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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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Yes! It Finally Happened!

In my previous blog entry I was discussing one of my townsfolk, Katt, and my efforts involved in forcing her to move out. The other night, as I entered someone's house in game, I saw here there and felt worried that she was building relationships. Well, today, she finally decided to move out! My absolute favorite part of all this is that she divorced herself completely from the abuse she suffered and instead gave me an arbitrary and potentially fabricated reason as to why she is doing so on July 23rd.   My response when she asked if I wanted her to stay?   "Who are you?"     ... And stay out! (Seriously, look at that atrocious umbrella.)   On another note, I am currently writing a blog/essay about why Animal Crossing is "so good", or better, what makes it good. While I am sure that many people have heard various different reasons, I hope to present and tackle the subject with a different perspective altogether.   Look for that sometime between this weekend and the next. Or not. I'm a busy person, but it will happen by and by.





There are one too many cats living in Sky City. Unfortunately Katt here (seriously that is her name) happened to be the third cat to move into town. I have the impression that she moved in under the suspicion that Sky City is a litter box. Not too mention she spends all day sleeping which prevents her from participating and socializing with Sky City's hard-working and eccentric citizens.   I do not know about anyone else, but this is simply unacceptable to me. As a result of her very existence, for the last few days now I have been in the pursuit of her leave. Regularly I bash her on the head, I bury pitfalls for her to step in. I even go so far as to send her hate mail such as,       Sadistic as it may be, I trapped her here and beat her ad nauseum with my net only to provoke conversation and further instigate her frustration with me. To make matters worse, my impatience with Katt has extended onto Boone--a Jersey Shore esque gorilla. He aimlessly walks around and talks to me about wrestling, or something, I never quite care to listen as he calls me "bro". (Do not play New Leaf drunk.)   Oh yes, throughout all this nonsense someone requested I fund a specific public works project. I liked her snobby, hipster personality; it was ironic, comical even, so I obliged. After the project's completion she interrupts a quiet afternoon of gardening to tell me she is moving in four days.   Good, leave.



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