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Sunday, August 10, 2014, was my first trip to an American Comic Book convention, the Boston Comic Con!


On the journey there, I had the pleasure of speaking to 2 friendly people who were spending the weekend attending. They had talked about their experience, and that they have artists at the convention commission work. After parting ways, I found them at the convention, and gladly took their picture with the artist and the commissioned work. If you two ever see this entry, I wish you both the best, and hope that you two enjoyed your time at Boston Comic Con!


What struck me the most was the mountainous amount of merchandise that was being sold. It wasn“t just comic books, but prints of almost anything you could think of: Portraits, sketches, inks, headshots, crossovers, paintings, single issue comics, collection comics. Overwhelming as it was, my excitement was the stronger driving force.






After spending some time exploring and marveling at the people and merchandise, I started to actively search for something to buy. I managed to find a story that I had wanted to read for a long time:






I finally managed to grab the Lethal Protector series! Venom is my favorite Marvel character, particularly Eddie Brock, so finding this was great. The seller didn“t even remember he had it!


I had not finished exploring the convention center, so I continued. After stopping at an artist“s table, he commented on my Venom shirt, and I told him about my new purchase of Lethal Protector. He commented on how much he enjoyed it, noting his love of Mark Bagley“s artwork, and saying that it was especially cheesy. After reading some of it, he is on point with the cheesiness.






After more exploring and taking pictures, I found the board games/card games area. It was a relaxing and quiet place, compared to the crowded bustle of the main convention floor. The peacefulness was juxtaposed with how intense some of the players could be with their accessories and game mats. I particularly paid attention to Yu-Gi-Oh players, as it was the only game I understood to any greater detail. Players had their own mats, and covered their cards with red sleeves. I understand that the sleeves are there so that your opponent can“t tell if a specific card has any blemishes or marks, thus predicting what your strategy may be, but I did not know the card sleeves was a thing that serious players do. I also discovered that My Little Pony had a card game.






I managed to speak to two more artists, one of whom was caught up in his sketching. He had just received a great review from Marvel, so he was riding high on cloud 9. The other artist said that he loved going to these conventions, not just because he could sell stuff and get more exposure, but because he got to meet his own inspirations and idols. Even the great ones have their own idols. After all they are people too.


The best part of the day was meeting Sean Astin (Sam from LOTR)! My brother had noticed that he was doing some sign language. Once we got to ask him about it, Sean Astin spelled out that my brother was a badass. After that exchange, he eventually mentioned that he is very happy with his time at Boston, so we taught him the sign for “happyâ€. It was a very short conversation, but I must say that this exchange was the best part of my Comic Con experience. Thanks for pushing to meet him bro.


So I have finally attended conventions in anime, video games, and American comics. Which one was my favorite? Sean Astin meeting aside, I must say that my times at PAX East were the best. It“s a bit of a cheap shot against the other kinds of conventions, as video games are inherently interactive. Video games also include art and sound, which the other two do not when in paper form. Video games might also be a bit easier to appreciate if your exposure is very quick, considering one could remember a song, or some noise coming from the game. When reading, you only see, but the sounds come from your imagination. While I“m reading Lethal Protector, having Spiderman“s and Venom“s voices from the 90“s cartoon running through my head is different from hearing it through a TV.


Thanks for reading on my thoughts and experience about Boston Comic Con! See below for more pictures!




Another piece of merchandise I managed to buy.




The Watchmen




Dragon Age cosplayers




Some creepy priest like figure.




People in line for the costume contest.

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Man looks like you had a blast at the CC.

It must have been really cool looking around and seeing all the cosplayers. Even the creepy ones xD.


Not a fan of LOTR but glad you got to meet Sam(Sean) I'm sure he was a nice guy.


I'm gonna go ahead and take a guess that the lady Venom was helping out in the comic was a street walker lol.

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yeah, she's just a random person. It was just proof as to the conversation I remembered. Wasn't expected the series to be so cheesy as to his portrayal in certain parts, but oh well.


Venom's constant monologues also take time to get used to. While completely in the Spider-man spirit, as Spidey does the same, it's very different to have someone like Venom do so.


Sean was a great guy.

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Great blog Blaze. Definitely had fun reading and looking at the pics. Wish I can go to one. I have a friend who goes to Comic Con every year and she has fun cosplays. Last year she was Wonder Woman this year she was Amethyst from Steven Universe. Glad you had fun. :D

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