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Knightly Roundtable - Best of E3: Knight Edition





With E3 2014 gone in the books, I've decided to share my thoughts on what was the best of moments in this year's E3. It was all about the games we wanted and waited for. There were many fantastic titles to choose from and it was very tough to decide which felt the best to me in this year's show. I enjoyed this year's E3 because us gamers got what we wanted to watch. A lot of previews, demonstrations, updates, exclusives, and many more. The developers continue to work hard giving us greatness and we await to play them when they are released. Anyways moving along lets check out the best in show knight edition. Remember these are my opinions and thoughts. Feel free to share what are your best of in the comments below.


Best Microsoft Exclusive: Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games brings us an upcoming game for the Xbox One that is an open world third person that brings in many exciting things. I chose this game because I felt that it showed a very exciting type of gameplay which focuses on combating while doing some wall running, zip-line surfing, and even acrobatic parkour type moves. The graphics looks very stunning with vibrant colors and environment. The game to me looks like a mix of Jet Set Radio with acid. Insomniac never fails as I enjoyed their past games like Resistance, Ratchet and Clanks, and others. This is definitely the best Microsoft exclusive to look out for.

Best Sony Exclusive: The Order 1886

This exclusive title from Sony is an upcoming single player action game. Developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studios. Set in an alternate history taking place in London, the story is about an order of knights keeping the world safe from monsters, werewolves, and even zombies. The game will feature unique mythology mixing together with real history to create an alternate history today. From what I've read the game will be presented using real world motion picture and cinematography. The gameplay will definitely be exciting to control with as this is why I pick this game for Sony's exclusive. I hope it doesn't disappoint next year and looks to be a great title.

Best Nintendo Exclusive: Splatoon

Nintendo has provided a lot of great titles shown this year and it was tough picking best. I thought Splatoon showed a great new way to play with friends by playing these characters called linkings who have the ability to change between the forms of human and squid. Splatoon is a team-based game that can be played up to 8 players with 4 on each team. I like how you do anything with ink by swimming through own color like hiding. This new game is a new kind of shooter and fun for the family. Watching the gameplay, it amazed me how well you can use the Wii U Gamepad with many weapons. I like this new idea and felt that it really struck me in a fun way. Good job! Looking forward to this and feels like a great addition to gaming nights.

Best EA Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition

EA didn't seem to have a good conference, but had some games shown that can be great. Easily to me the best game they showed is Dragon Age: Inquisition. I've never played the series, but do enjoy Bioware's games that include Mass Effect. This next entry to the series seems to be a better and good way to fix what Dragon Age II had. I know the second game wasn't that great, but they made up for this. DA: Inquisition mixes the system together from DA and DAII. Other than that the environment will be much bigger for exploration, can play male and female, more races, tactical view, etc. I love games that the story is based on your decisions so this definitely looks a lot better and more exciting than the previous.

Best Ubisoft Game: Tom Clancy's The Division

I've been following this game since when they first showed it last year's E3. It caught my eye on how the game is played. The Division is a tactical third person shooter set to release next year. The gameplay shown at E3 improved and showed a fun teamwork style play through. I like the communication between players interacting to reach a certain point playing against AI or other players in the game. The story takes place in the US as an outbreak is about to spread. You play a part in a group called the "Strategic Homeland Division" also known as SHD or The Division. I felt that Tom Clancy's The Division proved to be a great hit and best Ubisoft game to look out for besides Assassin's Creed and Far Cry.

Best Multiplatform Game: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid series has been one of my favorite game series. Most of it is because not just the story and watching it like a movie, but I love stealth games. Hiding in boxes, fooling guards, taking pictures, codec conversations, etc. I just love everything about this game. I'm pretty excited to learn more to Big Boss's backstory and possibly the future of Snake. I was disappointed to hear David Hayter not returning as Snake, but with Kiefer Sutherland on board, I have high hopes and put my faith. The graphics and real time gameplay will be a factor and looking forward to the next entry. Also loved how Kojima edited and picked the song for that trailer. I'm Excited!

Best Upcoming DLC: Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha

When I first saw this trailer, in my mind I'm thinking no way this can't be real. It has to be one of those fun trailers. Well it turns out the DLC is really coming after all. I love the Dead Rising games and it is pretty fun especially co-op and doing hilarious and random things. I love that you can be any Capcom character and just have fun killing zombies. Capcom made the right move to have this kind of DLC. This is a great way to expand more content. Now I just gotta get myself an Xbox One.

Best Indie: No Man's Sky

I came in not knowing what this game is about and the reveal at E3 blew my mind. The gorgeous visuals and gameplay caught my eye as there are so many places to explore from ground, air, and into space. You go through different planets throughout the galaxy. I liked the gameplay flying around and combat through space. The experience throughout the gameplay footage was beyond exciting and have you hooked into. The team did a great job developing game and I think this is going to be one of the best indie games out there and definitely surprise everyone.

Best Upcoming Handheld Game: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I know this is already out in Japan, but I'm pretty excited to finally seeing it come to America. Both franchises are very popular and their games are worth playing. I've played the first Ace Attorney game and loved it. I do have one of the Layton games since my bro has a DS and he said it's great too. Puzzle and detective games are a great challenge to us gamers. What better to make a game with two of the finest detectives crossing over with a game together. With fun puzzles and storyline, I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Heck the trailer got me excited. It would be awesome to see an anime series. The only thing left I need to do is get myself a 3DS

Best Conference: Nintendo

Easily Nintendo's conference is the best because it wasn't just about games, but it made the conference a lot more fun to enjoy to watch. The Robot Chicken skits were pretty hilarious and the beginning intro with Reggie and Iwata was fun as well. There were a lot of fun new IPs, previews, and gameplay looks in games. Also the Super Brawl Invitational was pretty darn exciting to watch especially checking out the new brawlers and stages. Can't say they disappoint and everything about the conference is a pierce through the heavens. Also that Zelda Wii U ~drools~

Best Anticipated Game of 2014: Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Any game from E3 could be this second half year's anticipated game. It was tough to pick, but I decided Super Smash Bros because of how much it hyped up with little reveals here and there. Watching the invitational, gameplay footage, Nintendo's conference on this game, etc. has kept me on toes to be a lot excited. It even convinced me to get a Wii U eventually if it comes with the Brawl Bundle. Can't say enough about this game because this is the perfect game night game for Game Podunk and Nintendo fans. My favorite fighter being Kirby returns and with a brand new special move too. Looking forward to playing with brand new roster and having fun with friends.

Best Anticipated Game of 2015: Rise of the Tomb Raider

A few years ago Crystal Dynamics brought Tomb Raider back in a fantastic reboot with Lara Croft. This time she returns in the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider. I really loved the first game and was amazed how well the mechanics, gameplay, story, and characters were used in the game. Lara has quite an adventure in the past games and with this reboot she makes her mark on why she is the Tomb Raider. I anticipate this game to be great and continue the momentum from the previous. What lies ahead in the upcoming adventure for Lara? We'll have to find out next year and hope it does not disappoint. It's her time to rise once again and become the raider she is. Pretty sure the game will sell more than the Oakland Raiders selling tickets.

Best Game to Look out for: The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami teams up with Bethesda to create a survival horror known as The Evil Within. This year has been the year for horror games. There's been a quite a bunch. This game caught my eye because the genre is fun immerse yourself into. It's been a long time since we've had a real good scary game for consoles and I felt that this could be the one especially with the original roots in Resident Evil series presence in this upcoming game. The feel of this game looks to be like Resident Evil 4 because of the controls, environments, characters, and storyline. I liked the dark feel gameplay mixed with stealth, combat, tactics, and setting off traps. This definitely a surreal thriller and I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Thank you Shinji for teaming up to make a scary game once again.

Best Overall Game of E3: Batman: Arkham Knight


Out of all the games I've looked at, read about, and previewed, this was pretty tough to decide. Any game can be the best overall at E3. This was a toss-up between many games I've decided. To me what stood out the most is Batman: Arkham Knight. Everything that was shown at E3 was pretty darn awesome. Driving the bat mobile around was a great addition to enhance the gameplay and add something new. The sequel to Arkham City brings in more chaos with the Scarecrow looking scarier than ever with darkness spreading through Gotham City. I really liked the previous games and thus Rocksteady continues to make great Batman games. Eventually I'd love to see them take on a different hero in the future. Disappointed that the game is delayed to next year, but it will definitely be worth the wait.


What do you guys think? Excited for any of these games? What are your best ofs? Any games I didn't pick that you think will surprise us?

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Good picks and great article! Obviously, I'm excited about most of these too...I didn't even realize they showed The Evil Within at E3, lol. Still some stuff I need to catch up on, looks like.

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No Man's Sky! Looking forward to that, because I didn't learn my lesson with Spore.

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i think evil with in is gonna end up dissapointing a lot of people


Then its gonna be at a 5 dollar bin in no time


Sorry but from what i have seen thats the impression it gives out

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i think evil with in is gonna end up dissapointing a lot of people Then its gonna be at a 5 dollar bin in no time Sorry but from what i have seen thats the impression it gives out


Well if that does turn out to be the case we'll at least be able to get some cheap thrills out of it. :D

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Really nice list, TK. It looks like a lot of effort and time went into this.

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