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True Blood – True To The End?

John Kidman



Spoilers Ahead.


Game of Thrones. Newsroom. Boardwalk Empire.


HBO produces some of the most critically applauded shows on premium television, but their supernatural hit True Blood never reached the same level of acclaim as its network siblings. True Blood settled well into its role as a guilty pleasure for fans despite its mixed reviews, many of whom remained faithful to the show through its lulls. True Blood is series so dedicated to its fans that some were even lucky enough to score customized coffin care packages featuring their twitter user name. One might find it extremely difficult to believe that a series so devoted to its fan base could be responsible for the entirety of its abysmal series finale.


The conclusion of the sixth season left the audience with a six month lapse in time and an imminent attack on the patrons of the newly dubbed “Bellefleur'sé bar and grill. True Blood's final season picked up immediately following the time warp, but ultimately aimed at bidding farewell to the town of Bon Temps and the cast that kept us mostly entertained for the last seven years. Unfortunately, the season devolved into a series of tenuous circumstances that left the majority of its viewership dumbfounded and sent the series off with its lowest number of viewers since season two.


One might be able to overlook the Walking Dead styled party that led them to mass grave and resulted in a ridiculous showdown, but the lackluster deaths of key characters was less forgivable. The reason Game of Thrones major character deaths feel more successful is that their deaths fuel story lines. Alcide and Tara faced the true death earlier this season and left fans bewildered because key characters display remarkable resilience and are generally sent on their way with a significant amount of fanfare. Tara's death served as a gateway for a minor story arc featuring the unlikable Lettie Mae, while Alcide's death was merely used immediately revisit the Sookie and Bill story and add a cameo to Robert Patrick's resume.




True Blood has been billed by most as a more adult entry into realm of the supernatural, showcasing explicit behavior that the tween series Twilight was unable to present to its own audience. The final hour of the show randomly introduced the subplot of a marriage and strong-armed a key character into matrimony at the behest of a dying vampire. The “proposalé is to marry a person who is effectively a stranger and comes less than 24 hours after ceasing a different relationship. Laughable. The irony here is that this character, who has demonstrated verbally abusive behavior for which no remorse has been displayed, has cited not wanting children to get out of one relationship and the inability to have children as a shortcoming in the past.


The show has always promoted people being comfortable with themselves. Strong characters like Nelson Ellis' Lafayette, Rutina Wesley's Tara and Stephen Moyer's Bill have always been portrayed as characters who think everybody should be proud of everything that makes them unique. This is the primary reason that the suggestion by Bill that Anna Paquin's Sookie should give up her “lighté feels rather disingenuous to the audience.


The biggest deviation is that a show, built on the portrayal of lust, decides to end with a family-style Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving that, quite frankly, would have never happened. The relationships would look more like a spider web with multiple points of connection if placed on a police board. One small ray of hope for fans it that Alexander Skarsgard's Eric Northman and Kristin Bauer van Straten's Pam whose characters stayed true to the spirit of the show established in the previous six seasons. The actors have done a great job with the material they were given, but the content of the final season leaves a lot to be desired. The finale of True Blood culminated the season-long struggle with its own identity by abandoning most of the hallmarks established throughout the entire series.


Recommended Comments

You're right, Eric and Pam were the only ones that had retained some semblance of their personalities to the end, I will admit that scene with Eric in the car with all the dead Japanese dudes produced a chuckle.


However the half assed ending of Bill telling Sookie he loved her, then somehow wanting her to kill him by using up her fairy powers because he wanted her to be happy and have kids except what. He JUST told Hoyt to marry Jessica, guess he assumes Hoyt doesn't want to have kids....


The deaths this season were just pathetic, Tara didn't even get a death scene and Alcide was just laughably bad, and kind of sad since he was kind of a cool character. 


Thing is, they dug themselves a hole so deep this last season I really don't know what they could have done to end it better. Maybe just have Bill leave forever? or die saving Sookie from something? Or maybe Sookies light doesn't kill vampires but instead turns them human again? SOMETHING better than the stupid ending we got. 


I'm sad that the show had to end this badly, since I really truly did enjoy the show since the beginning but it just began a downward spiral that culminated in this shitfest.

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Honestly, the revisiting of the Bill and Sookie story was just all sorts of lazy writing anyway.  


"We want them back together."

"She's with Alcide"

"No problem.  Kill him off"


Alcide's death was all sorts of pointless.  He could have  been the guy at the table (he wasn't) and it wouldn't have made a bit of difference, but I guess since they already had them together at the end of season 6 they couldnt revisit the Sookie/Bill story.  


The H-Vamp was tacked on so poorly in season 6.  


I would have loved the story to completely forego the Sarah Newlin story (though her ending was justified).  


Actually, I take that back. Make Bill immune to the cure (a mutation of the strain) because of the Fairy blood.   Virus mutations happen all the time.   That's the point when you make the only cure something only she can do (the light ball), maybe told by her Grandfather who also made a random appearance.  Give her the option, who comes to grips with having to do it.... then have Bill refuse it and ask for the Stake instead because he can't ask her to give up something that makes her part of who she is.  *MESSAGE*.  


I'd even be on board for the "Light can turn a vampire into a human."


Also.  Don't show her sitting in his coffin, sitting in his blood.  That was just a poor cinematography.  They could have approached that death scene in a half-dozen more tasteful ways.  Show her pushing it into his heart (from Bill's POV, where you can't see his body) and show that hesitation in her face and her eyes closed.... then cut to the future.   I little like the Sopranos, but leaving the viewer with the feeling they know exactly what happened.


The Hoyt/Jessica scenario bothers me so much.  Hoyt said he wanted to marry her ages ago, before they moved in together and then split apart.  He was verbally abusive and pretty much said nobody will want her because she cant have kids.  Then Hoyt uses the "I don't want kids" as the same excuse to get out of his relationship with Bridget. Jessica gets with Jason (splitting him up from Violet) and making her go even crazier.  Then Hoyt and Jason play girlfriend switcheroo?  Are you kidding me?!


You're right.  Bill's kid stance for Sookie is so messed up when you consider he strong-armed Jessica into a non-legal marriage with Hoyt, who doesn't even REALLY know her because his memory of her has been wiped, so he's effectively known her for 24 hours. 


It's like they tried to wrap up a very adult show by abandoning the values that were prominent on the show and give it a family vibe.   Just not impressed with how lazy the whole final season felt.

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So after all that poop going on from beginning to end, is this still a better love story than Twilight?

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