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Pixel Reviews: Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate (PC)+ Win a Copy!

Developer: Q-Games

Publisher: Double Eleven

Platform: PC (reviewed), PS Vita

Release Date: August 26th, 2013 (PC)


EDIT: Hey, there's a 50% off sale as of right now for a week! So....hey, if you're interested now is a great time to buy!



Sometimes, you just want to have a relaxing experience. Pixeljunk Monsters can bring that, or it can deliver the PAIN, straight to your doorstep....or desktop, rather, I suppose. Whatever your preference for difficulty in games, Pixeljunk Monsters, and with its new iteration of sorts being the "Ultimate" edition, may just be the perfect game for you if you enjoy a good tower defense title.


Turning trees into equal-sized structures that fire various projectiles may not sound like exactly the most eco-friendly action to take to defend against hordes of monsters, but whatever, it works! This is a silly game about silly things, and thus you can play however you like. If you want to be the most hardcore defensive expert, you can feel free to do that and ace (or get a "rainbow") every level! Personally I struggled a lot on the base difficulty and considered dropping down to casual.....but I prevailed and got halfway through the second island!





If I had to give any complaints, I would justify that the price (at least, on Steam) is a little too much. $20 for a game that was originally $10 years ago seems a bit odd. The game is fantastic though, and the added content is.....well, decent. You get a new randomized level generator and online co-op which is not too shabby. I had trouble getting into a game but I didn't see very many people playing either, so I'd assume this game is best to play with a friend, either online or sitting next to each other.


The amount of content in the game itself is pretty massive too I might add! With only three islands to play, you may be concerned, but let me rest those concerns aside because this game rips apart your pathetic hope and tosses the remains to the curb. As I said, even on normal difficulty I was being challenged quite a bit to get rainbows, which are needed to progress. The game does let you pick and choose which levels you want to try and tackle, so if you get stuck on a certain few you can just try and do the other available levels. I would estimate that there's easily a good 30+ levels in the game, and with each taking 20-40 minutes to finish the length of one playthrough is fairly long. The medal challenges, which require the player to complete specific levels while clearing certain conditions also help to add a lot to the potential amount of time you may spend on Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate. These are fun and unique, and really require you to wrack your brain for different ways of clearing an otherwise easy level.




All in all, Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate is never unfair to the player, and thus in my opinion and thus it's definitely worth a potential buy, for anyone really. Being a fan of tower defense type games helps a bit in me enjoying it, but this isn't hardcore in the slightest unless you make it be, and nor is it easy by any means unless you choose for it to be so. As the game has been out on PSN for years already at a cheaper price, I would say wait until a 50% or more sale to nab this. Even then, if you know you'd love it, this is not a bad choice to pick up at its usual price.


Stop those evil monsters from kidnapping your pixel people, and contribute to global warming today!



I give this game a: 9/10


Wait, what's that about a giveaway? That's right, you can win a copy right here! To be in for a chance to win, tell me what other Pixeljunk game(s) you'd like to see on Steam (hint: Eden is already on it!)! You can enter once per person until this Friday, October 5th when I'll end it sometime in the evening (PST).


Good luck!


Recommended Comments

I've never really understood the quirky not-one-genreness of the Pixekjunk series.... that said,


Monsters was pretty swell, I'd like to see that come to Steam. 

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Pixeljunk 2nd lap is also another favorite of mine. It's a neat little up and down racing. Lots of tough challenges, but man it can get frustrating at times. Overall it's a lot of fun. I have some of the Pixeljunk games on PS3.

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Never played any of the Pixeljunk games before but I love tower defense games! :D Hope I can grab a 2-pack during the winter sale or something to play it with my brother.

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Nice little review Pixel, I've been meaning to grab this on PSN for years but am glad I waited so I can just grab the definitive version on Steam (well I guess it's the same as the Vita version, but I haven't got a Vita) ^_^


Anywho I'd personally love to see all the PixelJunk games come to Steam, but the one that comes to mind most is Pixeljunk Shooter 1/2. They're cool sidescrolling rescue games (I'm not sure how better to describe it), with the second one having an interesting multiplayer mechanic as well. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as it did for Monsters to come to PC for us to see the others ;)


EDIT: well it seems A) the game I was thinking of was Pixeljunk Shooter, not racer, and B) I must have more influence than I originally thought because hours after posting this, whatdoyouknow Pixeljunk Shooter is now available for preorder on Steam ^_^

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A little late, but I was pretty busy today (and sleepy yesterday) so I have an excuse. ;D


And the winner is (based on random.org)........


Sasha Braus/TK! Congrats man! :D


I'll send you it right away!


Thanks for entering everyone. ;)

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Thanks you so much Pixel! It was an honor winning this game and I will fight alongside with you against these monsters! :D

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