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Review - Myst (3DS)




Developer: Cyan

Publisher: Maximum Games

Platform: 3DS

Release Date: October 30th, 2012

ESRB: E for Everyone




If the name "Myst" doesn't sound familiar to you, then you might want to brush up on your gaming history. Myst was a point and click adventure game released in 1993. It was the dawn of 3D graphics and Myst was groundbreaking for its time. It's a timeless classic that has seen ports to multiple systems over the past few generations. The 3DS version is only the most recent port of the game to be released, but does it hold up to previous versions, let alone the original?










The gameplay in Myst is what many would consider timeless, the exploration, the often-times tricky puzzles are elements of Myst that won't ever become outdated when a new system with better graphics comes out. The narrative of Myst is as brilliant as ever, with a deep yet oddly seductive tale that ensnares you, immersing you in its world. The 3DS version of Myst is no exception, the original brilliance of Myst is still there, unfortunately it has been marred by the horrendous port...


I should have known I was in for something bad when the Myst intro video cut out halfway through and the game took me straight to the main menu...


What were they thinking??


Where do I begin? Do I start with the fact that this is a point and click adventure game on a system with a touchpad...yet the game barely utilizes it? Instead they decide to make you use the analog nub, but it gets even worse! Instead of just moving the nub around as you would move a mouse, they've made the pointer snap back to center position when you're not moving the nub. You need extreme finesse to coax the pointer to juuuuust the right spot on the screen lest you be snapped back to center.


But wait! It gets even better! Myst has quite a fair amount of backstory in it that the player can learn about through reading various books and sign scattered about. Being a rather small screen, the text is too small to read so you can click it to zoom in on it. One slight problem though, the text stays the same resolution. Long story short, you can't read any of the books in the game. Yes, you read that correctly. A game, which has dozens of books that you're intended to read, has text that is unreadable.










So they've effectively butchered the controls, the story....what's left? Ah yes, the sound. Myst was known for it's eery tunes and ambient music. Well, the original sound WAS left in, however it sounds worse than re-recording of a re-recording of a youtube clip of a recording of someone playing Myst in a crowded room. It's terrible.


I almost thought I had run out of things to say about how terrible Myst 3DS was until I remembered I had forgotten to mention probably the biggest bombshell of them all....




In any case, I'm glad it only set me back four dollars.








+ None




- Terrible Controls

- Unreadable Text

- Atrocious Sound Quality

- NO 3D


Overall: 2/10



Myst for 3DS is one of the worst ports the game has ever received. Do NOT buy this.

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I already snagged History: Legends of War: Patton for PS3 the day it came out for free off of Maximum Games, so maybe I can snag this too and play it on my sister's 3DS haha. :D


Great review, I had no clue the game was so bad!

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Wow didn't expect to see that score. So I guess stick with the PC version. No 3D and what was the point of porting it lol. Pretty bad transfer and sounds like they didn't even try making it a good port. Great review Ludo!

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