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Found Old Gaming Articles of Mine




My Gaming Articles From The Past.


Kind of a personal informal blog rant....



I wrote professionally about games in the past for a couple sites, but Gaming Today was by far the most lucrative. I was checking out GameFront today which basically took over Gaming Today years ago when I was working for Ziff Davis Media (1Up Network) and they let the property go in bankruptcy. GT was one of the places I wrote for and would say it was an enjoyable and well paying gig for the most part. I did mostly marketing work for the site, but also wrote a lot. To my surprise, they imported most of my articles into the new site. It looks like there may have been a database problem because some articles now have strange characters or formatting in them, but the bulk of the writing is still there.




Skimming through the articles, there were winners and losers, but I definitely noticed a pattern in my writing that may have not been obvious. Towards the end of 2007 and into 2008, I experienced a series of complete mental breakdowns which put a pretty fast stop to me being productive professionally and academically. Lately, I've been feeling more mental clarity thanks in part to some new programs at the VA, so things are looking up. I think I might get back to writing daily even if it's on a complete amateur basis.


After GT, I started Kezins.com which actually got tons of traffic every day causing me to upgrade hosting plans every other week it seemed. Lol. Problems with hosting paired with personal things I had going on really took the site down even though it had a ton of momentum. I hate toot my own horn often. But I was an underground social marketing master then. I don't know what it would take to get back to that stage. We even slowed down sites like Kotaku with some of our articles they'd mention. I guess I had options to get things going even more, but just couldn't keep up with everything. The hosting issues were really the excuse but there were underlying issues that caused me to fail.


I guess right now, my main goal is to get more organized and back on a path towards true productivity in any field in the next few years. I've kind of been a zombie for 6 years now. Here's one post Owen made about us on Kotaku that kinda made me laugh with the word "infamous". We actually put out quite a few controversial articles during a short span of time...




If you learn anything from this post, never ever use GoDaddy. :)


Photo from my very first blog gig (1PStart) which no longer exists but by far my fondest memories. One of the three is still highly successful in the world of tech and blog gaming, so that's definitely cool.

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That is awesome Kezins! I knew you mentioned being a writer back then, but never got to read any. I am thankful to you for sharing these and get a chance to read your past works. I'd like to see more and hopefully you would return to writing articles again. Anyways Happy Thanksgiving Kezins! Hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful day. :D

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I'm very happy to hear that you have been feeling better lately. I hope you keep doing so, because like I have mentioned before you're a pretty genuine person.


Also I had no idea you ran your own site in the past. (I did know you did articles though) Seems like it was doing pretty well. You want to start it up again?


Happy thanks giving.

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Not sure if I can handle my own site again. Lol. It's a lot of work..more marketing than writing. Lol. I may do something freelance one day again though. The problem with blogging about games heavily is that it can take a toll on you. With the rat race pace of straight game blogs, you can work hard all day, get a big traffic payoff and then you're right back to trying to find the next big story a day later. With blogging, articles rarely live longer than a few days. I'd only do it if I had funding for a big staff. Lol

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Pretty interesting stuff, Kezins. Game Podunk's domain name is actually registered through Godaddy, but thankfully we're hosted elsewhere for the meantime; thank goodness too, I've heard a lot of horror stories about sites that were hosted with Godaddy. xD


I can definitely sympathize with what you mentioned about running a site being a lot of work, especially if you're in it for more than just a hobby. By the by, it's interesting that your first gig was called 1PStart because there was actually a popular podcast for a while called 2PStart, which is a crazy coincidence, haha.

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Haha. We were casual friends with the 2PStart guys actually. They came after us though. They did comics too.


Don't know if anyone is a Destructoid fan, but we had to give up association with 1PStart when we signed with Ziff. At the time, I think I got 30% of 1P profit which was $750 month so not bad traffic. The blog network handed it off to a guy named Stuart Piazza. Piazza started a hate war against the entire Destructoid staff and readers causing the "Destructoid Piazza" incident. Needless to say, he literally got 1PStart buried in a month and the site never recovered. Lol. Lesson for sure is don't anger the majority of Destructoid. :)


At an E3, some Destructoid guys thought one of us was was Stuart at first with our 1PStart affiliation. Lol


Couldn't find the discussions other than one. I do vaguely recall it starting with an offensive logo.



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Definitely good old days. I received some lawsuit threats while writing from Microsoft for leaking a game manual and Jack Thompson. I got into a semi-public feud with Jack over his misinformation about what games the VT shooter played. Thompson continually cited Counter Strike as his game of choice when in fact his dorm room and computer primarily uncovered Sonic The Hedgehog games as the most violent games. Lol. Unfortunately our back and forths were removed to get him to go away.

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