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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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My adventure into the world of MMO roleplaying...

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The Books of Spades - Ep1. The Invitation

The Backstory:       Dokey was delighted upon receiving Aisha's mysterious letter. Dokey's travels have not quite yielded the results she so wished; she is still regarded as a madwoman, a tyrant, and fool by the people of Eorzea. Her acceptance to meet with the letter's author derived both from the immediacy of its call and the chance to sway the individual minds of a nation. Ultimately, it was clear Aisha was in need of assistance and saying "no" did not even occur to Dokey. She only hopes her presence and name do not marr nor hinder the forthcoming adventure in any way.   And so the two met in person. Much to Dokey's surprise, Aisha was able to discern her location without request. The two greeted each others, concerned little with the letter and more worried of the recent history of the other. Aisha was quick to ask, however, if there was a place they could sit and talk--down to business per usual. Dokey invited her into the cabin she has been renting through the years, although never quite staying in. Only recently because of the misfortune granted to her by her efforts to re-shape Eorzea has she returned to the seclusion of the hut. She was delighted to see Aisha, a familiar face. She was more excited to be of some use.   Dokey offered Aisha some tea. Aisha accepted with a smile.     Dokey stood as Aisha sat and delivered her tale. She had asked Dokey if she had heard of the Book of Spades. The title was something Dokey had not heard of since her childhood--the stuff of legends and bedtime stories. Further as she is no longer part of the courts of Eorzea such matters were no longer relayed to her. Both her interest in and her memory of the book have waned as a result of maturity and time. Confounded, she implored Aisha to explain herself. She asked how Aisha came into possession of the book. Aisha explained that during a foray into the Syrcus Tower she had looted the book from the person of fallen solider. Additionally she told of the book's history and its purpose (see: 'backstory' above). A woman of ethics, Dokey had more questions still. Further having not talked to Aisha in some time her character was, for Dokey, in question. Why exactly was Aisha in the Tower? Aisha was, assisting the Sons of Saint Coinarch with shutting down the place and stopping the Mad Emperor Xande. Pleased by such a noble response and the still virtuous character of her old friend, Dokey agreed to help Aisha for both their sakes. However, there were two condtions: 1.) Why her? and 2.) Dokey would not kill nor harm any creature that may come before them; she would only provide support both in health and spirit.   Aisha nods and adds that it was not only her who wishes for Dokey's assistance, but the book as well. The book, she said, spoke to her. Shocked! Dokey was in awe that a book could talk! Aisha had to remind her that it did not talk per se, but it wrote. Still enamored by the sight of the magnificent book, Dokey longed to own one of her own! Oh how her bookshelf missed such a rarity. She had always thought the book assumed the will of its owner and its mind was some closed off portion of the owners intellect. Never had she thought both were distinct!   The Book wanted to speak to Dokey.     "Good evening, professor, it is a pleasure to speak with you," the words curled neatly atop the page.   Dokey was taken aback, "Wh..."   "I understand this may be a new experience for you, allow me to explain." There was a pause. "Myself and my brtheren, the Book of Spades and DIamonds, had established a network of sorts between each other. It is how we gained and shared knowledge with oursevles and our weidelers. As our knowledge grew, we found ourselves able to... predict events... in minor ways at first with increasing clarity as time passed and the data at our disposal grew."   Under Dokey's studious glare, the fire of an excited child burned.   "We used this ability to safeguard Eorzea, trimming the hedges of fate," the final word came a moment later then the rest. The Book continued to explain how the Calamity disrupted their lines of Aether used in communication but also destroyed and left many of the Books without power. The Book proclaimed its intent to continue its work.   Always the skeptic and concerned with the safety of everyone else, Dokey no doubt had question.     Dokey inquired into the books previous owner and whether or not if, in the wrong hands, the book could be used for evil. The book's memory of its previous owner(s) is "indistinct" because he entered ST before the Calamity. The book assured Dokey that none of the books could be used for wrongdoing because, by the gift of their precognition, they would not permit it. Dokey remained weary because the answer did not quite seem to answer her question. Her friend had faith, so she she thought she would too. In the very least, she would be there if anything went wrong. She did not press further. Instead, she asked why the book had chosen her in particular.   The book answered vaguely, "Though I am not sure of the details, your involvement with this project is meant to do something positive for Eorzea.. and yourself." Another vague answer, but this one Dokey admired and agreed to be, as she said, "A puppet of fate." The book corrected her without hesitation, "There is no need for that level of devotion, I assure you; we are partners here if nothing else."   "Man has always shared a hand in the creation of the world," Dokey replied. The book did not answer.     (To wrap this up because I have other things to take care of, I am omitting particulars.)   And with that, Aisha closed the the book. Although closed it could still hear the two friends so Dokey communicated with Aisha via Linkshell. There, Dokey continued to express her apprehensiveness. Regardless, she conveyed to Aisha that she would see it to the end, if only for the sake of her friend. In discretion the two further discussed the nature of the book and their quest until the sun rose.   Aisha left in order to round up more people for their journey.   Dokey stayed in her small cottage so she could tie up loose ends. She had forgotten about her tea. She wondered when she would hear from Aisha next.




RP Log #1 - Money & Morals

I am still trying to figure out how I should convey these "scenarios" in each blog post. Would everyone like to see them told in story form--much like how we act them out in-game--or would everyone prefer a simple overview of what happened; the "tldr version" so to speak. Below will be a bit of both. I can save the chat logs and post those as well.   At any rate, tonight was the first time I managed to get in on the goings-on. However, tonight was by no means "official." In other words, it was more an introduction process that allowed myself and Hamato--another new RPer--to become acclimated with the whole process. We have decided that while there are more of us in the Shell, the four of us will create scenarios that circulate around us and our character's relationship to one another. Each time we get together will act as an improvised chapter of an entire book, if you will. We are currently working on the "bigger picture," so we have some basis/plot/conflict/bigger narrative to work around. Ultimately though, everything will play out on the spot and in the moment.   What happened below... per usual, just happened.     Originally I was just going to sit idly by and spectate as Rowan, Asagi, and Hamato, did their thing. But I decided to jump in. It appeared as if Rowan and Asagi were continuing from the last time they RPed as such, their characters knew each other. I sat at the bar table, listening. Asagi told Rowan that he had a job the two of them could take. Rowan questioned Asagi, asking if it was "legal." Asagi told him not to worry and that a "job is a job." After some banter between the two, Rowan turned over his pockets that were indeed empty. At this moment, Hamato who was sitting at another table stumbled over and said he wanted in. A few moments later, I did the same. Having not yet explained the job, Asagi became distracted and assumed I was Rowan's date! This resulted in some amusing dialogue and eventually Rowan got Asagi back on track.   The job was to hunt down and kill a giant monster that was causing trouble for a merchant--simple enough, right? I protested the killing, or even fighting, and told them I would only provide support; I needed the money despite the moral ambiguity. This sparked some debate, but I convinced them nonetheless. At least, so I thought. We moved out.     When we arrived at the destination the monster was not there so we decided to wait and have some of my tea. I also scolded the three for their brutish behavior and mindless killing of the smaller monsters around us. Just as soon as Hamato was going to tell us the tale about his eye--and more importantly, evidently, the eye's patch--the giant monster showed up. The fight, of which I forgot to take pictures of, lasted for some time. The monster, was knocked unconscious... but later cut into pieces...? At any rate, this generated some moral upheaval in myself and overall confusion. I cleansed the land as they brought the corpse to the merchant for our reward; a reward I adamantly refused.   Now this is no means "canon" in our story, but as a RP virgin, it was surprisingly really fun! I look forward to doing this more often and posting more of these blogs. Hopefully future posts are more detailed and easier to read. I wrote this after a long day of classes and philosophical readings. I also hope that they will be longer. All of us were pressed for time, but wanted to RP together.   Until next time!




Introduction Post & Character Information

I thought it would be interesting to experience and share roleplaying in a MMO. While it is true that to some finite degree I roleplay in my head--who doesn't--I have never once sought to flesh it out and expand my character in a world of other roleplayers. I have joined a group of roleplayers both new and experienced in Realm Reborn. Our official Link Shell titled, "Seventh Dawn" was created August 27th, 2014. We play on Brynhildr, a server not known for its roleplaying community.   I will post weekly updates on my social interactions and experiences as well as whatever characther shenanigans I put myself into. Look for them to be posted on either Saturday or Sunday--so look for something this weekend as well and join me as I create a story within a game.   There is an entire wiki dedicated to Realm Reborn roleplaying and its characters. I have created a profile page that you can find here. Yet, I will still post its contents in this initial post for simplicity sake as well as all future updates to background, etc.    



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