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Winter Gaming and Upcoming Reviews




So far, it has been a pretty good winter for me. I just registered for some college classes starting in January and have knocked out a lot of backlog games and have had time to revisit classics as well. Black Friday is also coming up. I hear even Target will be selling 3DS XLs for $150, but I'm keeping my eye out for even bigger deals.


Since I've been able to knock out more games than usual in the past month, I decided to go ahead and post some reviews in the coming weeks. Here are the game reviews I will have posted in the near future:


Psycho Fox (Sega Master System)

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)

Fatal Frame (PS2)


In addition to these, I may do a few Top Ten lists as well.


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Awesome! It's great to knockoff the games from the backlog. Also good luck with the upcoming semester in January. Brand new year and a start of a refreshing journey. Can't wait for Black Friday as well. Always looked forward to that every year as a gamer.

Looking forward to your reviews and lists as well. It's fun creating top tens and fun reading them like when Jared made some. Always a great read!

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Looking forward to Fatal Frame. I really like old school horror-esc games. I hope to see a 3DS on sale for 100ish, I already know what the first 3 games I want are xD. But I have a budget and I doubt I can still afford a laptop if I get a 3DS

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:). With the XLs dropping to $150, you might just find a 3DS around $100. I desperately need a new laptop too, but guess I'm going to try and make it to Summer before I buy one.

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