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My Experience With Archeage and Why You Should Try It



Quite recently I was convinced into trying my hand at a new MMO called Archeage which you may or may not have heard. Seeing as it was free, I decided to give it a try and joined up with Khorne on the continent of Nuia. The game has four races split amongst two continents, Khorne plays as a Nuian / Human and I chose to play as an Elf since they occupy the same continent and are on the same faction in the games universe. The other two races the Firrans / Cat People and the Hirani / Asians. I experimented with the various races in the character creator (pictures below) but ultimately decided it was better to start on the same side as Khorne so as to be power-leveled through the early stages of the game. Take a gander at the pictures below, and consider joining us sometime!




Here's the first character I created, a Hanari I named Kurokame.




Here's the Firran I made, but wasn't too big a fan of.




Here's my Elf who I am currently playing as (Archer / Ranger) named Narriko.




Here are Khorne and I on my mount (a purple Elk) you actually get your mount extremely early on in the game unlike most other MMOs! :D




You also get a Glider early on that allows you to travel by air, quite a fun gameplay element!




Here is Khorne posing for the camera.




You can also drive cars in the game, here are Khorne and I racing each other on the test drive track...


This ended quite badly....




Khorne got his car flipped and lit on fire o_o



You can also sail ships which require a crew as you get larger ships.


You can also build houses and castles, the latter which can be used to launch attacks onto other guilds and players castles and need to be defended. You can also be a simple farmer and grow crops, or a tradesmen and run trade routes supplying your faction and earning gold. Or just go crazy and be a pirate and raid everyone.


Archeage is available to play for FREE at the following website



Khorne and myself are playing on the server EZI


Remember that you'll have start as an Elf or a Human to be in the same faction as us. Starting as a Firran or Hanari makes you our enemy unless you become pirate in which you're still our enemy but of a different sort.


So what are you waiting for?

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I watched the Yogscast play this back in beta before it was even translated in english. Also this thing takes flipping hours to download and install not cool!

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I watched the Yogscast play this back in beta before it was even translated in english. Also this thing takes flipping hours to download and install not cool!


8GB Download, cmon Rex join us! :D

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This tells Kiwi nothing about how it actually plays.


Like every Fantasy MMO ever

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Like every Fantasy MMO ever


Oh, ew. Kiwi will just stick with Guild Wars 2 then.

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I have no clue how the controls work and all the girls think I am fliting with them because I have hearts poping out on my head for some unknown reason. I can't find the chat button.

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