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Meet The Podunkers - Khorne




Meet the Podunkers is a new blog series I“ve started intended to feature members of the community, a sort of gamer spotlight if you will. I will try and have a new interview posted weekly, until I run out of willing members to feature!


Today“s interviewee is everyone's favourite Kiwi (not the fruit/bird) and future zorbing world champion, Khorne!




What's the first game you've ever played?

Like any good kiwi kid I grew up playing Rugby. I did play a little Soccer and Cricket from time to time though.

Describe your current gaming setup.


I have a PS3 and 360 hooked up in my main room and a semi decent PC there too. My other consoles are in the garage waiting for me to care. I also have a PSP and DS around here somewhere.

Name the one game that changed your life, that is, what's the one game that made you into the gamer you are today?

No one game has had that much of an effect on me, but something like the first Dawn of War that pretty much introduced me to the RTS genre (I had played a few before, but DOW got me hooked).

Yeah I can“t think of one game that changed everything for me, but plenty of games along the way have made an impact.

What is your all-time favourite game EVER?


See, I like a lot of games for a lot of different reasons, so I can never do questions like this any justice. I love Minecraft as much as I love Freelancer, but I love them for very different reasons, so I can“t pick between them. You could ask me this once a day for a week and every day my answer would be different.

How about your favourite character?

Aren“t I supposed to be in that GP game that may or may not be being made? In that case the answer is me.

What's your story? How'd you end up on Game Podunk?

I was cruising through the internet one day and found that this site paid for blogs, thinking to myself I had the bare minimum literacy required to write blogs I signed on up. Then I started to get to know the other GP peoples (RIP Jamie & Dan) and decided to stick around.

You're probably expecting me to throw in some New Zealand questions aren't you? What happens if I don't?

It“s Maori language week so I should probably be answering these all in Maori anyway.

What are your opinions on next gen? Are you excited for it? Indifferent?

I“m pretty mixed, the PS4 looks like a pretty solid system, but it hasn“t changed enough for to blow me away, I do like the indie support stuff though. The Xbox One needs to drop the Kinect and the price along with getting some exclusives I care about.

Have you ever gone zorbing, if not, would you want to?

I have not and I“ll only go if you come with me.

You were the only non-staffer to start as a host on the Gamepodunkcast, why were you chosen? Many podcasters suffer fatigue after many weeks of continually recording, how goes it for you?

I have no idea why I was chosen, I“m just cursed I guess. Anyway I have to record that dammed thing first thing on a Monday morning so I“m pretty fatigued.

You have a pet bird or two right? Name(s)? Type(s)? Picture(s)?! we need details here on the unofficial BGM of the GamePodunkcast.

To be fair, the birds haven“t been on a single episode of Game Podunkast (I hope). Anyway they are called Spike and Charlie and they make a lot of noise.

Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you want to play a game with? Which game?

Guy Williams, Jono Pryor and Dai Henwood and we would play My Kid Could Draw That. (I am killing it with these kiwi references aye bro?)


It's the zombie apocalypse, which person, weapon and music would you have during your final stand?


Alphonse Elric, since he is probably immune to the whole Zombie deal and also I can hide in his armour. Since he can kinda alchemy up any weapon he wants I would let him decide and we would be listening to Survive by Rise Against.

Anything else you'd like to add

Kei hea te wharepaku?



What did you think of this interview? Would you go zorbing with Khorne?


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Dead or alive question is in tiny text don't know i that was on purpose or not just letting you know.


Anyway it's about time khorne gets this interview.


Xbox One needs a whole new everything tbh. They need to trash the project give it a new name and copy the ps4 as much as possible xD


The fudge is zorbing?

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Yeah, GP Editor at work again....





Oh that looks pretty cool I remember doing something like that but not as dangerous in junior highschool. Good times.

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I've never done Zorbing before and it looks fun. Anyways great interview Khorne. Also loved that you use Alphonse Elric as your partner. Alchemy can create many things so it would def help against the zombie apocalypse. Since your favorite character is yourself, do you think you find yourself Khorney at times?

Also to reply to your Maori question. . .just go around the corner to your left and you should be there.


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