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Pokemon X Chronicles #02




I left off having just beaten the first gym leader in the game, Viola, who was a bit of bug/photography freak. I hurried along route 4, stopping only to smell the flowers and pick up the stray items in the hedge mazes, okay, I might have taken out a few trainers on rollerskates as well. But they were asking for it!


Upon entering Lumiose City I was immediately impressed. Now THIS was a real city. The ever-changing camera angles were a bit off putting at first though. As instructed by Selina and Dexio both of whom I had just recently met, I made my first stop in Professor Sycamores lab. He's definitely a lot more serious about his research that the other regions professors, HIS lab's got THREE floors. Suck it Oak.




Sycamore decides to challenge me to a battle. ME. What a silly professor. My Fennekin took out his Bulbasaur in one hit, my Pichu did the same with his Squirtle and finally my Helioptile downed his Charmander with a couple of mud slaps. No casualties on my side. Realizing he had been sorely defeated Sycamore offered me a choice of his three pokemon in tribute. I chose Charmander of course, because CHARIZARD X.



Charizard X is badass, he's finally Fire/Dragon type!

On my way out of the lab I bumped into Lysandre, a quaint fellow who reminded me a bit of Rider from Fate / Zero. I wonder what kind of person he'll turn out to be....















I stopped by the Pokemon PR Video center to shoot a quick PR video for myself, not quite sure what the point of all that was but hey, whatever.


I went to the Cafe my friends told me to meet them at and what do I find? Lysandre creepin' on some girl. Keeps mentioning eternal youth... What a weirdo. Totally not the villain of the game.


I decide to take a rest before continuing my journey onwards.



Time: 4:59

Badges: 1

Pokedex: 38

Current Party: Hisoka (Fennekin) lvl15, Bisky (Fletchling) lvl15, Torchic lvl16, Helioptile lvl16,Haku (Charmander) lvl10, ピãƒãƒ¦ãƒ¼ (Pichu) lvl13


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You should add me as I do not think you have, yet. I used Charizard throughout the entire game... he is extremely OP through the single player adventure.

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That charizard looks mega sweet. Nice to hear he is finally a dragon type lol. That professor looks a little to young to be a professor. He has to be in his late 20s or very very early 30s max.


It will be nice seeing how you dress your guy up on the next update.

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