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Post-E3 Report: What I'm Most Excited About

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E3 2014 has officially come and gone, but the hype for the games shown is just beginning. We saw new entries in huge franchises like Halo, Mass Effect, and Super Smash Bros., and we saw a number of new IPs taking form as well, like Bloodborne, Splatoon, and whatever it is that Criterion is working on. Everyone saw different things that excited them the most, so today, for no particular reason, I'd like to share with you some of the things that really caught my eye and got me excited! The following list is in no particular order, but you'll know just by reading which ones I'm looking forward to most.


And if you know me, most of it will be Nintendo. :P


Infamous: First Light




I'm a little disappointed they didn't call this Infamous: Fetch Quest, but I suppose silly puns don't set the tone for this game very well. Anyway, let me just say that I never get excited about DLC. The vast majority of it is pointless, and often too expensive for my tastes. So it's strange that I'm eagerly awaiting this stand-alone DLC for Second Son, which focuses on Abigail "Fetch" Walker instead of the original protagonist, Delsin Rowe. Fetch was a fun character to be around, and while she explained a bit of her backstory, it wasn't enough to really evoke much feeling. That looks to change with First Light, which will explain how she gained the power to control neon, her capture and imprisonment by the antagonist of the main game, and her subsequent escape. Even if the story doesn't turn out to be interesting, I'm still looking forward to having a reason to get back into the world of Second Son when First Light releases in August.


Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha



I'm going to bodyslam all the zombies. ALL OF THEM.


Jeez, try saying that in one breath. Once again, here's a piece of DLC that's caught my interest, even though it's currently on a console I don't own and thus I can't even try it out. But I'm still hoping for the chance to play it anyway because it looks ridiculously over-the-top and is absolutely filled to the brim with Capcom goodness. You can dress up as Mike Haggar and (presumably) perform jumping pile drivers on zombies, or throw on a Chun-Li costume and hit them with the ol' Hundred Rending Legs. To see all the references to Capcom series past and present makes me want to fall in love with the company all over again, despite the fact that they haven't really released or announced anything notable lately. The DLC is available as I type this, for those that are interested, but I'll be hoping it launches alongside the PC version of Dead Rising 3 later this year.


Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker


We're not responsible if you have SMB2 flashbacks and start throwing turnips at your friends.


It's no secret that I absolutely love Super Mario 3D World. I pretty much wouldn't shut up about it for a while (also, if you haven't bought it yet, stop reading and go do that) but what I never really gushed about was the Captain Toad segments of the game. Does that mean I didn't like them? Heck no! I loved the Captain Toad mini-stages in 3D World, and now Nintendo has seen that others did too and decided to give us an entire game full of puzzling goodness. It's clear that they started with the basis of the gameplay from the 3D World version, but there was so much more on display that you'd never see in the originals, showing that Nintendo has put a lot of hard work and care into making this a worthwhile game for WiiU owners and not just a quick cash-in on a popular minigame. Look forward to tracking treasure when the game releases (no word on whether it's a physical release or eShop yet) this holiday season.



No Man's Sky



The Lorax is probably in there somewhere.


Wow. To say No Man's Sky looks impressive is a huge understatement. While not much was revealed about the game beyond the fact that players can travel between randomly-generated planets and explore them, and optionally take parts in dogfights along the way, that's honestly enough for me. I suppose it also helps that these worlds show off strange new life forms and exotic, colorful plants, which is naturally a nice change from the brown and grey of the majority of games. The game shows massive promise, and, while that's usually just a good setup for failure or falling short of expectations, I have confidence that the team at Hello Games can pull it off and make one of the most beautiful, amazing, and immersive titles in recent memory. Look for more on the game in the coming months, because it unfortunately doesn't have a release window as of now.


Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.



Everyone who looked at this picture just got naturalized as a US citizen.


Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace. That tells you pretty much everything you need to know, but I suppose I should elaborate a little more. This was a new IP revealed by Nintendo for the 3DS, and it looks brilliant. It's a strategy game being designed by a team at Intelligent Systems, known for their work on the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series, so you can be sure they know what they're doing. As you might guess from the acronym, the game revolves around steam, so naturally it has quite a lot of steampunk flavor. It also draws from the H.P. Lovecraft mythos, so those elements, combined with the usual Nintendo charm, should make for quite a spectacle. From a gameplay standpoint, it borrows from the strategy RPGs the developer is known for, but also incorporates elements of a third-person shooter. It should be a lot of fun to play, so look for it when it launches sometime in 2015.


Batman: Arkham Knight



"I'm still not seeing why they delayed my game until next year, Oracle."


We've known about Arkham Knight for a little while now, but that doesn't make me any less excited to play it. In fact, seeing it in action at E3 only made me even more anxious to slip back into the Batsuit and lay the beatdown on some thugs. Arkham Knight is being developed again by the original creators at Rocksteady Studios, which is great news for anyone (like me) who was more than a bit underwhelmed by Arkham Origins. The new game also introduces a drivable Batmobile, so you can bet if Batman needs a set of wheels to get around, the size of Gotham has increased quite a bit from previous games. The game also looks great too, which it should, since it's not being developed for last-gen consoles - only PS4, Xbox One, and PC owners will get to play Batman: Arkham Knight when it launches in 2015.


Hyrule Warriors



Me? Excited for Hyrule Warriors? How could you tell? Kidding aside, it's going to take a lot for me to talk about this game in a coherent manner without bursting into capitalized ramblings on how awesome it's gonna be, but I'll do my best. Hyrule Warriors, if you haven't been paying attention since the game was revealed a couple of months ago, is exactly what it sounds like - a mash-up of the Zelda franchise and the Warriors (Dynasty, Samurai, you know) franchise from Tecmo-Koei. This means massive maps filled to the brim with puny enemies just waiting for a good slashing, which you, as one of a number of Zelda characters, will be all too happy to give. However, it's not just Dynasty Warriors in a Link costume - there are also Zelda elements to be found, such as sub-items you can carry and use in battle, chests which contain yet more sub-items, and even huge bosses to take down by hitting their weak point with whatever sub-item you acquired on that map. Being a huge fan of both franchises, the marriage of the two gameplay styles looks like it will be an amazingly fun experience, and I hope you're all as excited as I am (well, maybe a little less, because I'm insanely excited) to play Hyrule Warriors when it drops on September 26.


Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU


My entire childhood and then some is in this game.


Oh boy, here we go. Remember how I said I could barely talk about Hyrule Warriors without wanting to explode with fanboy delight? Well, go ahead and multiply that by about 1000, because I don't know how long I can wait to play the next entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. The huge lineup of newcomers, the fan favorite returning characters, the inventive and interactive stages, the insane number of items both new and old, the new modes, the...EVERYTHING! Nintendo dropped some megaton announcements at E3 (Pac-Man! character customization and power ups! October 3 for 3DS!!!) and every single one just made me wish I could skip ahead to the day the 3DS version releases, because nothing could possibly excite me more than taking that game home on release day (there's no way I'm buying it online and waiting) and popping it in my 3DS to get down to smashing. And of course, once the WiiU version comes out, I doubt anyone will ever see me again because I'll be too busy playing Smash Bros...you might have to just join me in an online battle to make sure I'm okay. xD Look forward to smashing your friends on October 3 for the 3DS version and sometime in Winter 2014 for the WiiU version.



That's just some of the things I saw that really got me excited, that really made me say "wow, I cannot wait until that game comes out!" Of course, if I listed every single game I'm interested in, you'd never finish reading this. So what about you? What games are on your wishlist and watchlist? What surprise reveals gave you the inexplicable urge to hop up and dance? Sound off in the comments so we can both be excited!

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No mans sky does look pretty interesting but the dog fights in space seem kind of weak.

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No mans sky does look pretty interesting but the dog fights in space seem kind of weak.


Maybe, but really that's the most boring part anyway...getting to explore the different worlds is what makes it look awesome. :D

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This wasn't even for the contest since I assumed it was one entry per person. xD

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