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When I initially wrote this, it was the end of August, and there were various articles mentioning the rather terrible treatment gamers and people were giving each other. And this stuff is still happening...


Gamers, let“s not be malicious jerks, especially to members of your own community. (That is a link to a Cracked article, which may contain some NSFW language) I read an article about “swattingâ€, which is a malicious prank (as in, intentionally malicious). This behavior is going beyond simple trash talking. It got to the point that developers had to write an open letter to the gaming community to treat each other better.


This malign behavior is NOT a good way to treat other gamers over getting your butt whooped in video games. I completely understand that having constant losses in a game that you have sunk time into (I can“t reiterate the time part enough), and believe yourself to be good at, is incredibly frustrating. People get angry and upset over losses, and that“s fine. It can happen to anyone, and in activities other than video games. So you have a bad set of games, a bad day, or you just happen to face people who are way better than you, just try not to let it ruin your day. Unfortunately, competition is part of the game, and competition is what you decided to play in. On some level, you need to realize you put yourself in this position. Try and take the experience and learn from it. Step back, and come back to it later. Before you know it, you“ll be performing better. I can“t tell you how many times I“ve tried to do something complicated in a battle game, only to lose and return to the basics and win rather easily.


Then we have the big #GamerGate thing. It“s a movement that went from being afraid of losing the identity of the traditional term of “gamerâ€, to attacking games journalism. To put it simply, it went REALLY BAD, and it“s getting a lot of press that doesn“t put gamers in a good light.


Let“s combat the terrible part of our community...


Let“s not be so exclusive. Just as you grow as a person, you need to be able to let others into your community. There will be people who pay attention to X series more than you, or X game more than you. Just because said person does not pay attention to the same things as you, or to the same degree as you, doesn“t make that person any less of a “nerdâ€, “geekâ€, or even a person. Look, everyone is a nerd in some respect, and people discover things at different times. I absolutely love Castlevania, but I“m sure there are people who know more than me about it.


Games have changed quite a bit. It“s not just the consoles and arcades anymore. Gamers include the mobile and handheld markets, and those that play the online web games via websites and social networks. Every game won“t appeal to you, but that does not mean that certain games won“t appeal to others. While I still have not downloaded Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga, I can admit that they are fun puzzle games.

People will also have different goals when playing. One person may be doing a quest that requires the team to bum rush the stage, while another is searching for a specific object. It stinks when you can“t communicate said objectives, but that does not mean that you should become derisive to another.


The dictionary even defines a gamer as:

“a person who plays games, especially computer or video games.â€


There is no “requirement†that you put in a certain amount of times into those games, nor how much in-depth knowledge one has of a game. That definition includes everyone that plays computer or video games. Those social Facebook games? Those are played on the computer. Tablets such as the Ipad are basically seen as different kinds of computers, and even current video game consoles are basically specialized computers.


I know what“s above sounds like a broad generalization, and the sensationalist media reports don“t help, but let“s be a better community. Invite people in, but if they don“t understand or don“t want to play, that doesn“t mean you need to be a jerk about it. It“s just a part of life. People will like the same things, but to a different degree.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

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I think the problem is that the general public doesn't understand there are different types of gamers. It may be impossible to foster a "gamer community" in a broad sense when pretty much everyone on the planet games to one degree or another.


As far as social media sites, the only solution I see is that communities need to police themselves and speak out against people who put us in a poor light. It reminds me of politics in a way where a small minority of wackjobs have the loudest voices.


Another thing is that gaming needs leaders and there really haven't been any true leaders particularly in game journalism. Attacks on game journalism doesn't surprise me a lot when there's very little ethics involved in the industry. You can have a code of ethics in independent blogging but I guarantee the vast majority of writers on corporate sites bend their Morals and ethical codes to stay employed.

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As far as my thoughts, the video game industry and game journalism industry are definitely responsible for most of what's being said about Gamergate. The companies need to take a stand for equality at this point and address the corruption within the industry. I doubt they will though.


While many of the initial claims that started this whole thing turned out to be mostly false.....these things do happen. It's a very sexist industry and fanbase. If you are looking for a dose of sexism, racism or ethnocentric bigotry, grab a headset and start playing random people online. There's a reason, I don't even use a mic unless I'm gaming with friends.

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I think once gamers stop being entitled, the gaming world will be a better place.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for reading. I appreciate the comments. I like the comment of needing a leader in the community. There doesn't seem to be one, but that could also be the fact that there's a numbers situation with hundreds and thousands of people blogging/writing.


And I agree that it's still a rather sexist industry, character designs included (both male and female). I think it's the way each gender looks at a character. Even males with no clothing may not see the character as sexist in design, but a power fantasy (Shao Kahn for example, he really doesn't wear much)


That's a topic for another time though.

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