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Are Scary Games on Consoles Going to DIE?!

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Through many of the years of gaming we“ve endured many scary games that gave us the chilling feeling and heart pumping moments around every corner that frightens us. These games are made not only to have fun, but to experience what it“s like to be in the moment with haunting and terrifying scenes all around. What I love about scary games is that it gives you the view of one person put in the survival horror like themes with limited features or items you have in your pocket. How do we survive this outcome? Scary games are fascinating not just because it“s scary, but the story and mystery on how we go through the terrifying adventure.




We“ve played a lot of scary themed games from handhelds, PCs, and to consoles. Developers would create unique spine chilling games that makes us jump out of our seats. Most of the games I“ve played are on consoles. In my experience there are times where I tried playing the game in the dark, but I was too scared to continue. That moment where you look around your own room and outside the windows to check nothing bad happens got me nervous in real life. Past and present games are very different form each other. I“ve played through games there were pretty scary in the past, but these days they aren“t that scary, but provide the scary thematic elements.


A question that comes in mind after noticing scary games for consoles today is “Are Scary Games dead on the consoles these days? Personally in my opinion I think it depends on what they mean by scary games, but I“d say they are not dead yet, but there are reasons why they are barely still alive. Think about it. When it comes to scary games we think of games that are meant to scare people and jump out of their seat giving us heart attacks, but these days it“s been toning down slowly, but developers sometimes take that genre in different ways. Maybe the games are scary because of the environment, characters, monsters, stories, or even the game itself other than being a fright fest. We take a look at why scary games are not dead for the consoles yet. There may not be much games, but every once in a while there is at least one or two titles that come across to scare us. Let“s take a look at some of the examples of scary games that are not dead on consoles that I“ve played.





The Silent Hill series is one of the most frightening experiences I“ve had and actually the first series to play a scary game. Silent Hill 2 on the PS2 was the first in the series that I picked up. I knew nothing about it and decided to try it out. Went into the game thinking what kind of gaming style is this. I“ve never even heard of the survival horror genre. That night I was finally able to get a chance to test it out. I was in the room with the doors closed, lights turned off, and everyone asleep. So I enjoyed the opening and music. Started the game and here we go. What the heck? Why is everything so foggy? I walked around the area and started hearing sounds and had to turn the lights on to continue playing it. My mind was telling me no keep going, don“t be a chicken, keep the lights off. My hands were pretty sweaty and I kept looking around the room to make sure there were no monsters. The first time I saw wicked looking mannequin nurses lurking out of nowhere, I ran as far as I could in the game and ended up being lost. Eventually went through more scary moments while running around and then got to the Pyramid Head guy. Holy smokes the first time I met that dude, I was stuck in a room and he blocked my path to exit. I died and said never going to play this again. Pyramid Head haunted me for a while and I couldn“t even finish the game. That was the first scary experience I“ve had in scary games. What I like about this game was the environment was very spooky and anything can scare you from every corner. I“ve never played the other games in the series, but I can tell the later games are starting to go to a different route from this one. It seems that they are turning into a horror action adventure with many easy ways to help you survive and it doesn“t have that fright factor. It“s not as frightening as this one, but it“s still scary in a different way.





The Resident Evil games were great survival horror games in the early days, but nowadays it“s just a horror action adventure. Sure it“s not scary to where you are nervous for every corner these days, but it“s a fun scary adventure. Around between 3rd-5th grades, a friend of mine introduced me to the series. He brought over the PS1 version of the first Resident Evil to play and was ready to discover why this was popular. This was very different from playing Silent Hill when I started. I wasn“t a fan of zombies at the time, but I was definitely afraid of going near them in the game especially mutated ones. The environment wasn“t too scary because it took place in a mansion most of the time. The camera angles were annoying to play with, but I managed to get used to it. The features in the game gave you a pretty good survival horror theme. I loved that we get limited ammo to make it tougher, weapons, herbs to heal, and even a typewriter to save. You need to be prepared for every corner around the mansion with limited ammo and solve challenging puzzles because a survival horror game is how you survive with limited stuff and finding a way to escape scary. The series started to not get scary when they decided to go in a different direction in later games from RE4-6 with adding quick time events, upgraded weapons, action scenes, versus, and the typewriter is missing after RE4. They made the games less scary and provided gamers with linearity, less challenge, predictable moments, and making the gameplay easier. In the past the games were all about survival and have the feeling of being in rough moments alone, but now it“s not as scary, but scary in adventurous way with toned down frights.





The Siren series is another unique survival horror game that is pretty scary. Siren: Blood Curse is the one game in the series that was really thrilling and frightening and the latest game from Siren. I was able to play the EU copy for PS3 from a friend of mine many years ago. His PS3 would not be able to play it so we played it on mine together and it was a blast filled with frightening moments.What I like about this game is the gameplay which follows episodic events through the view of different characters in the story. What I mean is you take on the role of characters and see their point of views and jump to another character“s view during the episode or mission. The gameplay in this is that you control the character and progress the story while getting past the Shibito which are the enemies in the game. In order to get past them, we use an ability called “Sight Jack†which goes into split screen mode to allow players to see in the view of others while playing. It is actually the main way to surviving the game to find clues and reach their goal. You can even set traps and yell at enemies to distract or have them cover using the D-pad and use the X button active. Another thing is that you can only carry one thing at time which can be weapons that include shovels, pistols, rifles, and even a katana. Most of the time during the game, stealth is the main way to survive. You will try to sneak past them and if you hear a heart-beat like drum sound that is a sign of warning the players that the Shibito is there. If you are successful in hiding the alerted enemy, they will give up and become idle forgetting about you. Most of the environment in the game is pretty dark going through caves, forests, abandoned areas, hospitals, etc. This is a game that I recommend playing for survival horror fans and felt that this is a missed gem.




The Condemned Series is a very intense psychological survival horror game. It“s not just a survival horror game, but it mixes it up with investigating features with the genre. This is a title that I feel everyone should check out if you like mystery and survival horror at the same time. It“s a FPS title that focuses on crime scene investigations solving mysteries and clues by looking at evidences around the area, observing bodies, use gadgets, etc. The enemies are very creepy because they can appear at random times in the dark. You can hear the sounds around you knowing someone or something is there waiting for you. The setting takes place in urban environments with less lighting. You have to use a flashlight to go through the game“s entire darkened areas while you deal with scary moments that can happen any time. One of the most terrifying moments that freaked me out in the game is the mannequins. At one point there would be one mannequin just sitting there, I look around for a few seconds and turn back to see not just one mannequin, but two and even more every time I look away and look back. It was really creepy because they start to follow you and eventually make a surprising attack (not all the mannequins, but one or two of them). The first game was really good and enjoyed the mystery investigating elements and the second one as well. The series is worth checking out if you“re a fan of mystery and combining it with horror.





One game I really as a survival horror is the Dead Space series. The first game scared the crap out of me when I first played it on the 360. I loved the haunting space environment and the third person experience with it. The mutated aliens were very frightening throughout the game and I would double check most of the times to make sure it doesn“t pop out and scare me. The only way to kill them is to by cutting their limbs off to weaken them and use my awesome stomp/punch attack. The heads up holographic display is a nice feature that keeps your log of items, weapons, collectibles, etc. The first game in the series plays like a survival horror adventure and every moment, I was ready for that terrifying jump or pop outs. The second game felt the same way, but it was toned down a bit in the scare factor, but it was still frightening. Since the 3rd game recently came out, I remember EA wanted to tone down or go to a different direction in survival horror. Dead Space 3 seems like an action adventure set in horrific settings, but not that scary. The addition to co-op hurts the game because most survival horror games focus on one player going through terrifying moments through the story. Either way this series is a great survival horror game that terrifies you in dark areas.


Those are some of the examples of scary games on consoles that I played that were pretty scary and worth checking out for the survival horror genre, but eventually developers took on the genre and change things around in sequels. I don“t think scary games are dead on the consoles yet because the term scary started out as survival horror and then spread to different ways of using it to create a scary game. I do see the genre disappearing in the near future for consoles because the term survival horror is disappearing and going into a different direction. Although outside of it like indie games like Slenderman and PC titles like Amnesia are great examples of non-console games that are very scary. Scary games are definitely a fun way to experience the fright and terrifying moments that could happen to you someday. Love it or hate it, it“s worth fearing for.

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See Dead Space 3 I would say actually had some of the best atmosphere of the 3, Combining the whole derelict spaceship with an unknown world. While there was only a handful of jump scares I would say the game kept me on edge consistently between a fantastic mix of soundtrack and eerie sounds.


That said, the horror genre has always been pretty niche, and I hope that some companies continue to release games in this fashion. I would love to see some new fresh IPs.

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Nice blog tk. Looks like we took completely different approaches. It was nice seeing your views on thing.


Love the first tag lol.

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