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Ode to Arby 'n' The Chief

Last week, the final episode of a great machinima series ended. That show was Arby 'n“ the Chief.


First and foremost, I want to give big congratulations to the creator, Jon CJG. You“ve finished a series that you“ve poured your heart and soul into. You“ve provided many with countless hours of entertainment, using comedy, drama, and commentary on games and gamers. All I can say is I“ve enjoyed the ride.


It all started with the “Master Chief sucks at Halo†series. Where Master Chief would play Halo online. What made it so funny was that Master Chief was terrible at the game he starred in. Oh, he is also a figurine and his voice is Microsoft Sam. What started as a little comedy grew into a full-blown series with talking toys and their interactions on Xbox Live.


The show continued to evolve once Arbiter came in. While still a comedy at the time, it centered on Arbiter“s and Chief“s everyday life, and the different situations they encountered in Xbox Live. From treating girls right, talking about the gaming industry, to getting their hands on cheats. It was amazing what the creator came up with, using all online situations. Kind of strange when you think of the other sitcoms out there that did not tackle such issues, and a whole series here has been devoted to such.






Once the show turned into more of an action drama, things got very interesting with a steady cast of characters, and the character development the toys would go through. Chief even went through training with Arbiter, because he realized he sucked at Halo, and needed to get better. Arbiter“s training shows too.


The creativity to use the figures was something new at the time. Although the voices can get grating at times (mainly during Arbiter“s monologues), Chief“s simplicity against Arbiter“s more complex manner of speech helped to solidify them as characters. I will admit that Chief“s extreme “bro†like attitude was ridiculous, but it was so funny and well done, that it didn“t matter. Besides, Chief provided most of the comedy.


There could be a whole lot more to say about the series, but that would make this entry ridiculously long. Feel free to watch the series, as it“s all on youtube, just note the strong language. I“m sad to see the series go, but I guess all good things must come to an end.


Jon CJG, I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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