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The Walking Dead Season 2: Discussing "My Choices" **Spoiler Heavy**




Written on iPad. Will check for typos later.


While Season 2 wasn't as emotionally connecting as the first season, I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed the decisions available but definitely understand that the majority of the story is predetermined. Some reviewers seem to have a problem understanding that aspect. :)


Below are the "choices" I made this season and my thoughts on those decisions and the story in general. I'd love others to express their thoughts as well. Be sure to use spoiler tags. If you haven't finished the season yet, please find the nearest exit now....


Episode 1: All That Remains



Did you try to save Christa? I decided to try and help her. Honestly, I never liked Christa (from the moment she first appeared in Season 1) and always thought something was off about her but I try to do the right thing most of the time. I thought Omid was a pretty good dude though and wish he had been in the story longer.


Did you kill the dog? I killed the dog for reasons of mercy. I honestly was not pleased with the dog scenario and lack of better outcomes. A dog that friendly would not have snapped so fast especially once it got the food. Dogs can snap over food but I believe had she just dropped the can and stepped back, things would have been fine. I think the story played too much into the myths about dangerous dogs. I've been around dogs my whole life and they are easier to predict than this one was.


Did you accept Nick's apology? I accepted it. Didn't care for his character much though.


Did you give water to the dying man? I did. Don't regret the choice.


Did you save Nick or Pete? I saved Nick. Pete was a better person and more valuable to the group but he was obviously bitten.


All in all this episode was OK but I realized quickly that the new group was definitely not as good as the group from Season 1. I'm sure more time into the chaos had something to do with it.





Episode 2: A House Divided



Took blame for Sarah's photo? I took the blame. Wish I had made more decisions in Sarah's favor during the game.


Who Did You Sit With At Dinner? I chose Kenny. Glad I did. The new group expected way too much loyalty in a short time span and I felt like every member of the new group was too selfish. I feel like the narrative became too obvious at this point and knew that the rest of the season would likely lead up to a choice between Kenny and the others.


Told Walter the truth about Matthew? I told the truth and don't regret that. Nick was an idiot obviously but the truth needed to come out. I felt the new group was pretty immature as adults letting Clementine make so many decisions.


Nick's Fate? I convinced Walter to forgive Nick. It was obvious he was a moron but he fired the rifle on the bridge for a good reason.


Left to find Kenny? I sought out Kenny's help. He may have been a jerk but his care for others was genuine unlike the others. In my opinion.





Episode 3: In Harm's Way



Helped Sarah with her chores? I helped. Despite the outcome, I'd do it again. It was the right thing to do.


Told Bonnie About Luke? I hid Luke's presence when talking to Bonnie. Glad I did. I didn't like Bonnie from the jump and when all was said and done at the end of the game, it was for good reason. She was definitely someone who will always look out for herself above anyone else.


Admitted to stealing the walkie talkie? I tried to hide the theft but regret that decision. There was no avoiding the discovery and I should have made a different choice.


Watched Kenny kill Carver? I watched. Despite everyone else's problem with what Kenny did, I think he did the right thing. Carver was way too dangerous to leave alive and In a zombie apocalypse, I'd want someone like Kenny around despite his many flaws.


Chopped off Sarita's arm? I killed the zombie but wanted to chop off her arm. Lol. I'd probably chop off her arm if I play the season again.




Episode 4: Amid The Ruins



Left Sarah at the trailer park? I saved her at the trailer park. The opposite choice was simply wrong any way you look at it.


Robbed Arvo? I refused to rob Arvo. I didn't Arvo. He was obviously trouble despite the game's best efforts to make you feel sorry for him. In real life, I wouldn't have robbed him but I may have held him captive for a while to discover information about who he was with.


Crawled through the ticket booth? I volunteered to crawl through but it was very telling that the adults I was with were not great people.


Held the baby? I held the baby. What kind of maniac wouldn't?


Shot Rebecca? I shot Rebecca and would stand by the choice. The other choices were too dangerous.





Episode 5: No Going Back



Protected the baby? Of course I did. The baby was the only person in the group who was still an innocent.


Went to help Luke? I tried to help Luke. I honestly think he was a selfish dirtbag despite his charms and the game constantly wanting you to like him. Luke and Jane are definitely two people I would not want to be around in a zombie scenario.


Asked to leave with Mike? I did not ask to leave. They were pulling off a very sneaky thing which showed they were all cowards. Definitely confirmed my belief that Arvo was a bum too. Out of curiosity, do you guys think they all got away or do you think Kenny finished them off? My sympathy for Mike, Bonnie and Arvo dropped to 0. They were willing to steal all the supplies and leave Clem and the baby behind with Kenny who they were scared of. Despite bring a jerk and a maniac at times, Kenny still came off as the best adult of the season.


Shot Kenny? I shot Kenny but not necessarily for Jane. Kenny was too far gone and would never find peace until he was back with Duck and his wife. He really had run his course and the game made that obvious from the moment Clem reunited with him. Despite his numerous flaws, Kenny was still a good guy and at the end of the day with a little support, Kenny was a guy that got results and came through. I felt like the rest of the group put it on Clementine to fix things too much and they treated Kenny like crap the whole time.


In the end, who are you with? I ended up alone with AJ and am satisfied with that choice. Jane was selfish, lied too often and pushed Kenny's buttons knowing it would lead to his death. I figured she was a manipulative and selfish person.....she would eventually cause Clementine or AJ's death. While Jane's loneliness was sad, she was a person who would do anything to get the results she feels are right and at any cost to others. After 2 seasons, Lee is still the only character that would go to hell and back to save Clementine. Kenny had his moments too but he would have never done what Lee did.


All in all, I'm satisfied with the ending I chose. I didn't necessarily like the direction they took with every character and certainly did not like this group very much. I definitely missed Lee. It's rare to have a emotional attachment to a character like I got with Lee and Clementine. Last time I recall that kind of strong connection was in Final Fantasy VII.



Desires For Season 3......





A large part of me feels a need to find out how Clementine is doing so I want to continue with her. Another part of me feels like maybe it's best I just assume she made through to the end. Lee's death was pretty devastating in my opinion even though you knew it was coming. Clementine's demise one day could be worse. Maybe it's best we just get to make up the rest of her story in our own heads. I'n not sure if there's a right answer.


Whether we continue with Clem or go with a new storyline, I hope they take greater care developing characters that are more unique than what we got in Season 2. Too many characters were very similar to others in the first season. In a world full of unique people, it shouldn't be hard to give us fresh characters.


As far as story development, I hope we get a less predictable narrative.




My Choices (Screen Captures)
















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Oh my god Kezins I just beat the game a while ago. Just so much emotions right now man. Lemme cool down and then post my thoughts in the next post. I do agree I miss Lee heavily. This final episode was insane. It made me think so much. I cannot wait what's in store for Clementine and AJ in season 3. The wait will be tough to handle.

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Episode 1 Thoughts


Did you try to save Christa? -I did end up saving her because she was the only friend I had at the moment after Omid died. I really wanted to save Omid. Wish there was a damn way. He's a friendly guy who didn't deserve to die like that. I hope Christa is alive somehow because she was never seen again after that. She was pregnant as well. Hope her baby is ok.

Did you kill the dog? -I killed the dog as well. It was nice to me and was hoping it would be my companion for the adventure. I loved dogs and it hurt me to kill it. I agree wish there was different outcomes. Did not like the dog situations, but it's probably realistic. Also maybe it might turn into a dog zombie. I can understand stray dogs can be dangerous. Just wish it was handled better.

Did you accept Nick's apology? -I accepted as well. I know he was a jerk at times, but in this situation everyone can be angry in an apocalyptic world. I did my best to get him right. Wasn't into his character at the moment as well.

Did you give water to the dying man? -I did as well. I am trying to do what's right in the situation. I thought he could be useful to know what happen to Christa at the time.

Did you save Nick or Pete? -I ended up with Pete because he was a better person and understands the situation better. Nick was being a jerk still and I really liked Pete. I knew he was bitten and thought I can cut off his leg in the next episode, but nope lol.


Agree as well with this episode being ok. Usually first episodes are like that and takes a while to get into especially with the new group. I instantly liked Luke, Carlos, and Pete because they are nice. Rebecca was being a jerk I didn't like her at first. DIdn't care for the rest and I just wanted Clementine safe. On to the next episode thoughts!



Episode 2 Thoughts


Took blame for Sarah's photo? -I, too took the blame. I wanted to protect someone and do the right thing. Sarah is just trying to make friends and wanted to do so as well. I didn't want her to get in trouble.

Who Did You Sit With At Dinner? -Holy Hell am I glad to see Kenny. I was surprised he was still alive and thought man am I glad to see a familiar friend. It was tough being with the new group and wasn't like the original in season 1. I wasn't familiar with the group yet so it was obvious I went with Kenny. Plus who wouldn't want to sit with a friend you haven't seen in a long time or unexpectedly showed up.


Told Walter the truth about Matthew? -I did the same Kezins. I never lie and always tell the truth. Lie can be a burden and haunt you forever. I'm glad to get it out and make sure Walter doesn't suffer. I agree everyone treats Clementine like a child. I'm scared to make a decision, you do it Clementine. Ugh grow up. Clementine is smarter that all these doofus.

Nick's Fate? -Yep same decision as well. Glad the truth came out and Walter forgave him. I understand Nick's reason because he's only trying to protect the group, but also dumb he didn't think before acting. We all make mistakes.

Left to find Kenny? I actually stayed and made sure Sarah and Carlos are ok. Carver was threatening to kill Carlos. I thought maybe if I stayed and distract, Kenny would come in and help. Nope Carver knew the situation. Also Michael Madsen did a great job voicing him too.


Good episode and improved from the first. We move onto the next area to survive and glad to see Kenny again.



Episode 3 Thoughts

Helped Sarah with her chores? -I helped as well. I was helping her cope with the situation at the same time. Also I'm her friend and didn't want her to feel sad and lonely.

Told Bonnie About Luke? -I told her about Luke. At first I didn't want to trust her, but started to after conversations and understands what needs to be done under Carver. I liked her a bit after the story goes on. She seems to be holding up and knowing what it takes to survive and be with the right people.

Admitted to stealing the walkie talkie? -I wanted to protect everyone. Carver doesn't deserve to be hurting people and not a good leader. Either way didn't make a difference since Kenny stepped in.

Watched Kenny kill Carver? I watched as well. I had to see what Kenny's mind has gone through and his developed character. He's changed and he's going through a dark path. Can't blame him because in an apocalyptic world everyone is insane and can't handle. Also Carver is a killer, he deserved it, although he was right about the people change and foreshadowed Kenny's acts in some way saying Clementine think you can stay with this group? Trust? etc. Also felt Kenny is my protector too. He's capable of what's going on due to first season experience.

Chopped off Sarita's arm? I chopped her arm off thinking I would save her and then thought crap it didn't work when I did the same with Lee. I hesitated for a bit and thought this is the only way to not turn.


This was a pretty entertaining episode. The plan of escape was tough and Carver was a pretty good villain. Good character development with some characters and introduced Bonnie and Mike very well. RIP Carlos and welcome Jane. I also applaud Michael Madsen voicing Carver.

Episode 4 Thoughts

Left Sarah at the trailer park? -I saved her too. No way a child is being left behind. I'm glad I slapped Sarah and get her head out of her ass. This is real. You wanna live? Move on! Your dad wouldn't want you to give up. Jane was getting me mad about her past on her sister. Wasn't gonna let Sarah end up like Jane's sister.

Robbed Arvo? -Arvo is just like us. Were trying to find supplies and food to survive. I didn't rob him because it's wrong. Were in the same situation. It's hard to trust new people and don't know if the person is a threat or not. I didn't want to rob him, but was hoping to interrogate him more for survivors and any safer place nearby.

Crawled through the ticket booth? I volunteered to crawl through but it was very telling that the adults I was with were not great people.

Haha of course I volunteered. Mike and Bonnie can't fit through. Clementine is always being used. Darn grown ups stop abusing her! She's being used too much although I am making her nice and never mean.

Held the baby? -Oh I started to like Rebecca from episode 2 through onwards. Her character development was pretty good and glad she is coming to senses. I was happy to see the baby alive and alright. It's nice to see a baby, but sad the baby is born in this zombie world. The baby is adorable. Anyone who hates babies or children are mean!

Shot Rebecca? I hesitated and was like oh crap wtf! Someone helped. Welp that just happened. Were effed. The End


The episode is like one of those breather episodes before the big finale. We learned about Jane's past and why she cared about Clementine. I was disappointed she left the group that time. Mike and Bonnie were great. Kenny is still crazy and seems to be stuck in anger and hatred after losing Sarita. I'm glad Kenny was still there as he is still important for Clementine to be there for her. My God Sarah poor Sarah! Well then that last episode left off in a cliffhanger. Off to the final episode.

Season Finale Thoughts

Protected the baby? -Heck yes I did. Who would kill a baby plus this is for Rebecca and Alvin. They would want their child to live and glad I saved him. It was well worth the risk. Also sorry Arvo I had to kill your sister. She was turning into a zombie so didn't want her to suffer.

Went to help Luke? -I personally liked Luke and enjoyed his presence around. I mean I know he made selfish decisions, but he did his best to protect Clementine. I also cheered him up during the bonfire and stuff. Glad to keep a smile going on and not letting sad negativity get you down. I wanted to save Luke and didn't feel like losing him because of our friendship. He saved Clementine from the frozen water. I wonder if things go different if Clementine kept shooting and Luke crawl our way to safety.

Asked to leave with Mike? -I didn't go with them. I was very pissed at Mike and Bonnie for what they're doing. Were supposed to survive together as a group. They betrayed Clementine's trust. I like how Mike is like hey get Kenny into his sense so we can go together in the morning. I know they were scared, but please talk sense to Kenny yourself. Everyone is relying on Clementine so much it's making me mad. She has too much on her shoulders already. Also I friggin hate Arvo after everything I did to protect him from Kenny. I wanted to make him feel safer with us. Nope. I hate them now. Lost my trust. I was feeling like Mike could be like an alternate Lee too.

Shot Kenny? -This was the moment I started to tear up. I actually had to pause the game to decide to shoot or not. Kenny has been with Clementine this entire journey. I didn't want to lose another friend after Lee. His sanity became unreliable and dangerous. I did everything to make Kenny nicer and not make trouble. During the truck ride argument I was thinking in my head I bet you have to kill one of these characters and welp it happened. When Jane came back and talked about the baby, I knew Kenny is off for revenge. He just wanted AJ to be safe and sound and become a fatherly figure to make up for the loss of Duck. In my head I'm telling myself as I'm Clementine, no Kenny please don't make me do this. I don't want you and Jane to fight and keep us together for survival. As time running out, I cried and said I'm sorry Kenny. BOOM! I told him sorry and he said you made the right choice before he dies. I was devasted and emotional because this had to happened realistically. You can't change a person, but Kenny knows that. He is off with his family and will be missed. I was mad when Jane was telling Clementine her reason for Kenny's death. To prove a point?! Ugh. I lost my trust with her being selfish.


In the end, who are you with? I ended up alone with AJ and am satisfied with that choice. Jane was selfish, lied too often and pushed Kenny's buttons knowing it would lead to his death. I figured she was a manipulative and selfish person.....she would eventually cause Clementine or AJ's death. While Jane's loneliness was sad, she was a person who would do anything to get the results she feels are right and at any cost to others. After 2 seasons, Lee is still the only character that would go to hell and back to save Clementine. Kenny had his moments too but he would have never done what Lee did.

I too ended up alone with AJ. Jane was indeed selfish and treated her like her dead sister to make up for it. I liked Jane up until that point to be honest. I would have gone with her if she didn't pull that point for making me shoot Kenny. I was surprised by the people's choices 20% ended up being alone with AJ. I know what Jane meant about Kenny being crazy and have to be with the right people. I just needed to be alone and cool off before I see her again. The finale was great and that decision was tough for me. It didn't top season 1's finale, but still good.

Whew now that I finished the game, it was one hell of a ride. Mistakes here and there with the groups and hard to decide who I liked. I agree with the Lee and Clementine attachement. Really miss Lee a whole lot. Great ending and still questions unsanswered. Looking forward to next season and how Clementine and AJ will survive together. I wonder if Christa is still alive. Also eff Arvo.


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Looks like we made a lot of similar choices. I probably didn't give Rebecca enough credit. She was no like the others. After two seasons, it's still Clementine and Lee I have the connection with.


Kenny was probably the best character and certainly the most dynamic. We made the right call shooting him I think. In the ending where Kenny made it to the end, I think he would have survived and suffered for a long time.


I thought back to my choice as Lee telling Clementine to stay on the move and that's why I ended up alone with AJ. The secure town was a good thought but a secure town can go bad fast if just one person dies and turns inside while everyone is sleeping.


I have a feeling, Season 3 will move on to a new lead character....hopefully not Christa lol. I hope she survives but I didn't really like her. It does make me mad Omid couldn't be saved.


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One of my favorite scenes in the final episodes is when. . .

Clementine was dreaming about Lee and her having a conversation about how we treat others and how hard it is to make a decision for the group. We don't know the outcome of our choices and we just do the best we can and what's right. It really moved me to see Lee again and it's so hard to break the connection between the two. I liked that scene and shows us how much we miss Lee. It made Clementine stronger and more eager to live and keep moving forward. I'm really looking to see how Season 3 will pan out. I heard there are 5 different endings for the season 2 finale. I might eventually replay to see the outcomes. For now I stand by my first decision to shoot Kenny and stay away from Jane.


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I'm definitely pleased with the ending where I did the same thing too. I watched one of the other endings on YouTube. I think our ending was supposed to be the shortest.

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This is a fantastic write-up. Well, done. I have not played these games, nor do I care to, but reading through this was an incredible treat. Seriously. Where was this during the blog contest!? 

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Lol. Thanks. Thiswas really an "on the fly" kind of post. I thought it'd be interesting to see if anyone else made different choices. Seems TK and I were very similar though. Lol

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I'm still waiting for gaiages"s choices and curious to know what she picked since she beaten the game and reviewed in on GP. Feels like were the only ones Kezins lol.

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