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War and Death on Storytelling

Time for a different kind of post. One not just about the gaming industry, but an element of the games themselves: storytelling.


There“s always this element of the audience trying to feel like they can relate to the character that they are playing. The goal is for the audience to care about the main character during their quest. This is true for most mediums, but video games take it to the next level, allowing you to control characters, so the feeling of being said character is much more pronounced.


I enjoy world building, and seeing how an entire universe fits together. Darksiders, a game that is rather heavy on lore, was a game that was right up my alley. However, there was always

in Darksiders that struck me as odd. It left me wanting more. The interaction between War and Samael left me wondering what the larger universe of Darksiders was like. I wanted an encyclopedia, much like what Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, or Golden Sun: Dark Dawn provided. The game gave you enough information that you could understand just enough, but it never painted a complete picture, something the game was criticized about.





To understand more, go here.



Death“s quest in Darksiders II provided a different feeling. Much like the player, he was lost in realms that did not necessarily concern him, or that he had no business with, so the questions he can ask (you have to pick them in a menu) are practically the same questions that the player is asking. “Who is X?†“Why do you want Y?†These questions allowed Darksiders II to explore the greater world that the game takes place in. While it was still heavy on the lore and history, both were more adequately explained. Darksiders II was able to provide the feeling of being the main character, despite the fact that it is a 3rd person game.


And that is when the realization hit me. Darksiders is War“s story. As long as War was provided with the information needed, he can complete his quest. There is technically no need for the player to really know the deeper history of the world. (In the scene in question, the Old Ones and the power to control time) Honestly, I was a bit displeased that I had to go to an outside source or complementary sources (the comics) in order to figure out more of the universe of Darksiders. A game like Darksiders would have benefitted from something like an encyclopedia, but it certainly wasn“t necessary.


I got immersed in Darksiders. That desire to learn more about the world of the game made me explore outside sources, but it made me displeased at something that is relatively minor about a game I really enjoy. You may want more, but sometimes you just need to take a step back and enjoy something for what it provides.

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I enjoyed Darksiders...I kind of felt like it was trying to be too many different games at once but the world and story was enjoyable.  I still haven't checked out Darksiders II but I'm sure I will eventually get to it.

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