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HEY, welcome back to GP! You should probably check this thread out here if this is your first time back on the forum since our upgrade. Suffice it to say, some things have changed! CLICK HERE to read more about it, including some new functionality.

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Meet The Podunkers 2 - FrostedSloth



Meet the Podunkers 2 is the return of the much beloved blog series I started many moons ago with the intention to feature members of the community, a sort of gamer spotlight if you will. Hopefully we can make these a regular feature again!


Today“s interviewee is the long lost blogaholic,

Dan "FrostedSloth" Curtis!




What's the first game you've ever played?


My first ever game - that I can actually remember that is - was Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion on the Sega Megadrive. That's the Genesis, for all you American types.


What a game that was; it still holds a special place in my heart to this day. I can remember distinctly playing it on a Christmas morning when I was but a wee munchkin, and never, ever being able to actually finish it.


As an adult one of my produest accomplisments was finally mastering it.


Describe your current gaming setup.


I have my own designated games room in my house. Technically it's the spare guest room, but I've basically taken over it with my gaming stuff.


Inside I have all of my gaming collection - a huge box filled with games stemming back from the PS1 onwards - several cool geek posters and an excellent Sonic made out of felt that my friend made me, a chest of drawers covered in arty ripped comic books, and all of my consoles.


Currently I own a PS3, PS4, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360 and still have an old original Xbox, PS2 and Wii kicking about somewhere. I've also got loads of Guitar Hero controllers (I know, retro, right?), headsets and various other stuff that I forget.


I'd say I've got several hundred games in my collection ranging from stuff like the original Crash Bandicoot to the things that released this year.


Name the one game that changed your life, that is, what's the one game that made you into the gamer you are today?


Got to be Final Fantasy 7. This was one of the first gaming experiences that truly blew my mind from the very start.


To this day I can still play through FF7 and love every second of it. Great soundtrack, amazing villain, brilliant characters and everything else all combine together to make one of the best experiences available on any platform.


Funnily enough, this wasn't even my game. My dad, who used to game, bought it for himself to play through. That lasted all of two days and I quickly stole the game for my own purposes *insert best evil laugh here*


This game is also responsible for my love of the JRPG and I'm really hoping FFXV makes amends for XIII.


What is your all-time favourite game EVER?


Again, probably FF7. If it had a direct competitor from the modern era, it would have to be Batman: Arkham City.


I've always loved Batman, so when Rocksteady made one of the best Batman games ever, I was always going to love that too.


I think I've played through it about six times now, and it only came out a couple of years ago.


What's your story? How'd you end up on Game Podunk? What brought about the return?


Our story begins on a snowy Christmas eve. The snow, beautiful and white, whirled outside the windows as a young Dan Curtis stumbled across an advertisement for bloggers on VideogameJournalismJobs.com, followed through the link and began his blogging career.


In all seriousness, that's what happened. Minus the snow and Christmas. I was at university at the time studying for my degree in magazine journalism, and as a side project I wanted to get involved in game writing before I went out into the big bad world of work. At the time GP was one of the only sites out there offering actual money for quality content, so - not quite knowing if I was good enough to fit the bill - I started blogging.


What happened next was pretty unsuspected. My work was promoted to featured status extremely quickly, and I also established a rapore with the current overlord of GP, NashKirb. This then lead eventually to me becoming a GP Editor, taking control over site development, articles and working closely with everyone's favourite lovable GP rogue, Jason Clement.


Unfortunately as my university career was wrapping up at this point I had to consider my next move in life, so - with an extremely heavy heart I might add - I had to leave GP for another site which was promising regular steady payments. That turned out to be a load of rubbish, and after discovering this, I moved on to my own project, ManaTank.com.


When I was looking for a job and had time to work on it everyday, MT went from strength to strength. Then I got one of those job things, the people I worked with made the site into something I didn't like, and I cut ties.


Since then I've been working as a content editor during the day where I write words for a network of websites. I also write on the side for WhatCulture.com, but part of me always wondered what was happening over at GP.


I'd been investigating every so often for a while what was going on at GP, but - on a whim - I decided to just bite the bullet, make a return and see what was going down with everyone here.


I'm happy to see so many familiar faces still kicking around on GP, and have been welcomed back with open arms. In the future I hope to help out around here when I can (and I'm much more experienced now than that fresh-faced idiot who was still at university!).


Be honest, how much did you miss us?


I honestly did miss everyone. When I worked for GP it was one of the most tight-knit working communities I'd been in, where everyone worked extremely hard to make GP the best it can be.


Like I said before, it's great to catch up with some old friends and to see what's happened over my abscence.


Anything else you'd like to add?


Dan Curtis is back! Watch this space to see what happens.


...If Jason will let me help, that is ;)



What did you think of the return of MTP? Who remembers Frosted?

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It's about time this feature returned! :P


Good to know more about Dan; shame to hear about Mana Tank not working out the way you wanted it to. I believe I also remember hearing about the incident with that other site you wrote for for a short time before that (was it Gamer Gaia?); one of our other writers here (Marshall) was involved with them for a short time before also finding out what was really going on.


Anyhow, good to hear you're doing well and still writing. How's the content editor job working out for you? Does it offer pretty stable pay? I've come across some jobs like that before and have always wondered about it.

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Nice to know you further, man! "Bite the bullet and return to GP," no argument from me there.  < Passive aggressive CM. 

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GamerGaia it was indeed, good for a while but ultimately fell apart at the seams!

Being a content editor is alright yeah, I've been in full time employment for nearly 3 years now doing it and it pays well enough to get me my own place and lots of nice stuff so it's well worth looking into.

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It's about time this feature returned! :P


HEY. I waited like 3 months for someone to finish their questions and they never did so then I just let it go




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