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My PAX East Adventure!

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Well, this year I was lucky enough to grab a ticket to PAX East! It was my first video game convention, and I must say, it was a blast! The entire building was bustling with people, and screens and banners were put up all over the place. I was only able to attend Saturday, so there was only so much I could accomplish.


When I entered the expo hall, it was quite overwhelming to see everything to be honest. Everything was already there and set up, and tons of people were walking around enjoying this and that. Over stimulation at its best. Ok, onto the good stuff!






I pretty much went immediately to “Lollipop Chainsawâ€, which was a school bus with screens. Videos of the game were being played, and I think you could play a demo if you went inside the bus, but I never did that. When I returned later on during the day, I actually got to talk to Suda and take a picture with him! When I asked about what else he was satirizing with “Lollipop Chainsawâ€, he ended up saying that he threw in his fair share of Shakespeare in the game.


When I visited the freeplay areas, there were classics abound. Atari 2600, Intellivision, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, and a bunch more!

“Sonic 4 episode 2†and “Assassin“s Creed 3†were both popular, as both sections had incredibly long lines. I missed out, because I had too much to do and not enough time to do it in.






When I managed to make my way over to CAPCOM, I found that what I was looking at was a “Street Fighter X Tekken†tournament. I was actually informed of that from a booth babe. That didn“t dismay me, because there was a free play area right around the corner. It was my first time playing the game, and my first time playing with a “Street Fighter X Tekken†arcade style stick, but I managed to win a round and not have my butt completely handed to me.


I got to play “Double Dragon Neonâ€, which is a remake of the first “Double Dragon†game. We“re thrown back into the 80s with neon lights and street punk fashion. The game looks ok graphically, and the animations look sluggish to be honest. Some of the enemy spin kicks are so easily telegraphed, that the only reason you get hit is because there is no block or evade button. Other than that I enjoyed it. I really wish there was some kind of co-op attack for the brothers to perform, but I only played so much.






I actually got to watch a panel on “The Secret Worldâ€, which is a new MMORPG. You start off by picking a faction, and then you are placed in one of three major cities. From there you accept quests and move on with the story. You don“t start with a specific class, which is quite different, and all the main story quests are told through cinematic cut scenes. Seems like an overall interesting game, especially with the story cinematics, something many MMOs lack on a regular basis. I don“t think I“m going to end up playing it despite the good impressions.


Speaking of MMORPGs, I did end up playing “Raiderzâ€, a 3D action MMORPG. Your character was over powered for the demo, but it was really cool seeing your character unleash a basic combo and feeling the impact of those swings. While I enjoyed playing the game, as it was different from the very few MMOs I“ve played, I can“t say I want to get into other MMOs. I ended up winning a t-shirt for slaying a giant lizard.


There was tons of merchandise, as you would expect. Most of the t-shirts and posters were very amusing and fun to look at. They had tons of games, from old classics, board games, and trading cards. I had to nab one while I was there.







Some more wandering happened, where I found food, and a bunch of people playing card games, table-top games, and board games. A part of me wonders how much time actually goes into those. When my brother wanted to go to a panel on legal issues in the video game industry, the room was full. We got there about 20 minutes early, only to find that we couldn“t get in. Yeah, there was that many people going to a legal issues in video games panel. Cosplayers were abundant. Some good, some amazing, some bad, and one in particular I wish I didn“t see. Luckily, I ran into two guys from Screwattack! It was fun to talk to them, but it was a very short meeting.


As things finally wound down, I got to play “Kid Icarus: Uprisingâ€. While the controls will take getting used to, what little I did manage to play (the team based multiplayer) was really fun. I would get this game if I had a 3DS. My only complaint is…WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE WII?






So those are the main points from my PAX East adventure! I would gladly go again, and would suggest gamers to give this a shot if you haven“t already. I was told to try and go to the concert, but didn“t have the energy to do so. Well, there“s a plan for the next visit already.



Thanks for reading!

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Cool! Looks like you had a good time there overall. That's awesome that you got to chat with Suda 51; I would've thought he'd be surrounded by people all day. xD


Also, interesting note, Kid Icarus Uprising was originally being developed for the Wii, but they switched it to 3DS later on.

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I'm so jealous you got to meet Suda :( It's my dream to meet him and hug him I love that man so much

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I'd love to go to PAX one day.....and also meet Suda 51. Seems like you achieved 2 of my dreams right there. :P


Anyway, very amusing article to read and seems like you had a great time there! I've heard the swag there was pretty decent too haha.

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I really want to know what this cosplay person was that you wished you didn't see. Glad you had fun at the convention!

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