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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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GamePodunk House Keeping







I have posted this in various status updates, but I am well aware that there are still prizes to be distributed from October. I appreciate everyone's patience on this front and promise to have those out-and-about hopefully by December 5th. I have been incredibly busy with both school and personal projects, life/health, and so forth. Additionally, November was a hard month financially for me--despite working two jobs when I am not in class--and for that reason I ultimately did not have money to spare.


Thank you all who have thus far participated in most, if not all, or even just one, of the contests that have been held.




There is a lot planned for the month of December. Right now we are making arrangements to host a Secret Santa event. Obviously more details will be revealed when the event is posted about within the coming week or so. We are also tinkering about with an Advent Calendar of sorts. Consider this a head's up! Also there stands the chance to be another blog contest--Christmas related of course. The contest won't be held however if there is fewer than five (5) entries.


Contest Prizes: Do to the relatively weak outing on the past few contests, I am going to stick to digital Amazon dollars. If I can be frank, per usual, it is a little disheartening to collect a handful of games and other assorted video game junk, put it in a box, and ship it when the related contest only yielded like... at most, two entries.


Random Prizes: Right now I am also entertaining the idea of randomly selecting GP members to win digital game prizes--for use on Steam, XBL, or PSN. Who knows, maybe even just $2-5 in Amazon bucks. How many members will be selected each month depends on my mood and my wallet. If you are selected or not depends on your activity. While I am tempted to keep the criteria a secret, I might reveal it later on... who knows. Expect this to start mid-December. Am I paying people to be active now? Yes... yes I am. (No one pays me; sad face.)


Game Night Prizes: This is a thing. It is happening. Soon. Get ready.




I am probably going to catch hell for this, but whatever--I'll do with that later. I like to think of GP as a community that shapes itself. As such there are some little details I am going to present vaguely so everyone knows the future holds. Contrary to popular belief, the staff does more than just sit around and abuse power.


New Look!: For a few months now I have been pushing for--and even designed--a new forum skin for GP. It is still being manipulated to make it more "GP-esque," but you can view it here. What are your thoughts on it? It is rough, but I mean whatever. There is also a new forum home/template that Jason is working on. That however, is all you are getting on that. It looks pretty rad right now. When we will see both the new forum skin and home remains in question, but they are on the horizon... for some point. With the coming new year I'd like there to be a new look to GP, but there are a lot of factors to take into account.


Recruitment Campaign: Over the next few months I intend to advertise GP to the best of my ability both at school--posters!--and on various forums and social media that I frequent. I have a friend who runs one of the few radio shows on campus and am going to have him pitch the website every so often. We might get people who join that are not interested in video-games all that much--but say anime or film or anything in general. I expect us all to be warm and welcome to whoever joins.


This leads me to another point. Currently we, the staff, are trying to allocate a particular niche that GP can squeak itself into--in order to stand out among the overabundance of gaming forums. We are not yet sure what this is going to entail--perhaps a greater emphasis on Game Nights; hence the prizes. So you as members might start to see some sub-forms disappear and others added.


There is something else I wanted to say, but I do not remember...




Next year is going to be busy for me. I will have a student teacher / teacher assistance job on campus. I am to hold office hours and so forth. I doubt this will affect my activity too much--since I will have my laptop with me, but who knows... it might. I am also directing the play No Exit by Sartre. Additionally I will still be working my other jobs and attending class.. and playing video games.


What this means is that in my absence, I expect everyone to be on their best behavior (activity) and contribute to GP in a meaningful way. There is going to be a lot going on for me outside of GP and for everyone inside GP. Do not think for a second that just because I am away a Game Night will not take place or a contest will not be held, or whatever. Not that anyone would think this, but who knows, you're all a strange bunch. Also if I plan something, say a Game Night, but am not there because of schedule hiccups for example, there is no reason to postpone the event. Do it anyway!

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Pretty cool new stuff! The new forum skin is nice, but I still like the current skin as well. :P


Definitely looking forward to more game nights! If it's on anything other than PC, I probably won't be able to join as I only own last-gen consoles currently. :)


Some new members would be great too!

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Pretty cool new stuff! The new forum skin is nice, but I still like the current skin as well. 


Yup. My re-iteration is a bit too "drastic" so we are trying to find a middle ground between what we have currently and what I have designed. I am sure everyone will be pleased when all is said and done. 

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Well said sir! Now the rest of us feel pressured to put up a fancy blog about our goals ;D

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I look forward to whatever the future brings here. I definitely feel like the site is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to game sites. The community aspect and lack of trolling is what keeps me on board. I really can't think of another site that doesn't turn into nastiness on a daily basis (the very reason I'm not a Destructoid regular anymore. Negative communities can rub off on you without realizing it). Maybe it's sad times but it's very difficult to pull off a community that doesn't foster keyboard warriors looking to rile people up on personal levels with insults etc. Definitely an achievement of note taking place here.


Hope finances get better as time goes. I wasn't fond of the days where the afgordable lunch was Ramen but I suppose early struggles prepare you for less lean times.

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I very much like the foresty, village banner. I would rather keep the brighter colors, as it seems more inviting. The color change to a bolder blue might work though, take the current shade of blue and move it to the side borders?

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From a marketing view, always place the most noticable bolder colors at the spot on the site you want first time visiters to see the most. :) regardless, I've always preferred sites with white space for reading and dark space for viewing. It's a tough balance.

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