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5 Reasons Why I Love Fighting Games

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The fighting game tournament EVO just finished recently, and with it, thoughts of fighting games sprung up. Fighting games are games you can almost always get into. In no particular order (except the last one), here are 5 reasons I love fighting games:


The characters





Most games have tons of characters, but with fighting games it“s even more pronounced, and that“s because many characters are playable. You can almost always find someone to play with, and the roster tends to grow with each new game. Seriously, Tekken started with 8 playable characters in the arcade, and now boasts over 40.










The growth of the video game industry made everything change. 2D fighters and 3D fighters offer different takes on the game. 2D fighters limit movement, but can really play with animations. Combos actually started as a glitch! 3D fighters offer a whole new range of movement, but tend to be slower in gameplay due to the more realistic movement portrayed. Soul Calibur“s movement has always felt smoother compared to Tekken“s.


You have hand-to-hand fighting games, weapons based fighters, and even wrestling, boxing and MMA games could fit in here. All of them offer different takes on fighting: Street Fighter and King Of Fighters are the 2D kings. The Marvel vs. Capcom series is the most renowned crossover, while Tekken and Soul Calibur refined 3D fighting.






The mechanics





The mechanics, or the engine of the game itself is how fighters differentiate themselves. How do the combos work? What can cancel into what? Once I finally figured out how some basic combos work out, I tried this in other fighting games, and found that basic combos (at least in 2D fighters) follow the same basic formula. A heavy attack can be canceled into a special move without interruption.


Street Fighter IV“s Focus attack has various uses, and Tekken has a very strong influence on juggling your opponent. My favorite two mechanics are the "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!" from Killer Instinct, and the parry system introduced in Street Fighter III, which fuels another reason below, There are incredibly advanced combos in practice modes listed out for you now. The exact combo may not be practical, but it teaches the mechanics that many competitive players use. Figuring out the game works is like figuring out an intricate puzzle, and mastering that puzzle takes lots of practice. However, once you get into that, you just may fall into the…






Competitive spirit





In a fighting game, you are trying to prove that you are better than someone else, particularly by beating the crap out of him or her. The competitive spirit helps fuel me to learn the mechanics and analyze opponents. Knowing that I will go up against others who play the game, I need to know what combos work, what moves are worth using, and when to use them.


Competition has grown so much that local and international tournaments are held. It“s really cool to see that gaming has grown to become much more than a hobby. Along with tournaments, the internet has provided a way to garner information on different players and playing styles.


The unfortunate side effect of competition leads to emotions. Determination can lead to stubbornness, constant losses can lead to anger, and constant winning can lead to having no fun.




The Comeback





The comeback is one of the single greatest feelings you can achieve. It doesn“t even have to be in a video game, you could make a comeback in a sports match, a board game, or a race.


Just watch this video.


So what are your favorite fighting games, and why?

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You know you're a nerd when you know what video is being linked just from the last screenshot.

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You know you're a nerd when you know what video is being linked just from the last screenshot.


had to do it.

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Fighting is my favorite video game genre. I LOVE playing fighting games, and my most favorite characters of all media come from fighting games.


Oh, and Tekken/Soul Series did NOT revolutionized the 3D fighting, they did everything Virtua Fighter 2 did before, much like KoF borrowed pretty much everything from SF2. Virtua Fighter is still considered the best 3D fighter, and is to 3D fighters what SF2 is to 2D fighters.


But Nice analysis overall, Blaze.

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Yeah, you're right JohnnyC, "refined" should have been the word. Those 2 games refined 3D fighting and made it grow into what it is today, while Virtua Fighter laid the foundation for 3D fighters.

Virtua Fighter, I believe, is still considered the most technical of all fighters out there, and i think maybe the hardest to master.

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I think I'm a big fan of the Arc System Works stuff usually like with Blazblue or Guilty Gear (I even had some fun with Arcana Heart 3 for a bit) since they have a totally different feel from stuff like Street Fighter, KOF or even Mortal Kombat imo. They usually also have a sort of faster pace, flashy over-the-top nature, and gameplay mechanics that just click with me more. So it's simply fun to play and continually learn new things; before I know it, I'm practicing totally impractical combos or punishes for what is basically situational trolling just because I think it's cool.


But yeah, but I think the last 2 are what I find most fun about them (I personally associate characters with mechanics as well, since some of them play totally different like in the Arc System Works stuff usually).

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Sorry, I've been MIA for a bit. Haven't bought Blazblue (i read somewhere it's getting some update in Japan. Almost bought it with first Darksiders). I have Guilty Gear Izuka, but it seems that that game was not the best one to get in order to learn the mechanics. I did enjoy the game though. Plus it has crazy good character designs.


MK always felt a bit clunky to me.

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