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HTC One First Impressions Plus A Blast From the Past




The HTC One


So I recently upgraded my phone, and after a lengthy deliberation between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the new HTC One I ultimately went for the latter.


Before I go into my impressions of the phone, I wanted to take a brief look back at all the phones I've used over the years and how they've continually evolved. A little mobile nostalgia trip if you will.



My memories of my first phone are a bit hazy, being that it's been over years since I had it, so I don't remember the exact model name. It was a Motorola flip phone under Cingular. It could text, and call, and take some really tiny grainy pictures. It wasn't much, but it was my first phone.


I'm not exactly sure when I got the phone but I had it for a few years before upgrading to my second phone sometime in 2005.


In 2005 I upgraded to the new hotness (at the time). A phone that many of you may remember as being one of the coolest phones of the early 2000's (alongside the Sidekick). Yes, if you guess the Motorola Razr you guess correctly.



Though still a flip phone it was somehow more than that, it came in multiple colours and finishes. I opted for the silver model and I absolutely loved that phone. To this day I still think it's one of the nicest looking phones ever. This phone lasted me most of my middle school days from around 2005 to 2008


Around the end of middle school and early highschool I switched from my beloved Razer to something a bit more modern, meaning it had a full keypad, a touch screen and multimedia functionality and internet access. This phone was the Samsung BlackJack 2.




The phone looked nice, giving off some serious Blackberry vibes which at the time was still a sign of prestige and the phone every businessman wanted to have. Having a full keyboard was nice after coming from the old keypad phones but the phone itself was clunky and it's Windows Mobile OS was terrible. I was not a fan of this phone at all and that may explain why I moved on from it so quickly.


in 2009 I switched to an iPhone 3GS. The iPhone's were starting to sweep the market and I just had to see what the fuss was about. Coming from the BlackJack it was absolutely incredible, especially after jailbreaking it. This was my first REAL smartphone and it was awesome. The sheer idea that I could carry around what was essentially a *functioning* computer in my pocket (BlackJack doesn't count) was incredible. However, in the following few years Android-based phones started to rise offering increasingly competitive features and a much more customizable experience. They started drawing my eye....




ju9.jpgSo when my next upgrade rolled around in 2012 I shopped around a bit instead of going for the easy choice which would've been the iPhone 4. A cool new phone caught my eye, it was the HTC One X. It was slim, flashy and boasted a huge screen and killer specs. I quickly forgot about upgrading to an iPhone 4 and went with the One X. I definitely made the right choice. As my first foray into the Android OS I was pleasantly surprised and I grew to love the phone these past 2 years. However, it was time for an upgrade and I was planning on waiting until the summer but Best Buy's recent mobile promotion made me jump ship early.


The Galaxy line has been very appealing to me and I was deadset on an S4... that is, until I saw the new HTC One.




Let's start with the specs; the HTC One features a 4.7 inch full 1080p screen encased in a solid aluminum body giving the phone a very "premium" feel over similar phones with plastic bodies. It has a quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 1.5GB of DDR2 RAM. The model I went with had 32GB of internal storage, though it is available in 64GB versions as well. It lists a 15-18 hour talk time battery life and a staggering 500 hour standby life.


It's running Android's most recent OS alongsides HTC's custom blinkfeed OS which is meant to keep you in touch with the world and your social life at all times. I found this menu to be a bit cumbersome and instead prefer to use the simple app library menu. Thanks to it's extremely beefy specs the phone is blazingly fast and can multitask with ease. The screen itself is absolutely gorgous and makes watching videos much more enjoyable.




As with the previous HTC One X, it features Beats audio built in. It doesn't blow me away but having the extra "oomph" when listening to music is a nice touch.


It has two camera, one forward and one rear, almost a standard feature in phones these days. The forward camera is of course the more powerful of the two and is fairly decent. I haven't had much of a chance to experiment with it, but it does feel to be an improvement over the previous phones camera, if only a slight one.




In terms of colours there were a wide range available, but I choose to go with blue because it's much more eye popping and a lot more interesting that simple white or black again.


All in all, I'm definitely digging this phone and think it will serve me well for the next few years.



What about you guys? What phones do you have? What were your past favourites? Any memories to share? Any questions about the HTC One?


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God, I can't even remember what my first phone was called, technically it wasn't even mine, my dad just let me play with the games when I was younger. It was gold and a Cingular model something. I didn't get an actual phone until like 8th grade, so 2008, it was...blue? Yeah, can't remember the model for that for the life of me. I know it was a slide phone, was actually pretty damn cool, loved it. Then like Sophomore year of high school I got the LG VU, it was completely touch screen and pretty cool too, But it felt cheap in my hands, probably a sign that free upgrades weren't always the nicest things. Summer of my Senior year, 2012, I finally decided I was tired of seeing lots of people with smart phones and me being one of the only ones without, especially in my family. After lots of research and planning, I picked up the Nokia Lumia 900, a windows phone. Loved that thing so much, great apps, fast loading, good UI, at least it was until 2013. When Luds and I visited Hong Kong in the Summer of 2013 I accidentally left it in a Taxi Cab, which equates to it being gone. About 10 minutes after I realized it was gone, we tried calling it and it was already deactivated. So...over seas without a phone was kinda rough, especially for me going through internet withdraw. Luckily there were phone shops every where and I still had my US SIM card. I 'upgraded' to the Nokia Lumia 720, which even though the number is smaller, it is still technically an upgrade. Same color, same layout, it basically feels and acts like my old phone, which is exactly what I wanted. I know I'm coming up on another upgrade and am debating what to get, but I was thinking just sticking with this line and going with like the Nokia Lumia 1520 or the 1020 with that super good camera. Only time will tell.

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Great article! I had my first phone when I was 17. It was one of those pay as you go phones. I will get to upgrade my phone, I believe, in a few months and I am more than likely going with the Galaxy as I hate the iPhone.... maybe... I don't know this HTC is pretty hawt.

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Great article! I had my first phone when I was 17. It was one of those pay as you go phones. I will get to upgrade my phone, I believe, in a few months and I am more than likely going with the Galaxy as I hate the iPhone.... maybe... I don't know this HTC is pretty hawt.


Next time you're at a Best Buy go to their mobile section and just hold the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 in your hand and you'll know ;)

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I miss my Razr. I had the limited edition gold Dolce and Gabbana Razr (definitely overpriced) but I liked it anyway. Nice article. I actually downgraded phones this week. My LG Optimus G has been nothing but problems since I owned it, so I reactivated an old phone from 2007 that I found when I was cleaning. Lol.

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This is the phone I have, and I love it. I wish I could have gotten dat Best Buy blue one, but it was either pay a fortune for that or get a silver one for $.01 at Amazon with some Black Friday dealio. That's right, I paid a penny for it (had to start a contract, though). Silver's not a bad color, though, so ultimately I'm happy.

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