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A Monthly Christmas Gift

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blog-0068957001347154189.png...Well, perhaps it's not quite a Christmas gift, but it can certainly feel like one!


Loot Crate is a site with a very interesting premise; pay a monthly fee (the base price is $13.37, clever), and near the end of the month, they send you a box. What's in the box? That's the fun part, you don't really know! You can get anything from video game swag, to geeky food items, even neat little electronics. One crate sent out a month is also the 'Mega Crate', which has a ton of neat stuff... you could get an iPod, a game console, or some really rare gaming swag. At even the base price, there's more than $15 dollars of goods inside, so you'll definitely get a good deal, and it adds the excitement of not knowing what you get!




The best part is that there are ways to lower the price. The first is to sign up for an extended subscription--The base price is a per month basis that can be cancelled at any time, but you can also sign up for three or six month periods to discount the price a bit. These can be cancelled at any time as well, so if you're confident that you'll enjoy what you'll get, it's a good idea to buy in bulk!


In addition, you can get coupons to lower the prices further... in fact, after talking to a coordinator for the site, he gave me a coupon to give out that lasts until September 20th: LOCKERGNOME gets you 10% you purchase; it basically takes care of shipping for you!


So, what do you think of Loot Crate? A great idea, or just a great way to clutter your living space with useless junk? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know!

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Recommended Comments

Huh, that's an interesting premise. It reminds of the bags of crap woot.com sells on occasion, but with more specific contents. I'm not sure it's something I'd want to spend my money on at the moment, but it's definitely a neat idea.

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So it's like a wine of the month club or something except that you have no idea specifically what you're getting? As long as the contents are always more than the subscription price then that's a nice deal, but still pretty scary.


The site shows pictures of some goods which I assume have been in previous boxes... Seems like there's a lot of geek-related foods. Interesting, but not really what I'm looking for :P. Granted, the only way to really please me would probably be to put Silent Hill stuff in a box every month!


PS: I found some reviews of the service here to help get a better idea of what items come in the boxes. It seems that cologne came with the last box, and I'm just curious if they ever pack in anything woman-centric, as opposed to man-centric. Women can wear cologne, sure, but it's heavily a masculine item whereas women tend to wear perfume (if they choose any scents to wear at all).

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I'm not sure exactly what you get, but the purchase I made was billed to 'Geek Food' so that's probably what a fair amount of it consists of. I'll be sad if it's mainly energy-related products, though (I'm also wary of those), but it seems like you get some more tangible swag as well. I do assume everything to be more geared towards males, though, because woman aren't allowed to be geeks or something. :P


Since I did sign up for it, though, I could post some of the stuff I get in the package... It'd be a good way to see what you might get. Would that be cool? :D

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At the end of the month you get a box of fifty chicken mcnuggets and a pizza. Of course they're horribly rotten though. I love mystery bags like this, but I can never justify buying them. I'm just an extremely cheap penny pincher.

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I know I'd like to see your take on one of these boxes. I'm really compelled by it even though I don't think I'd really love what it comes with, but that's just me. Still, hearing your take on the Loot Crate might interest me further - or end my interest!


Today I found out that there are a lot of these monthly box services. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any film geek ones, which is a shame. There are a load of food ones though, haha.

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@905 and Marcus - Alright, I'll let you guys know when I get it! I'll probably make another blog post showing what I got and my thoughts about the service. :3


@Jared - Noooo, shh, don't give them ideas!

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Seems like kind of a waste of money for me, unless you happen to get the Mega Crate, which is probably pretty unlikely.

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