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New York Comic Con 2012 - Day 2 - Saturday



Day 2 - Saturday



Saturday is always the most crowded day, so despite getting up bright and early and arriving outside the convention center before it opened the crowds were already out in force.

Me and one of my friends had already decided that the first order of business would be making a beeline to the Capcom booth. My other three friends (including to the one who missed most of Friday) just wandered about the convention making more purchases.


At the Capcom booth we first jumped on the Marvel vs Capcom HD remake (I think? My friend kind of dragged me to this one) and I proceeded to get my a$$ kicked, since I have no strategy when it comes to fighting games. We did get a sweet poster out of it though. I also tried a bit of the Okami HD demo booth, and that game looks GORGEOUS, despite owning a physical copy I'm very tempted to get this version as well.

We then swung around to the Devil May Cry reboot demo booth, in a line that lasted almost an hour and a half. The game itself looks pretty good, and despite not really being a DMC fan I feel as if I'll be picking this up eventually.

We then jumped over to the Monster Hunter booths, and we tried our hand at both the 3DS and WiiU versions. The WiiU, despite not impressing me on a graphical level, really got me interested with the creative use of the tablet controller. We also played a bit with the WiiU at the Nintendo booth, though we didn't spend too much time there since it was crowded as HELL. Sony also had a booth for God of War Ascension and some other first party titles that were equally as crowded.


We also jumped in the line for Lost Planet 3 since it was pretty short, and that game, while I'm still not the biggest fan, is looking better than Lost Planet 2 at least.

Finally we hopped into a round of Darkstalkers (once again, I lost) which, to my knowledge, is barely even an HD remake more of just a re-release on XBL and PSN.


We then checked out the artist alley, which was overall pretty bad this year even though it was much larger. We met up with the other half of our group and went back to the hotel to take a break. After a quick pit stop we walked over to the Kinokuniya import bookstore, which is one of my favorite places to go in NYC. I bought some import magazines, as did my friend.


Then we went back to the convention and went to the Yen Press panel, which due to some GENIUS planning on the convention's part was located on a stage in the middle of the bottom floor showroom, next to the Autograph Booth, the Quidditch Pitch and Performing stage.

Needless to say it was very loud and hard to hear anything the poor Yen Press guy was saying. He announced a few new series, and a continuation of some of their most popular titles such as Highschool of the Dead (Now in full-colored collectors editions) and K-ON. The panel was supposed to last 45 minutes but after 15 minutes they gave up and handed out a volume of either their Durarara or Black Butler manga. What was funny was that during the panel there were maybe 2 dozen people in attendence but the moment they started handing out manga crowds starting swarming over. I hope this disaster of a panel doesn't scare off Yen Press for next year...


We left the convention, picked up some Chinese food and watched anime and played the anime quiz game I made.


Day 3 next...
























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Nice pictures! Those are some crazy lines to get into the actual building, haha. Also, $60 to get an autograph from Carrie Fischer? Wow, I didn't know they started charging for that nowadays.

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