifts were being opened. My dad had surprised me with a rescued Rottweiler Doberman mix earlier in the week, which had to weigh at least 130 pounds. This birthday could not get any better. That is until I saw that my parents had ignored the large RATED M sticker on the front of the case of Resident Evil 2 that they bought me. How about three cheers for that alone?


With the excitement of receiving what was supposed to be one of the scariest games ever created, I thanked my parents and flew down the basement steps to my Playstation. I put the game in, shut off the lights, and got to playing. The dark voice growling out "Resident Evil 2" as you begin the game alone got my adrenaline pumping. I couldn't wait to be scared and man did the game deliver. I found myself turning corners only to let out a yelp and run the other way. The Licker's introduction is to this day, cemented in my mind as one of my most memorable gaming experiences. Even with all of this, fatigue wins out and I pass out on my basement floor, controller still in hand,


I awake in a daze, not sure where I am or how long I've been asleep. I can't even see my hand in front of my face. The sleep timer must have kicked in on the television as it is pitch black. However, what I can't see, I can hear... and feel. There is slow, deep, heavy breathing coming from behind me. I feel something warm and wet dripping onto my neck. I reach out, fumbling around in the dark, searching for the lamp to bring the sweet salvation of light back into my life. The button on the lamp cord clicks, and I am face to face with a giant, drooling, beast. I scream and take off towards the basement steps. I am tackled before I am able to make it there. The beast lunges for my neck and starts to voraciously lick my neck? I flip around and instead of the Licker or a T-Virus infected doberman, is the dog that my dad had gotten earlier in the week. Happy as could be that I was awake.


OK, sure, maybe it wasn't exactly a brush with death. Maybe it was more like my dog wandered down the basement and fell asleep next to me and was drooling on me. But how was I supposed to know that? I was 11 years old and was positive that the T-Virus had somehow spread in my sleep and I wasn't exactly used to this new dog being in my house yet. Let's see you wake up to that and not nearly crap your pants. I think it's pretty needless to say, but I didn't play this game with the lights out again for a couple weeks.

iwx Leprechaun

Whenever I decide that I want to revisit a game from my past I am filled with 2 emotions, excitement and fear. The excitement stemming from the fact that I am about to play a game that once gave me joy, that left an imprint in my brain enough that I want to play it again. The fear in the thought that the game may not measure up to what I remember, therefore tarnishing my memories. For example, a year or 2 ago, I decided to revisit Resident Evil 2, the first game to really scare the pants off me. Unfortunately the controls aged so poorly that it has tainted my opinion on the game. Yeah I still remember my 11 year old self crapping his pants when the licker bursts through a window, but a little bit of the shine has been taken off the apple. Even so, I still can't resist myself sometimes; enter Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.


Lufia II was released as the SNES was nearing the end of its life cycle, so it was unfortunately missed by many. After playing it again, I can tell you that it is one of the most cliche ridden RPG's you could come across.

Sure the game has only been out for like 15 years but who am I to release potential spoilers?: Love Triangle between the Hero and other female characters, different color = new enemy, Hey you made it to a new town... Here's a fetch quest!, I am an unkillable boss who is surprisingly easy to defeat the next time we meet, Hey look a castle in the sky, Hidden village of elves who hate humans, we need an airship!, Bad guy helps you all game only to reveal self as villain, No real reason for villain to destroy world, You killed me once but I'm alive again and many more!

And I loved every replayed minute of it.


There is really so much about this game to love. First off, the game looks pretty great for a SNES title with vibrant character sprites, detailed monsters and fantastic looking spells. The puzzles in this game can range from the most pedestrian to pretty challenging. I've played the game before twice and still had trouble with some of them on this go around. One of my favorite things is a cliche that they broke, the "spellcaster is weak" cliche. With the exception of 1 character, your spellcasters can rock almost the same about of damage as your main character.



Bosses tend to be ginormous in this game


Lufia II also has a nice spin to the "secret/hidden/deep" dungeon crawling quest. The ancient cave is a dungeon comprised of 99 levels. All of your weapons, spells and armor are removed upon entering and your level is reset to 1. You must battle through the dungeon relying only on items and spells that you find. Only upon reaching level 20, do you start to be able to find "Providence" the only item that can warp you out of the cave. Here's the kicker, you are only allowed to keep the items found in blue chests and none of the grinding you do in this dungeon carries over. Even worse than that is in my playthrough, I found 6 blue chests making it all the way through the dungeon, and 4 of the items were the same thing! That said, you can get some of the best weapons and armor in the game down there, so it can be extremely addicting.



Yeah... Chances are 2 of those are really hard mimics


As my spoiler suggests earlier, the story is a bit cliche'd. But that's not to mean that it isn't very well written. The writing pulls you into the story with witty dialogue and develops the characters amazingly for 16 bit sprites. I found myself with as strong an emotional bond to the characters as any game today. There are enough twists and turns among the cliches to keep you interested and the ending is truly fantastic. Luckily for me, I forgot enough about the game and was able to almost witness this through fresh eyes.


After playing this again, a bit of faith has been restored in replaying games. I'm glad I replayed it, it is exactly how I remembered it. Maybe it is just that turn based RPGs just age a little better. If you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and give it a shot, hopefully you won't be disappointed. That said, I really need to start working on my backlog instead of putting 70 hours into games I've already played...

iwx Leprechaun

Alright kiddies, strap yourself in. The Angry Leprechaun has been dormant for too long, here is another attack at your eye balls, I suppose if you read this this out loud it's an attack on your ear holes as well, but that's not the point.


The console war, a vicious cycle. New consoles come out, people argue over which is better and cite various statistics, lather, rinse, repeat. I won't lie, I have been involved in the past of "Console War" hoopla and who won, lost, is in a rubber room in a straight jacket wearing a tin foil hat to keep the enemies from seeing his thoughts and simultaneously cooking his brain like a baked potato. Can be good fun and is ultimately futile. So why rant if ultimately I'm OK with it, you ask? Well first off, thank you for being polite and asking a good question, second don't interrupt me while I'm typing, it's rude, just let me get to the point on my own you impatient little... moving on.


Every single day, in various news outlets/sites/forums, I can't help but see a "Console X" has already won the "Console War". (Yeah, I like that, I'm putting quotes around that for the rest of the rant, because of how stupid it is. In fact, imagine me doing air quotes whenever you read it too. For fun you can do the air quotes yourself if you'd like. Go ahead, no one is watching you. Anyway...) Whenever I see this, I am overcome with a multitude of emotions, well maybe not a multitude, it's mostly just overbearing annoyance and rage.


Let's start with the fact that the 2 latest consoles have been out for just over 6 months. Their previous iterations have been around for over 7 years. You mean to tell me from 6 months of sales data, you are predicting that the white flag is waving? The fat lady is singing? Let's face it, you're an idiot. If I recall, the PS3 was off to a rocky start with it's high price tag. So you want to try telling me again that 6 months of sales figures declares a winner? Go jump off a cliff. The "Console War" isn't won with the console itself, it takes games too.


Bringing me to my next point, neither the Xbox One or PS4 is worth purchasing currently. I'm sure many are going to disagree with me here and frankly, I don't care. I have played the PS4 and I own an Xbox One currently and that is only because I won it in a costume contest on Amazon. The honest truth is neither console has games for it to be a fully justified purchase yet. I'm not saying there aren't fun games out there, there are, but not yet are there any that make me want to run out and spend a couple hundred dollars. This is why out of current gen consoles, I probably enjoy my Wii U the most, while the library is small, the quality of that library is excellent. (And I'm drooling thinking about X releasing, oooooooo yeah). They will be worth it, games will come, I will buy a PS4, but until they have some console sellers, the "Console War" is still going to be at a stalemate in my mind.


OoLaLa Retired Robin, Would you look at dem gams?


Another thing I can't wrap my head around is, why is everyone so quick to decide a clear winner? This is one of the very few instances where I can say without a doubt, winning is a BAD thing. If there is a clear winner declared, sure be happy your console of choice is the "winner". Here's the thing, what if that "win" actually knocks the other console of of contention completely? Competition is the reason why I own a PS3, 360, Wii, WiiU, Xbox One (well technically Amazon is the reason for this). Competition is what drives innovation, what creates amazing games, what pushes these companies to be better than the other in an attempt to "win". As a gamer, you shouldn't want someone to win, you should want them to fight and win battles instead of the war. While the companies battle, we reap the benefits. The argument could be made that a single console means that all effort would be put into that console, I doubt it though.


In summation, stop declaring a winner. It makes you look like a moron and I hate you.

iwx Leprechaun

Games I've played lately have been overall pretty good. Nothing really of worthy of causing me to fly off the handle. Here I was worried that I had become complacent, maybe the angry leprechaun was finally at ease. No longer picking fights with dogs in those illegal offshore leprechaun/dog boxing matches. Able to finally kick back, sit down while enjoying a pint and watching those kids trying to get at me lucky charms. Then hold the phone, leave it to the reboot of Devil May Cry to stick a giant needle right into my veins and pump pure Irish whiskey into them.


I know what you're thinking, "Here's another rant about the change in the appearance of Dante, Blahdy Blahdy Blahdy Blah..." Well how about this, how about you sit your pretty little rear down, shut your mouth and quit assuming things. Can't a man express his opinion without your little preconceptions skewing what you're about the read? That said, while I wasn't the biggest fan of what I have lovingly dubbed the "******-Hawk", I really couldn't care less about his appearance. And from a gameplay perspective, I thought that the game was a lot of fun to play. Hell, it's the only reason I was actually able to play it. The story itself wasn't even that bad, a touch uninspired but entertaining enough. However, there were a couple choices with the game that I just could not get on board with



-.- ...I've got nothing


Let's start with Dante, who in this game can only really be described a King ****** (I'm sure there a many other synonyms here that I could use, but I'm keeping it as clean as possible and even that get's it censored.) I have no idea what the hell the writers were thinking when they were re-imagining his character. The original Dante was legitimately a cool character, snarky at times but overall carried himself with style. However, Ninja Theory thinks it makes new Dante edgey to just spew profanity left and right and carry himself like an entitled brat. There's one scene between him and Poison (A "succubus") where the dialogue pretty much consists of "F*** You, No F*** You, No F*** You...."; you get the point. So apparently what Ninja Theory thinks is that we want Dante's demeanor to consist of that of a 14 year old boy when his Mom's back is turned. I just couldn't believe how they ruined his character as a whole, forget about his appearance entirely. They could have left him looking exactly the same, and his character still would have been ruined. Also, apparently your hair turns white if you embrace your demon side, yep this makes sense.



My Thoughts Exactly


Backtracking a touch to the "succubus" I spoke of earlier... I really sat here and struggled for exactly how to begin this portion. I leave "succubus" in quotations for apparently Ninja Theory has no idea what a succubus is or does. For the less enlightened on the subject, a succubus is typically a demon that poses as an attractive woman and sucks the life out of a man (the opposite of that being an incubus, but I digress). According to Ninja Theory, a succubus, is still a female demon, but one that is like a giant armored slug beast with arms who poops magical soda slime that makes humans complacent drones. No this is seriously what happens in the game. Look, while it is disgusting, I really have no problems with a Giant Armored Slug Beast with Legs that poops magical soda slime for human consumption, but calling it a succubus is just stupid. Make up a freaking name for the demon, call it a Crap-Beast for all I care. Calling it a succubus is pretty much just calling the people who play your game stupid or just lazy. Seeing as how Dante's character is just an uninspired ****** who drops the F-Bomb like it's the word "the", I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just go with lazy.


I'm all for reboots, unlike many other people. I think that it can breathe new life into a franchise when done right. But it's gotta be done right. When you're dealing with characters that people know and love, you have to take that same love and put it back into re-imagining those characters. The groundwork has basically already been done for you! Step up, otherwise you end up causing people to want a reboot from what you just did to the game.

iwx Leprechaun

blog-0241267001362022313.pngBeing a gamer isn't always the most budget friendly hobby. So I always like to try finding new and cheaper ways of getting games. One of the best ways I have found to do this, is through the use of online video game trading websites.




Without trading sites there's no way my bookshelf would look like this, and this isn't even all of the games!



I have recently joined two sites that have been created in the past few months and believe them both to show a lot of promise.


I have had the opportunity to interview the owners of one of the sites and will hopefully be able to get one with the other for a future blog (if not, it will simply be a review).


Tonight, I was able to interview 99gamers.com via email exchange.


Me: I appreciate you being able to take some time to talk about your site. So first off, Who are you guys and what inspired you to create 99gamers?


Brandon: I'm Brandon Kruzeniski and I'm one of the founders of 99Gamers with the other being my brother Jon.


I originally got the idea for a video game trading site when I came across a post on Reddit about how someone would shoot darts at their game collection to choose which game they would play next. I realized that this random person had a bunch of games that I would love to play but just haven't had the chance to. I turned to my game collection and thought that this person would probably feel the same way about my game collection.


I was also tired of getting ripped off by GameStop, knowing they would turn around and sell the game for double the next day. I knew other video game trading sites existed, but none of them were what I wanted them to be.


I wasn't sure how many people would be interested in something like this so I decided to post it to Reddit and see what the response was like. I was thinking maybe a few hundred people would see it and I'd be able to get some feedback on the idea, but within a few hours the post was at the top of r/gaming and even hit the front page for a while, resulting in thousands of signups. I then knew enough people felt the same way I did so I went forward with the site.


Me: How long has 99gamers been around?


Brandon: The original Reddit post was in June of 2012. After a few months of development 99Gamers launched in private beta in October. We slowly began to let more people in as we worked towards perfecting the trading system. We then publicly launched this January.


Me: So how has the site been received since moving out of beta and going public?


Brandon: Since getting out of beta the number of members, games and trades have all more than doubled.


Me: What is it that sets 99gamers apart from other trading sites out there?


Brandon: First off, 99Gamers is completely free to use. There are no costs to trade games so as a member you'll see the savings start to add up quickly.


Video game trading sites have traditionally used a queue system with fixed game prices. I think long term this has shown to not be most effective way to go about trading games. The trade lines start to grow longer and begin to turn into month long waits. Having to wait so long until you receive a game can severely limit the excitement you have to play the game. You are also not guaranteed a game, as you tend to have to put requests for multiple games to ensure you'll get one and depending on the timing you may miss out on games or have to settle for a game you are not as excited for.


With 99Gamers, we take the free market approach and in doing so there are no wait times to receive games. Sellers set their own prices for each game. This way you can get games you actually want quicker because you don't have to wait for everyone else to get it before you. As soon as you get enough coins from selling games you can buy the game which will be shipped to you right away.


The feedback system on 99Gamers ensures you can choose sellers who you feel comfortable trading with. Other trading sites don't give you the choice of who you receive a game from. We put the power in the buyers hands by allowing them to use the feedback system and the sellers location to choose which seller they feel most comfortable with receiving the game from.


We have a vast collection of games with over 5000 listings and almost 1500 game titles over 25 platforms. New releases are usually available within a week or two of their release date and can sometimes be available next day. The price for popular games is very fair. An example of this is Assassin's Creed III is now only 25 coins ($25) where at GameStop it would cost you $55 pre-owned.


On a side note, I think it's pretty cool you bought Dead Space 3 four days after it was released then sold it to someone else two weeks later for just 4 coins less than you bought it for. Things like that just aren't possible on other trading sites.


Me: So how does it really work?


Brandon: Members add their unwanted video games and sell them to other members for a virtual currency called 'coins' valued at $1 per coin. Members can then spend their earned coins on other games.


Me: How do suggested game prices get calculated?


Brandon: The suggested market price for each game is calculated by taking into factor the condition of the game as well as the price people have recently paid on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers. Together we use these to calculate the market price.


Me: Are you aware that I can't help but sing, "99 gamers but a b*tch ain't one" in my head at least once a day when I visit your site?


Brandon: Haha, glad to hear I'm not the only one.


Me: Approximately how many users/trades are there?


Brandon: There are over 2500 members and over 1750 trades.


Me: What can users do to get the most from the site?


Brandon: We've found the following tips will help get members more sells:

  • The more games added the quicker they will sell. The sweet spot for new members is around 5-10 games at the market price or just below it. You can then expect to sell about 2 to 3 games in the first week.
  • If you are a new member, giving a coin or two discount for your first few trades goes a long way as you build up your feedback history. You may be competing with sellers at the same price who have a much bigger feedback history.
  • Members who use their real name and a photo of themselves are much more likely to sell games. Buyers feel much safer when they can put a face to a name.
  • RPGs go a long way. People always love to pick up an older gen RPG from their childhood

Me: What sort of protection is there against scamming/abuse?


Brandon: There are many security measures in place to make sure everything goes smoothly. 99Gamers uses a virtual currency, not cash, so there is less incentive for anyone to do anything unsafe. New members have go through an approval process when they sign up which allows us to verify their information and make sure no red flags stand out.


99Gamers guarantees protection for buyers if they do not receive the game they have paid for. We will refund your coins as long as no legitimate delivery confirmation or proof or shipping has been provided by the seller. Sellers can protect themselves by buying delivery confirmation and taking photos of the disk before shipping the game in case there is a dispute about the condition.


For their first two trades new members can only trade with an established member who has at least 2 sells with positive feedback. This way the more experienced member can help walk them through the process.


The feedback system keeps track of how things are going and allows sellers and buyers to build a trading reputation. Buyer's can see the sellers trading history before purchasing a game to avoid "bad" traders. We continuously monitor the trading activity to ensure all members trading needs are met and either side of the trade is abusing our trading system. So far with taking all these approaches bad traders have been non-existent.


Me: So any insight into surprises in store for the future?


Brandon: We have a bunch of new features coming up that we think our members are going to love. We'll be introducing PC games and digital codes. The browse and profile pages will be getting a much improved new look. These will be geared towards helping members discover new and interesting games faster. Members will be able to find new games they may have not realized they would enjoy. As the number of games continue to grow it's important that members can find the games they want as quick as possible.


We'll be adding a bunch of seller tools to help members sell their games quicker. These will put the ease into selling games and make it the selling process much more streamlined leaving the seller with much less work.


Down the road we plan on adding consoles and gaming accessories into the mix as well as some more exciting features. Our main goal continues to make buying and selling games as easy as possible so our members can spend more time playing games.


Me: Are there any promotions currently running or coming up you would like to talk about?


Brandon: We have a contest running now where members can invite their friends to join the site. Prizes range from coins, plush toys, and t-shirts to a horse head mask and games. The Power Gamer Giveaway is also going on now which rewards the top 10 sellers of the month with free coins. We are always looking for new ways to promote the site and get the word out so you can expect more to come soon.


Me: Again, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to talk about the site a little. Hopefully this interests a few new users


Brandon: Thanks for taking your time to do this.





As a current user, I will leave you with this, The site is extremely easy to use and is filled with honest and courteous traders. In my short time with the site, I have received games including Ni No Kuni, Dead Space 3, Portal 2, The Killzone Trilogy, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection and Lollipop Chainsaw. A lot of users are even willing to haggle a little bit on what their game prices are. I have 51 total trades there and each one has been pleasant. Definitely a trading site worth checking out.

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