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Console Growth: They Aren’t Just Video Game Consoles Anymore

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You know how you build your character to specialize in something (magic for example), and the character eventually becomes so good at that one thing, that he/she just uses their special thing all day and destroys opponents? Well, video game consoles did the reverse of that. They went from specializing in one thing, to gaining more skills, but while still specializing in playing video games (that is what the consoles are made for after all).





Just how much stuff can this thing do?



Video game consoles are a piece of technology, so as technology got better, the consoles have grown to be more than that. Video game consoles pretty much went through the same process that cell phones did in becoming smart phones. Video game consoles went from specifically being able to play video games as their only function, to being able to do many things that computers are able to do. Consoles are still made to play video games above all other functions, but the other functions play a key part in the systems capabilities and marketability.


In essence, the growth of the power of the consoles can not only be credited to the evolution of technology, but the broad definition of the word “entertainmentâ€. Keep in mind that video game consoles are also called “entertainment systemsâ€. The original Nintendo“s full name is the Nintendo Entertainment System. It“s just that it only managed one form of entertainment: Video games. The current generation of systems is now capable of more forms of entertainment. You can go on the internet, watch, upload, or download videos, store pictures, and even make play your own music while playing a game.






The praise ends up going to Sony, back when the Playstation was released. The Playstation could not only play video games, but it could play music CDs. This may have been the start of the multi-functioning video game console. When the Playstation 2 was released, it was able to play DVDs. The Xbox could play customized music instead of the game“s music. Now the main consoles, including the handhelds are borderline computers optimized for video games. Consoles have only grown more impressive to this day.




The start of the multifunction game consoles



The question is, what comes next?

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True now they are Multi Media Centers.


I always say, "Thank god Nintendo tried to fudge over Sony on their deal or we wouldn't be where we are today at gaming".


Sony only decided to make their own console because Nintendo backed stabbed them. And where would we be with that the PS1? Competition wouldn't be as fierce so things wouldn't have improved to what they are now.


I hope to one day see a console that can rival a great gaming pc. Both in media functions and gaming.

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I kind of like watching streaming videos on my PS3 and Wii U, but I sometimes think game systems are going a little too far with all the things they do. Eventually games will be a second thought for systems.

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I don't see the point in consoles becoming all encompassing media devices! Especially nowadays, with laptops, tablet devices, smart phones, and smart tvs doing all that and better. Not to mention I can watch netflix, lovefilm & 4OD on my computer & laptop for free where on XBL I have to be a gold member and pay a subscription fee for an application I already have a subscription for. Fair enough the PS3 for playing blu-Rays but blu-ray players are getting cheaper & cheaper.


Nintendo made the right choice by not having their consoles play dvds as how many other devices do you have that play them? It just increases the cost of development!

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I like where the PS3 and Xbox 360 went, with the streaming videos ability and would like it to stay this way. Not sure what would happen after that, because I would rather my game consoles be game consoles and not computers that can play video games with special controllers (computers already do that).

Being a complete game console is another reason why I think Nintendo is a great company. Others say they are doing things too late, but sometimes, all of that extra stuff really isn't needed. Again, game console first, other functions second.


I will say that the PS3 playing Blu-Ray was a very good move. I'm sure many people bought it just for blu-ray, and if you didn't, you at least have another movie option that you didn't have before.

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