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Hong Kong Halloween!




It's always interesting to see how different places celebreate holidays and I didn't think that Halloween was much of a thing outside the USA....




Halloween is a big deal here in Hong Kong, but there is no trick or treating, but rather....




There are several hotspots in Hong Kong for this. Disney Land and Ocean Park host massive Halloween events for the younger generation and families to partake in while areas such as Lan Kwai Fong, SoHo and Central boast massive crowds and parties that last through the night. As such the police were out in in greater force than even during the Hong Kong protests in order to institute crowd control... and trust me, it was needed!


90,000 people would party in Lan Kwai Fong[....]Halloween is the biggest night of the year in the Central nightlife hotspot - just 60,000 people come out for New Year's Eve.[...]



Below are some pictures I took, as well as some taken by others that highlight the madness that ensued. (Excuse my ugly face D:)


But first... A VIDEO :D










Sorry for the bad quality but when it's dark and crazy it's kind of hard to take good pictures xD


So to sum it up, one of the craziest Halloween's I've ever had! How about you guys, what did ya'll get up to this Halloween? :D

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Sounds fun! :D


I just stayed home and played Outlast late at night with a friend in the dark. It was 2spoopy. D:

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Of course Halloween is a big thing in HK--people get to "cosplay." Seriously though this looks incredible.

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Of course Halloween is a big thing in HK--people get to "cosplay." Seriously though this looks incredible.


Yeah the amount of "nerdy" costumes was pretty interesting for it being a party like that, Solid Snake, the cast of Sailor Moon, Mario, The cast of One Piece, Iron Man, Pyramid Head, Silent Hill Nurses, Lara Croft, Nariko... the list goes on and on. Of course they were massively out numbered by "slutty ____" costumes but still...

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Man no fair I wana take pictures with cute girls :( guess it's time to move to HK!

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