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Why I Love Playing Games

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This is a question I get asked a lot. Usually it“s concerning video games, but my answer has to do with games in and of themselves. Now I could go into a whole myriad of reasons as to why I like games, and video games especially (such as escapism and crafting a new personality), but I“m mainly going to talk about this one thing that all games in general have in common. That big thing all games have in common is interactivity, and through using that interactivity, the ability to create your own experiences.


Think about watching a movie, TV show, or viewing a piece of art (any form, be it a painting, drawing, or a comic). It is mainly a passive form of interaction. You can be immersed in the TV show, but you have no say as to what actually happens while the episode is actually on TV. Any other form of interaction with the TV show comes from outside means, such as voting, or creating content that the producers eventually use in the show. Games on the other hand, take that form of interaction one step further.




Who didn't have fun with this one?


While playing, you can create your own experience and memories, depending on what you play. You have direct influence on the game, while you play. For video games, the product is already complete and many events are scripted (everyone sees the same main events.), but you are still able to have some sort of say in how you experience the game. Some people will find one section more difficult than you did, for example. Some games even go as far as creating different scenarios or endings depending on the choices you make at certain intervals in the story. The level of interaction in gaming is much greater than in other forms of media. Just because you yell at the TV, doesn“t mean the character on screen is going to do what you want them to do. In a video game, you have control over that, although mistakes do happen. However, the strong level of interactivity doesn“t end with video games though.


Sports also have this ability and take it even further than video games do. For sports, the ground rules are set, but there aren“t really any scripted events. Each time you play the game, there“s always the possibility that something different may happen.


And last, but not least, games are simply fun!

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Great post. That's how I feel when I play games as well, and why I prefer to do that instead of watching TV or movies. Not only do I get an unique experience, but I also can interact with the experience, instead of just sitting back and watching.

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