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Games I'll Be Playing in October-November 2014




Too many games.....too little time..... :(


My plans could always change but for now, my goals are to finish up with the following games in the next few weeks.


Madden 15 - I'm mostly playing in an online franchise with my high school buddy. We're getting close to the end of our second regular season. We were both eliminated in the first round of the playoffs our first year. I'm coaching the Buffalo Bills with John Madden using Carr as my QB.


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Played about an hour and a half last night with TK & company. The game is outdated but I like it enpugh to keep going. Lol


Natural Doctrine - I've played a couple hours of it and enjoy the game so far. Hoping I can get pretty deep into it soon.


Mass Effect 2 - Doing my second playthrough but on the PS3 this time. I'm probably going to do my 3rd playthrough of the first game as well.


Those four are definitely enough to gouge into my precious free time in the next month or so. If anyone is interested in playing some Madden, ND or D&D, definitely HMU. I haven't played enough Natural Doctrine to have a solid opinion but I do like it so far. The washed out colors and funky camera angles are my main complaint at the moment. Some people have complained about too much information being on the screen at once but I actually love that aspect.


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After played through all the ME games once, I could never bring myself to play any of the titles a second time.

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I took a pretty long break between playthroughs. :). The original game is still the best in my opinion.

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Nice picks! I really should go through the Mass Effect games sometime; I have all three on PC, but just haven't gotten to playing them yet.


Actually, I did start the first, but decided to stop because my PC wasn't optimal to play it at the time (it was just barely enough to get it to run).


I'm really going to have to check out D&D: Chronicles of Mystara; maybe I can join you and TK if I have the time for it.

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I'm not going to lie and say the D&D game is awesome but it is a nice throwback arcade experience and fun in multiplayer. I doubt I'd play it alone.

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Mass Effect isweird to me. It has a ton of flaws but I enjoy the characters and story quite a bit.

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