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Pixel Reviews: Thirty Flights of Love (and a special love-filled giveaway!)

"Thirty Flights of Love"......now what exactly does that mean? I'm not too sure really, and I doubt any of you reading are either. I could truly care less actually! That's not what this is about.




....or is it?


Confusion, espionage, backstabbery (I hope that's a word), good-heists-gone-wrong; Any of these words or phrases could be used to describe this game, but I'll just use a basic one: adventure. This game is an adventure with cheeky, modern-looking Quake II engine graphics, catchy music, and a confusing story presented to you in a confusing way. That's all good though, as this is a game that relies on confusion and no dialogue or UI to present an interesting and even funny at times short story to the player.


As I said, this game really does go out of the way to be confusing. Honestly, it does! I even went back and played through with developer commentary on as I was curious to why the developers, Blendo Games, did some things, and it answered many of my questions which was nice. The game plays out to you with no instructions or tasks given to you at all. You basically just have to aimlessly find your way through the game, though it IS done in a linear manner, which solves any problems of not knowing where to go.


Not just the game's progression but also its story is confusing. At times you seem to be just about to accomplish something or are in serious trouble, but then it suddenly goes to another scene. It's a unique and interesting mechanic that is heavily used in the game, and works well. I personally liked it a lot, although some people may feel that without a definite conclusion to events the game's story is garbage.


I won't delve into any details of the game's story, but just know that it will surprise you and may get different emotions out of you....depending on how you take it. I personally sort of kidded around the whole game and that made it very enjoyable for me but I can see how someone may just think it's stupid if they take it seriously.



Graphics-wise, I have no clue at all how this game looks so good! It runs on the Quake II engine yet has moderately pretty graphics, so there must have been some extra modifications done to the engine I guess. Anyway, everything looks nice and crisp, and as with Blendo Games' last game like this, Gravity Bone, everything looks bright and colorful. The music is suave and fitting for such a game.


Overall, I'm sure that I can definitely recommend this game to someone, but it's definitely not for everyone. The $5 price point is a little high in my opinion, but if it were a bit lower I probably feel more positive about the game. That and the length are my only two major problems with it I think.


I give this game a: 7.5/10


It's a tough game to recommend because of how unique it is honestly. If you don't like short or weird games, you may want to stay away. However, if you want a nice little experience that may just make your day a little more joyful, get this! A sale may be best unless the price drops, but otherwise if you're willing to take a chance with it the game will reward you with a good time. It's entertaining and fun, and that's what games should be!




Thank you Brendon from Blendo Games not only for the review copy, but also for the two Steam copies to give away! Yes, that's right folks, you can have a chance to win a copy of this amusing and quirky game!


Entering is as follows:


-Leave any comment on this blog of any sort! Really, I want some! [+1 entry]

-Post this on Twitter (with a link to here please, if you want mention me at @drpixl). [+1 entry]

-Take a picture of yourself and another person (can be anyone) hugging OR crop someone else into a picture of you if you have nobody to hug. ( :() [+2 entries]


Make sure if you tweet about it or do the picture entry you post a link to it in your comment!



Enjoy, and good luck! This ends Wednesday, August 29th, 2012, at 4:00 P.M. PST.


Once again, thank you Brendon from Blendo Games for allowing me to do this awesome event!


Recommended Comments

I've got to admit that I never had heard of this game or anything else relating to the developer before you mentioned it in chat or so... It's weird because it seems like the kind of game that I would really be drawn toward as well. Ah well, there's so many games out there we can't be a master of them all!


To try and get more contest peeps, try posting this link in your GP status :) I think people tend to forget we have blogs sometimes. I'll also see about tweeting this through the GP account (that doesn't count as my "entry" though :P). I'm sure lots of people want to try this odd little game out!

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@Marcus, thanks for the tip!


And yeah, this is a neat little game. I wouldn't say it's "niche" or anything, but it's interesting and entertaining, which all games should be really!

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Great article! This is the first time I heard about the game and it definitely seems interesting.

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Any comment! w00t, entry for me.


...In all seriousness, this is the first time I've even HEARD of the game... it seems really interesting. It really seems the type of game I'd enjoy... so I decided to check it out on Steam, and for $5, seems worth the shot. I'm still too cheap to buy anything, even $5 games, at full price though. Hopefully a Steam sale will happen for it soon~

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Pixel, you really seem to be quite on top of the whole indie game thing lol


Never heard of this game, but the way you described sounds quite interesting actually.


Thanks for the giveaway too :D

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Pixel, you really seem to be quite on top of the whole indie game thing lol


Never heard of this game, but the way you described sounds quite interesting actually.


Thanks for the giveaway too :D


Sadly.....I have another game I got from some developers and will be reviewing soon. No giveaway this time as it was only one key they gave me, but still, be on the lookout! I'm also going to be contacting two more developers soon because well, there's two games I really want to check out that are either just releasing or coming very soon. :)


And with this post, I announce that the winners of the giveaway are.....


oasis789 with random number 3, and Ludono with random number 7. Marcus and oasis both posted on Twitter (that I saw), so they both had two entries. No entries for the picture thing but I sort of figured that would happen. I'll be PMing you both with your keys.


Enjoy your games, and there will be more reviews and giveaways in the future from me, I promise!

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