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Game Stop's Black Friday Ad Leaked! US ZELDA XL BUNDLE! :D Sweet Deals Galore!



So Gamestops Black Friday ads got leaked and there are some pretttty good things on sale.


First and foremost








$40 for a Wii, dirt cheap for anyone who has a passing interest in playing some of its Exclusives and somehow still doesn't have one. Also, BF4 isn't even out yet and is already listed at HALF price (Also on PS3 and 360)... they're going to have a rough launch I think lol


Those PS3 and 360 bundles are pretty good for any people looking to get either console, though at this point I think it won't be affecting too many people...




Meanwhile COD Ghosts is only $10 off....




Black Flag isn't out yet either but as we've seen with previous Black Friday's Assassin's Creed games tend to drop $40 on BF. Xillia is only $20 as well, that's quite a steal. Wish Dragons Crown was $20 as well, $30 is not my buying range for that game.




BEYOND is only $40, which makes me think it might not have had great release week sales numbers... Last of Us is at $40 as well, which is relatively high considering it came out in the first half of the year. Would have expected $30. Definitely will be picking up All Star Battle Royale, been waiting for that game to hit $10 and there we go!




$10 for an 8GB Vita card is not too shabby, might pick it up just to hold me over until the 32 or 64 GB ones become reasonably priced. Killzone Mercenary sitting at $20 is a great deal too, that game only just came out on Vita and is one of it's best looking games for sure. Jak and Daxter on Vita for $15 is pretty swell as well.




Nothing too great on the Wii U front. Rayman Legends for $25 isn't too bad, though $20 would have been a better sell IMO. A very heavy focus on Skylanders for Wii/Wii U, I suppose that's their biggest seller?




Of course there are TONS of dirt cheap games from the past gen to grab, though most are the same as the ones from their 2 for $10 promotion, so it's likely they're just clearing old stock still. B2G1 on all pre-owned "products", which includes games for sure, but with that wording, does that also include consoles/tablets/controllers? Hmmm...




And the last page of the ad answers my question. YES, B2G1 on ANYTHING Gamestop sells. So if you and 2 friends want to all get PS3's you can buy 3 and save a nice chunk of money there. OR you could buy yourself three consoles I guess?


Seems like a lot of clearancing out of older stock though....


So all in all it seems like one of the best Black Friday ads Gamestop's had in a very long time. I know I'll probably be making a trip to Gamestop, though I'd suspect that Amazon and/or other retailers will match many of these deals.


How about you guys? Anything you have your eye on? Anything you might get?

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Last BF I bought Horizon for $15 and sold it to Gamestop for $25 when I was done with it. I dread working there on this day though--what did I get myself into?

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That ps3 headset is a bad deal considering amazon and ebay usually have it around that price.


But foam almost came out of my moulth when I saw that 3DS. Way to hit me in the feels Nintendo. I'll have to keep resisting because I need a new computer first, plus I'll be spending a good chunk on gifts as well.


But I hope that asylum/city game is for the ps3 as well.

10 bucks for all starts thats dirt cheap. 15 for ni no kuni. Oh well I bought it at 20 and 20 is pretty much the point of no regret for a game you know is good even if it sells for less in the future.

BF4 be looking smexy I might think about it.

Can't believe tales of xilia is so cheap. I was waiting for the CE to drop but doesn't look like thats gonna happen any time soon so I might pick that one up.

I don't like buying pre owned but LA Noire and all those AC games are looking tempting.

My sisters boyfriend is gonna be very happy when I tell him about that super slim with 2 free games sell. He has been waiting all you to buy another one since his last one gave out on him.

Overall some good stuff, I'm glad that it's on friday because walmart will most likely have theirs at thursday like last year. That way I can do both then wait for cyber monday.


Thank you Lud!

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Not bad. BF is about the only time I'll buy anything from GS, so I'll keep these deals in mind in case no one better matches them. xD The only thing I'll buy for sure is Rayman Legends, the others are a case of whatever I feel like doing at the moment.

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Not bad. BF is about the only time I'll buy anything from GS, so I'll keep these deals in mind in case no one better matches them. xD The only thing I'll buy for sure is Rayman Legends, the others are a case of whatever I feel like doing at the moment.


I have a feeling someone like Amazon or Best Buy will drop Legends to $20. Fingers crossed!


@Kiky - I don't like buying preowned usually but at least at Gamestop (in-store) you can make sure they're complete and not beaten to a pulp.

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Wow Gamestop stepping their game up this year!

Man those 3DS LE are mighty fine on sale, but gosh darn way to have no money collected this year. Gotta continue to delay buying one.

They do have the Asylum/City game for PS3 since I saw it last week. Most of the games for 10 bucks is definitely a steal at that price. Might buy one just to have a gaming night lol. Ni no Kuni is a must get at that price too. I got it for 30, but heck it was definitely worth the purchase. BF4 is meh. Beta didn't interest me and I honestly want another Bad Company game which I love their multiplayer.

The highlight for me right now is Tales of Xilia for 20. You ever seen a Tales game drop in price or rarely go on sale. I've been trying to get my hands on Graces F, but screw that Xilia for 20 heck yeah! I've been wanting to play a Tales game again (last one being Vesperia). Now that is a Tale of Deal! If only if it was the CE/LE, I'd be drooling more over that.

I rarely buy preowned stuff, but only if they are like 5-10 bucks or less like that 2 for 10 deal.

Oh on a side note, I might finally play an Elder Scrolls game maybe. I think the Skyrim Legendary Edition is def a good price point to get. I know I would say I'd rather wait 20 bucks or less, but with a lot of content and how awesome that game is, I'll say that's worth a pickup.

Another one would be Beyond and Last of Us. Tempted to pickup those games too, but 30 bucks or less is range for new games.

In the end I really like what Gamestop is doing, but I usually shop on Amazon. Last year most of my purchases were on Amazon since I missed out on Gamestop. This year I have to get my hands on Xilia for sure at GS unless Amazon reels me in.


Thanks for this awesome blog Lud! I now have to prepare for Black Friday and pierce the shopping heavens! Woo! :D

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Eh, nothing too amazing, although I kinda want that Zelda 3DS XL, I've been meaning to upgrade, but now that it comes with a game too, I might have to haha. Other than that, eh, if I can find that Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii or something of that caliber I'd be happy.

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Nice enough deals, but little enough to actually get me in the store for that manic day (I do my Black Friday shopping online mostly).  $10 for All Star Battle is good, as are a few others, but I'm more wondering about Best Buy/Toys R Us/Amazon's sales are gonna look.  Nice find, though!

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