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My Definitive Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games List



blog-0155142001351893111.jpgThe Nintendo Wii launched on November 19, 2006. Six years later, the quality of the game library is still heavily debated by gamers. In my opinion, the Wii turned out to be a fantastic system with plenty of good games. In some ways, it proved that you don't need HD graphics for a quality modern game experience. Some hard-core gamers talk entirely too much smack about the Wii and dismiss it as a system for casual gamers. While it certainly has a library full of shovelware and casual games, I can name many games that were actually good or even excellent. While I certainly enjoyed my time with the Wii, it's time to move on. I have done everything with the system that I wanted to and will definitely have quite a few fond gaming memories from the system.


Without any further delay, here is my definitive Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games list. Feel free to debate the list in the comments section.


#10 Super Smash Brothers Brawl


While it's not a personal favorite of mine, there's no denying the fact that this is considered one of the top Wii games by many people. I can fully respect the competitive nature of the game and have enjoyed watching many people play it. Despite what the "hard-core" gamers might say, this is definitely a hard-core competitive game that requires skill.


#09 Donkey Kong Country Returns


Donkey Kong Country Returns is actually more difficult than the original game, which was a nice touch. The level design was top notch and I can see this being considered a true "classic" in the future. The first hour of the game might have seemed a little slow, but things quickly pick up as the challenge increases. The game was certainly no "cakewalk" and deserves respect for quality level design and challenge that takes us back to the SNES days when games were hard.


#08 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition


As a longtime Resident Evil fanatic, I can't say I like the direction this game took the series in, but I can't deny that it was an awesome action game. Although the game originally came out on GCN and PS2, the Wii version immerses you in the action with motion controls at a level not seen before. I haven't played the HD version on PS3 and I probably never will considering I was satisfied with the Wii version. You can also pick up this game for $10 new on Amazon.


#07 Rock Band 2


In many ways, I feel like Rock Band and Rock Band 2 completely shattered what you get with Guitar Hero. It seems rhythm games are on the decline these days, but I had plenty of fun with Rock Band 2 when it came out. 2008 was a rather boring year for the Wii, but Rock Band 2 definitely helped the library out.


#06 No More Heroes


No More Heroes is a rather strange game that you either love or hate. I happened to love the unique title within an hour of getting it. Suda 51 games can be an acquired taste, but once you experience them, you'll be constantly trying to find out about their next games. No More Heroes had plenty of action, interesting visuals and a sense of fun with everything you do. The controls were a little funky at times, but I didn't let that deter from my experience.


#05 Super Mario Galaxy


If you consdier yourself a gamer, you absolutely need to play this game. I really don't know what to say about it other than that. There have been so many great Mario games during my lifetime, and this one destroys most of them.


#04 Okami


Okami was originally a PS2 game, but motion controls for the game on the Wii blow the original experience out of the water. I'm not even the biggest fan of motion controls, but when they work, they definitely shine. The visual style is my favorite on the Wii and the gameplay is top notch. I will never understand why Okami didn't sell too many copies. I guess it wasn't "Call of Duty" enough for the modern gamers. I would certainly classify Okami as a masterpiece.


#03 Xenoblade Chronicles


Xenoblade Chronicles wasn't the greatest visually, but it has the best gameplay on the Wii in my opinion. We live in a day and age where quality RPGs just don't happen that often. If you like JRPGs, you owe it to yourself to experience this game, especially considering the fact that we almost never got the game here in North America. For me, Xenoblade Chronicles was the swan song for the system. Some may mention The Last Story, but I was not a fan of that game.


#02 Super Mario Galaxy 2


Super Mario Galaxy 2 took everything that worked with SMG and came out with an even better game. I played through the game 3 different times and felt the same level of enjoyment each time. There's really not much I can say about the game. If you haven't played it, you are in the wrong.


#01 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


It's a pretty safe bet that any Zelda game (made for Nintendo consoles) is a winner, but Twilight Princess was a special game that offers challenge combined with a rich experience. I would definitely consider it the greatest Zelda game ever made and I have played them all.


In the end, I don't see the logic in people who trash the Wii for "not having any good games". I'm pretty rigid and highly critical of games I don't like and could name off around 50 games on the Wii that I really enjoyed. Any console that has 50 games I like is a winner in my book. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Wii U. Nintendo is trying to focus harder on the core gamer this time around, so in time the Wii U might be a good buy.


Recommended Comments

Your list is wrong, needs more Ninjabread man! That is TRUE hardcore gaming.


Anyway, not a surprising list. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with it, just not me, even if I understand the reasoning.


For me personally, I did not care for Twilight Princess at all. That game more or less marked my lack of love towards Zelda games following after, because of how disappointed in it I was (and I was a pretty passionate fan prior to it). The game got a lot of love from the press and I didn't understand why after playing the entirety of it. I thought it was a boring game, needlessly padded out, and tried too hard to pander towards Ocarina of Time fans. That said, it certainly isn't a bad game, just one I didn't enjoy and was very disappointed in.


Regardless, I don't think the Wii is a bad system at all, but most of my experiences have been lukewarm on it for me personally. Of course, I've grown pretty picky nowadays. A lot of times I couldn't shake the feeling that for a lot of previous entries of 1st party Nintendo games were outright better (with the exception of maybe Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Galaxy 2). Also, in regards to 3rd support it just wasn't there, and this list more or less kind of reflects how strong it was (I mean RE4/ Okami are great games, but they are also that of last gen). I mean, I did really enjoy stuff like Sin & Punishment 2, Xenoblade, and The Last Story, Everything else though, I felt like I needed to force myself to like, like No More Heroes 1/2 (Love the style, do not like the actual gameplay), Madworld (also, a style thing, but I don't think is good as a game), and Muramasa: The demon blade (Style and”¦ well, you get the picture.).


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Admittedly, I still love my copy of Ghost Squad. Though that game gets old at times, few titles captured my heart at the arcade quite like SEGA's baby did.

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I feel as though Rock Band 2 really is kind of cheating as it's a multiplatform (at least Resident Evil 4 and Okami had differences unique to the Wii).

A couple of my personal favorites from the system:


Metroid Prime Corruption, easily the best Metroid game to date.

Muramasa, beautiful visual style with fun gameplay.

Fatal Frame 4, never released in the US, but still a fantastic entry in the FF series.


Few other noteworthy, Warioland Shake It, Elebits, Endless Ocean, Animal Crossing City Folk, Kirby Epic Yarn, Silent Hill Shattered Memories etc.

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No Skyward Sword, I can dig it.


Incoming argument about why Skyward Sword is the best game I've ever played coming in 3...2...1... :)

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Good list. Unlike most people, I'm just starting to get Wii games and playing them now, so I'm always happy to see more lists about Wii games people loved. One only few Wii games I've played extensively are Super Mario Galaxy (probably the second best Mario game ever, for me), No More Heroes (I have the PS3 version now), and Super Paper Mario (Was good, but not my fav of the series).


Also, you make me think about geting DKCR now.... never have been a fan of the series, but it sounds pretty neat.

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DKCR is really good...it might make you throw a controller a few times though.

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Great list! I've only played half of these, but from the ones I have, I wholeheartedly agree with your placing of them (besides maybe Rock Band 2)! :)

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Very sad that Madworld never came off Wii. Heard it didn't sell to well either, tha't scause it was on the wrong system!

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