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How a Recent Study Explains Slot Players' Motivation and How You Can Use This Findings to Improve Your Gambling Experience

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Thinking about slot players, most people picture some kind of uneducated, poor senior or a gambling addicted youngster, playing with the money he has earned in the coffee shop, or stolen from his parents.


However, they are way off the mark. Recently, a study conducted by researchers of the Oregon State University-Cascades found that the typical slot player is a female homeowner with at least college education, an annual household income of more than $55,000 and aged between 55 and 60 years old.


The Study divides slot players into four major groups: Bored gamblers, excitement gamblers, multipurpose gamblers and relaxation gamblers


The idea behind the study was to find out why people like playing at slot machines. A huge part of a casino's revenue comes actually from slot machines, but there is only very little research available, that explains why people are attracted to this form of gambling.


The study divides slot players into four categories:

  • Bored gamblers, who don't have anything to do and need distraction.
  • Excitement gamblers, who need an adrenaline kick.
  • Multipurpose gamblers, who want to have fun and win some money.
  • Relaxation gamblers, who consider slot machines as a way to meet other people and enjoy themselves.

Think about your purpose and choose your casino accordingly


Which group do you belong to? Answer that question and then choose your casino accordingly. The catch is, that there are huge differences between these four groups and many casinos address them differently.


Let's say you are part of group one, you are bored and want to get some distraction. It doesn't matter that much which slot game you play. For you it's more important that something is going on at all. Choose a casino where you sit close to the window so you can watch people. Or choose a lively casino, where things are happening.


If you consider yourself as part of the relaxation gambler group, you should watch out for these casinos as well. It's more likely, that you will get in touch with people and you will be able to socialize more and release stress


On the other hand, if you are an excitement gambler, it's all about the slot machine. Some games are progressive and have bigger payouts. That's not good for you. If you are looking for excitement and an adrenaline kick, it's better to play at a machine that pays off frequently.


The same is true for multipurpose gamblers. Those are mostly younger people, who play a certain game, because they like the theme or because it's more fun than others.


In the end, the study is calling on slot players, to find the casino and machines which meet their requirements best. Think about which group of player you belong to, and then go out there are find your perfect spot.

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