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10 Favorite Games of 2013



I decided to go with a "favorites" list rather than a "top" as it less objective and no one pays me to have opinions that are not my own. I also have not played a lot of games from 2013 and am hardly qualified to objectively declare games better than others. The following is a list of games that I happened to be taken to, for whatever reasons. Furthermore, the list is not in any particular order, save for the last which is my GOTY. I guess this list is good. I'll probably want to change it later. Oh well, I don't care. Play all these games when you have a chance, OK?




The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Nintendo EAD Group No. 3, Monolith Soft

22 November 2013

Nintendo 3DS


Not only one of the best Zelda experiences I have had in years, but also one of the best gaming experiences. This game was an incredible addiction that often had me losing track of time.




Tomb Raider

Crystal Dyanmics

5 March 2013

Xbox 360


This game was so damn good that I will be buying it again on my Playstation 4. Rare is a game that is executed so well--let alone a reboot.




Shin Megami Tensei IV


16 July 2013

Nintendo 3DS


Disappointing yes, but only because my expectations were so high. Nonetheless its philosophical nature, unlike many other games, handles the morality of the gamer quite well.




Slender: The Arrival

Blue Isle Studios

26 March 2013



F* this game, seriously.





Camouflaj, Logan

19 December 2013



A unique and story-driven one button stealth game unlike anything I have played. It is releasing on PC in 2014 and is intended to have subsequent episodes... all of which will probably appear on my 2014 list--is that legal in the list-making world?






Pokemon X/Y

Game Freak

12 October 2013

Nintendo 3DS


Dude, it is Pokemon... but like... better... kind of... but dude, Pokemon!





Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Square Enix

27 August 2013

Playstation 3


I have been playing this at my friend's house for the past week, he has caught on that I only care to be there just to play on his account. This is the first MMO that I am willing to pay a subscription fee for. Forgetting about its superiority relative to its predecessor A Realm Reborn is able to stand by its own merits--of which I think people often forget.






17 October 2013



An interactive mystery game that has me rotating, touching, and looking at my iPhone in confusion and amazement... yeah anything that permits me to willingly look like a dunce in public gets my vote.





Fire Emblem Awakening

Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD

4 Feburary 2013

Nintendo 3DS


Umm, I have beaten this game three times...




Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games, 2K Austrailia

26 March 2013

Xbox 360


My GOTY. I could write pages upon pages of why I love Infiite so much, but for time's sake all anyone here needs to know is that it changed my opinion on the possibilities of gaming--or in the least made them more realized. It also reinvigorated (pun?) my love for the medium. This is one (or many) great thought experiment(s) and while I believe the game would have been better without all the bang-bang-booming, I did enjoy those sequences despite how trite they might have felt at times. I have beaten it twice and both discuss and think about it every day.

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FIIIRRRSSST! Nice list of games Ciel! Been waiting in line for this blog.Time for my daily summary points. Also like the quick little descriptions for each one. :miao:

-Zelda games never fail. Glad you have linked yourself between two worlds; reality and fantasy.
-Tomb Raider is indeed the best rebooted game this year. Lara raided our hearts to her tomb to play this amazing game.
-Shin Megami Tensei games are awesome. Despite the disappointment you said, still glad you liked it. (sorry no pun in this one lol).

-Slender huh. Well then I agree, seriously fudge that game. Still would like to try it though. Last year on Halloween we took turns playing the other Slender game. I was the only one not slender enough to survive.
-Republique sounds interesting. I remember at one point you were talking about a iOS game. Wasn't sure if it was this one or something else. Publicly will try this game whenever I get the chance though.
-I know bro, it is Pokemon... but like... better... kind of... but yes bro, Pokemon!
-Oh sweet! You got to try out Realm Reborn. It is definitely fun. One of these days if I ever get a PS4 I can tag along in your journeys. I'd love to join this realm away from reality. I would feel reborn coming here. ~Pretends Sword Art Online~ Weee!
-Device6....well your device is 6!...no comment
-Now go play Hard mode. Challenge Accepted. I know you will fire up that difficulty and awaken from your slumber. Time to earn that emblem of beating it on hard mode!
-Infinitely quite an amazing game I must say mate. Heads or Tails, Ciel. Heads you will marry it, Tails you will play 1999 mode. Either way the game is a must play and glad you enjoyed it. Woo!


I shall make a list as well. Off to the knight's quarters for some writing!

I know you're probably tired of me saying this, but these games really Ciel the deal in gaming history.

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Slender freaks me the hell out. I haven't had the chance to play Outlast, yet, but I do not think it can top that feeling of uncanny that Slender provides. I mean, honestly I hate Slender; it scares me when it shouldn't.


And here is a trailer for Republique and here is one for Device6. Two very unique games that are overlooked on most lists (not just here) because they are iOS titles. 


I am playing FE this time on Hard right now as Lunatic is too hard!

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The first time I learned about Slenderman was through Marble Hornets on Youtube and then I started to research the legend lol. I got scared for a while until learning the truth about how it was created and stuff. Pretty scary and intense though.

Also after looking at the trailers, I'll say I might pick them up since I have some iTunes fund lying around for a year. Pretty good choices on iOS titles. The reviews like them and worth a pickup after all. Woo! Thanks Ciel!

Good luck on hard mode! Believe in me that believes in you! Woo!

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I dunno about Republique counting or not. I wouldn't since I wouldn't want to add something I think is incomplete or something that could possibly change my opinion for better or worse with future eps. That said, I do want to play it, I was really surprised to hear it released this month since I honestly never heard a peep about it for months.... or more since the kickstarter, I think.


But... dude... X/Y Post-game.


I'm surprised to see Slender make the list considering.... well... some other horror games this year (Year Walk, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Outlast and some Oculus Rift stuff, I think.).


But yeah, solid list, dawg. I'm curious about Device6 since I've honestly never heard about it, and rarely play too much ios stuff.

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You Neko loving boishy.


Kind of surprised to see République there. Never heard of the game up till now but will youtube. It looks nice and the way you described it makes me more interested. As I have mentioned a few times I'm story driven, gameplay, graphics ect. Can take the back seat or even the trunk with Rebecca Black.


Slender also a bit surprised. I'm guessing the last of us didn't make it because your ps3 broke? Can you DL it now with your new bf's gift?

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Hmm, I should probably refrain from commenting on this...considering my thoughts on Infinite...


Really cool to see games like Device6 getting a spot though, as well as several other lesser known games. And as you said, this is a favorites list not a greatest-and-latest one, so overall some nice choices that I definitely wasn't expecting ^_^

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I dunno about Republique counting or not. I wouldn't since I wouldn't want to add something I think is incomplete or something that could possibly change my opinion for better or worse with future eps. That said, I do want to play it, I was really surprised to hear it released this month since I honestly never heard a peep about it for months.... or more since the kickstarter, I think.

Yeah was originally interested in that game but lost all interest when I found out it was mobile..... Maybe on Steam by the end of 2014?

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Nice list. I may have to give Fire Emblem and Zelda a shot. Haven't played a Fire Emblem I liked, but keep hearing this one is different. Haven't truly enjoyed Zelda past the N64, so am curious if this will be great.


BioShock (the whole series) is very under appreciated in my humble opinion.

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