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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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Meet The Podunkers - DarkCobra86





Meet the Podunkers is a new blog series I“ve started intended to feature members of the community, a sort of gamer spotlight if you will. I will try and have a new interview posted weekly, until I run out of willing members to feature!


Today“s interviewee is a posting MACHINE,





What's the first game you've ever played?


The first game that I played was Super Mario Brothers 3. I remember just spending countless of hours on my NES playing that game, either by myself or with a friend. Heck, even my sister played the game with me. It was amazing at the time to play and find all these little secrets in the game. I still remember how on one level my dad came in and saw my sister and I playing the game. Of course he tried it a little bit and he accidentally hit one of the obstacle which yield us the leaf. Boy, that was awesome. I remember having Duck Hunt too and a bunch of other NES games such as Ninja Gaiden. Duck Hunt was amazing and I think we had the gun too. I can't remember how I got the NES but it was for my birthday and it was when we first got to America. Maybe a couple of years after we got to America, my parents went and got me the NES which came with SMB3. That was how it all started.


Describe your current gaming setup.


Throughout my house I have my various consoles. In my room I have my PS3 hooked up to my 51inch TV. Also, this is where I got my gaming computer too. I also have various handhelds like my psp and gameboy in a drawer. Outside of my room is the loft and I got the ps2 set up there. In the living room is the 360. Down in the basement I have the Wii setup. I even recently put the n64 in my sister room. Just so I have another place where I can game if I really want to. Yea, so many consoles throughout the house. I think one day though I might end up try to consolidate them all into my room and have one of those room where all the consoles are there. But it might be a bit of work and you have to work around all the wires and make sure you got enough spacing too.


Name the one game that changed your life, that is, what's the one game that made you into the gamer you are today?


Well this one is a no brainer for me and that game is FFVII. This was the game that got me into RPG. This was the game that made me realized I should actually like gaming characters. I wanted to be like Cloud. This was the game that I think I was finally old enough to realize what great/rare games are. I no longer just play games for the fact that I have them. I am more aware of what games to get and what are the good ones people talk about that I should play. FFVII itself was amazing at the time. A great storyline that got me into it. Not to mention the big early surprise in the game really touched my heart. The music was awesome, I mean who doesn't love Cosmo Canyon? I still have that on my phone to use as a ringtone. The graphics were great at the time, especially those cutscenes like when you saw Diamond weapon come out off the water. I remember even playing AAA online and wanting to use the name Cloud. But of course everyone took it. But yes, I would attribute FFVII as the game that really made me a fan of RPG, turning me into a grinding/leveling/must get every item in the game gamer I am today. Plus, I even had the walkthrough from PS magazine to play the game. That made me learned what a walkthrough was. Before I had no idea those existed and that it mattered.


What is your all-time favourite game EVER?


I think by default I would still go with FFVII. Just for the reasons mentioned above. Now if I put all the great games I have played and put a pro and cons list to it, FFVII may not be the best game of all time or maybe I will find it not my favorite anymore. But I think just by what it did for me at the time and basically turning me into the gamer I am today, it will probably forever be my favorite game.


How about your favourite character?


Shall we stick with the FFVII theme? Yes, we shall. I would say Cloud. Although to be fair, after playing FFVII Crisis Core and watching Last Order: FFVII, you realized that Cloud isn't as great as he is. Zack is the true champ. Granted you find that out in the game, but I think at the time it didn't really registered to me that Zack >>>> Cloud. But oh well. Cloud will probably go down as my favorite character. But this is also kind of hard now that I think more and more about it. There are truly many other great candidates but I leave it with Cloud for now.


What's your story? How'd you end up on Game Podunk?


Well, my story is pretty simple and sweet. I wanted to win free games, and I was on GDD at the time and saw Shin Gen X (I think that is his name, or some form of it?) posted that at GP there is a christmas wishlist contest. I saw a couple of other GDD member posted that they tried it and hope to win. So I said, what the heck, let me try it too and hope for the best. So I went to the site, signed up with the sole intention of winning. Of course I didn't win, but funny how I won last year Christmas wishlist (dreams do come true people!). And of course like GDD, I decided to stick around and keep on posting like a kid of posting steroids. I even remember one mod or member commented that "Who is this darkcobra86 kid, he must really want to win this month, so many posts from him." Yea I definitely wanted to win :D. But also like GDD, the community was so cool and awesome that I had to stay. I still remember I signed up and Tyler was the first one to say hi to me through PM and friend me. Then the server got switch and I guess my account was gone. I had to ask him what happened because I thought I was banned or something :confused: . So after he clarified, I was able to get back on GP and I guess you can say the rest is history. I'm still really glad that I found another gaming forum like this one. Really only GP and GDD do I care to stick around for. Granted getting a chance to win games on both sites are great, but I never imagine I'll make so many friends like this.


You're a very active poster on just about every site you frequent, what's your secret?


I think my secret is that I type really fast and sometimes I don't think too much before I type. And after I read, for the most part I will comment on it about how I feel that moment. Sometimes it will be a very short reply and sometimes I try to formulate a better response that is more quality. It just depends on how serious the issue I am about to respond to. Plus, I feel that what is the point of joining these forum if you aren't going to post? That is the only way to really keep everyone talking and being active. We have a nice community in that people go to chat or reply to status updates. But sometimes with a busy life now (all thanks to work), I really only get like an hour online in the morning before I head to work. So I just go through the forum and post and give my opinions on what I read. Since I can't really be on the computer 24/7 to actively chat or what not. I find it the best way is to leave your comment there and come back and see what others have talked about as well.


I know many people will only post if they find something important to say or wanted to make a big important thread. But I say, no post is too big or too small, we all should keep posting and enjoy each other remarks.


What are your opinions on next gen? Are you excited for it? Indifferent? What's one feature you want to see or are looking forward to trying on the new systems?


As many probably have already seen, I really am not ready for the next gen. I still believe that the PS3 and Xbox 360 can still go on for quite a bit. But it is what it is. And just because we get the next gen doesn't mean I can't play my older systems. I am still really excited though. I really want a PS4 and I will get it. I don't really care for the Xbox, but maybe one day I will get it down the line when I find a good deal on it and I know MS won't change policies again. The Wii U keeps on being better and better the more I think of it. But as a gamer, how can you not get excited even if it is just for a bit? Well, I know for sure the feature I am going to use is the PS+. Of course this isn't a new feature at all but it would be for me. I don't even remember all of the specifics on the next gen consoles anymore, but I say I'll learn more about it when I actually get the consoles.


Is there one genre of game you'd like to get into, or get back into in this upcoming gen?


I really can't say this is a genre but definitely play more Co-op. I grew up as the only one that loves playing game in my household. So I always played games by myself. When I was younger, I sometimes have friends over and we be able to play games like MK. But majority of the time I'm by myself at home playing single player. So that is why I built this new rig to play computer games with my friends. Also, GP game nights have always been fun when I have the games to play. And of course with "free" online play through PS4, I hope to be able to do more of this.


Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you want to play a game with? Which game?


This is a really hard questions to be honest. I never thought of this. And even when I read the other MTP, I couldn't really think of an answer. I probably say one person is definitely my sister. Just because my sister and I are so close and that when we were younger we played SMB 3 together. Be fun to just have that again. Of course another one would have to be my best friend. He and I of course play a lot of video games together and I think we make a good team. And well, playing games will always be great with your best friend. I'm trying to think of someone dead that I would want to play games with since I already got two alive ones. But nothing yet. I wanted to be shallow and just say a really really hot super model chick or something. But I don't think that'll be too fun. Well, what the heck, my last person can be the hot chick. I just hope she doesn't go around bragging that I got owned by a girl ^_^ .


It's the zombie apocalypse, which person, weapon and music would you have during your final stand?


I think having Bruce Lee would be good. With his martial arts and my martial arts skills, I think we both stand a good chance of surviving. Of course he probably would have more kill count by the end of it then I would but who's really counting? I would say a spear. My master always said I was good with a spear when he taught it to me. And if the spear breaks you can always dual wield it or go with your fist. I think that is a good weapon. It gives you range attack too. I think I would have to be blasting "Eye of a Tiger" in the background. That definitely will Bruce and I pumped up and in our survivor mode.


Anything else you'd like to add?


No need for shouts out since I can't outshine TK :P . But really, thanks for taking your time to read this and getting to know me a bit more. I really have enjoyed meeting everyone and talking to everyone. No matter if it was a brief conversation or a long drawn out forum post or through chat. I hope that I'll be able to stay here longer and longer and that GP will continue to grow on all this success.



What did you think of this interview? Can ANYONE outpost him?

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Great read Cobra! We have some similar stories lol.


-High fives for both of us having FFVII to be our first JRPG and favorite game along with inspirations.

-Duck Hunt and Mario Bros are also my first NES games. I had the gun controller too and this was before moving to America as well.

-I imagine having your room Batman themed with every console you have. Definitely sounds awesome and call it the Cobra Cave. . . or just stick with the Bat Cave lol.

-You were one of the first people I met at GDD and you were already a posting machine by the time I joined. Haha I remember when you first reached 3,000 or 4,000 posts you had your own Congrats thread and a medal to create that honor. It was cool seeing you get a prize from doc too. Doesn't matter how many posts you have and what matters is how much you care for the community and sharing opinions. It's fun reading them and made me feel like oh man Cobra has spot on points/ideas. Wish I can be smart like him. xD

-Good point on the PS3/360 still having life. They have a lot of life left and plenty of great games. No rush for the new gen.

-It's nice to have co-op especially with your siblings. You have a very nice sister who cares for you and plays games. As an older bro I like to play with siblings. Before all the GDD/GP stuff it would just be me and my bro sitting on the couch playing games together and it's a lot of fun. Nice to have your sister be there for you and take care of you.


-Nice choice of Zombie partner. Bruce Lee is the man. I know you'll be pulling out kung fu moves like the Cobra Strike, Snake Slice, etc. xD

-Lol Cobra thanks for that shoutout. It's fun to be creative and do something when you get a chance to be interviewed. Just have fun and make the readers enjoy the person's life and such. You have outshine me in liking Batman and Cloud though. And of course the posts. You outshine others with your ability to share opinions and thoughts to everyone. Thanks for being part of the community and born into this world buddy. :D

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Cloud fanboy >.> (Says the Lightning fangirl) They make the perfect storm.



I know many people will only post if they find something important to say or wanted to make a big important thread. But I say, no post is too big or too small, we all should keep posting and enjoy each other remarks.

I have been laying back on posting since I only wanted to post when I had something important to say but you are right. I should post more often even if it's silly or short.


I think it's cute how you picked your sister, I wish mine was that in to video games.


Also the answer is No, no one can outpost Dark.

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Cloud fanboy >.> (Says the Lightning fangirl) They make the perfect storm.


This pun literally just killed me inside.

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What a great read. And yeah I followed over from GDD the sametime you did too darkcobra. But I think it was from a post Darkstar had made in CAG that lead me.

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This pun literally just killed me inside.

I also made a kit-cait pun not to long ago. I'm on a tRoll. durhurhur.


I fully expect rotten tomatoes to be thrown at me.

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Good to know a little bit more about the posting monster, haha. I'm also glad to see the series finally coming back. I wonder who will be next~~~

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Thanks everyone for reading. Yea, I was wondering what happened to MTP. I tried to catch up on it since I was so busy before and then it kinda stopped.

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Thanks everyone for reading. Yea, I was wondering what happened to MTP. I tried to catch up on it since I was so busy before and then it kinda stopped.


It's still ongoing. I've currently been waiting on the next interview guest to respond....

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