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  2. Cruisin' Down Wan Chai in #DeusEx Come hang out and enjoy the Sci-Fi classic right here on my #Twitch stream! https://www.twitch.tv/streams/26296801440/channel/70899168

  3. Cruisin' Down Wan Chai in #DeusEx Come hang out and enjoy the Sci-Fi classic right here on my #Twitch stream! https://www.twitch.tv/streams/26296801440/channel/70899168
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  5. Refunded Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, game didn't have PS3 stick support and since my PS4 stick broke, I didn't really have a comfortable way to play it...

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    2. Royzoga


      I purchased it on PS4, so sadly I can't even run that, haha.

    3. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      I meant Dualshock 4 controller.

    4. Royzoga


      No, can't play Marvel with a pad, so it wasn't worth it for me!

  6. Insomniac has a new logo! What do you guys think? I like it, but some people are on the warpath about them changing from the old moon logo. xD



    1. Venom




      (but for realz, it's nice. I see what they were going for and they did it just fine)

  7. Developer: Aquaplus and Sting Publisher: Atlus USA Platform: PS4 and PS Vita Release Date: September 5, 2017 ESRB: M for Mature Note: This review is based on the PS Vita version of the game Atlus USA knew that with a cliffhanger as cruel as the one that Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception ended on, fans could not wait very long for the sequel. So, four months after its release countless burning questions are turned into decisive answers. Taking the form of the conclusion to the visual novel/strategy role-playing-game trilogy called Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, it makes for an absolutely triumphant example among those willing stand alongside with it until the end. Before elaborating on its strengths Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth may very well be one of the most demanding games ever to get into from a pure storytelling context. The bare minimum to even approach it is to at least finish Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception due to huge storytelling revelations, intricate world-building, character development, as well as how Mask of Truth makes next to no real effort to catch people up to speed in regards to any of these. To go one step further, it even closes several longstanding story threads that date as far back as the original Utawarerumono on PC back in 2002 (and the only real English options for that are a less-than-legal PC fan-translation or the 2006 anime adaptation.) It is a trilogy for a reason and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth's storytelling makes that abundantly clear as a final chapter that wraps it all up. With that disclaimer out of the way, Mask of Truth rights many of the wrongs of its predecessor. Often times, the previous title -- Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception -- was frustrating to play with how it was structured as a visual novel. The underlying storytelling was great, but the pacing was downright insulting. It felt like for every hour of serious storytelling the player would be subjugated to three or more hours of often pointless filler and anime ''fanservice' immediately after making it incredibly difficult to recommend as a whole. Oh, and for those that went into it expecting more frequent strategy-RPG gameplay would be lucky to see a battle every few hours, so that also did not help. But for a patient crowd that were able to surmount such shortcomings Mask of Truth certainly delivers and is a far more well-rounded adventure. While I would hardly say it is concise, as is the case with most visual novels with their long-winded banter (especially fifty-plus hour ones), it is very rare that the player will feel like their time is really being wasted (except maybe a few unfortunate 'fanservice' scenes, though they are significantly toned down from the previous game), despite not always placing the main conflict at the center stage. The cast of characters make doubly sure by acting much more mature, and the narrative's tone certainly reflects the change in mannerisms as a whole. Speaking of which, it is actually quite impressive how many fairly established characters of the previous release become much more earnestly developed as individuals through the course of Mask of Truth. Seemingly mundane day to day moments lead to surprisingly nuanced backstory moments, for example. Honestly, it's difficult for the player not to connect and resonate with the cast's plight, especially the lead character, knowing that they are forced to carry on in spite of some really heavy burdens and bleak circumstances. Of course, the main storytelling itself in general is an extremely touchy subject (do you know how hard it was to find screenshots without blatant spoilers?). Every other breath about it can easily be interpreted as major spoilers of the previous title at the very least. What I will say is that while I would more than argue that the Mask of Deception felt like half a game (that cliffhanger really did not help), Mask of Truth conversely feels like it could be separated into two entirely separate role-playing game narratives and each one would feel complete on their own. The reason I say that is because there are two dramatically different story arcs between its first and second half; the first being more focused on political intrigue and wartime conflict while the second arc is more about the greater existential questions of the world itself. Admittedly, it does lose some luster in the game's second story arc, with less compelling antagonistic figures primarily (kind of reminding me of Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord in this regard), but there are still pretty powerful and poignant storytelling moments throughout. I am not going to lie, I got more than a little misty eyed during several iconic scenes. Which is a tall order for me and games storytelling, and something that Mask of Truth executes brilliantly. It is easy to forget that there is an entire strategy-RPG component as well when caught in the massive visual novel story. Alright, not as easy this time around because battles are a fair bit more frequent and more involved. Like its predecessor, Mask of Truth's combat is a turn-based affair with an emphasis on chaining skills together mid-combo with real time inputs to increase their potency. With newly added co-op follow-up attacks, including tag-team special moves in 'overzeal' states, both allies and foes are noticeably more capable, making confrontations more engaging and challenging too. Mask of Truth also improves the variability of battle encounters as well. Main story confrontations are fairly good at changing up objectives and often times have multiple parts that forces players to stay on their toes. The final battle in particular plays upon a sense of combat escalation that is crazy in a way I have not seen since basically Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. As an aside, what is also a neat and subtle improvement is that -- outside of the main story -- there are other means to hone one's combat skills. The first of which are random skirmishes against fellow allies, which help grant points to raise certain stats, but the more intriguing are 'Munechika's Trials'. Munechika's Trials are basically really in-depth tutorials giving one instances to fully understand nitty-gritty combat mechanics and character specific nuances. While it likely would have seen far more use in the prior game (as players should have plenty of combat knowledge by now), it is a neat addition and a good way to get extra passive skills to equips. For as excellent as Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth is as a sequel, and frankly as a visual novel, it is a rather inconsistent port on Sony's PlayStation Vita. A fair bit worse than its predecessor to the point of interfering with story and combat scenes, actually. For instance, in busier cutscenes (with the underwhelming 3D engine in particular) the audio will randomly cut out which is somewhat distracting at times. But the bigger grievance is that this also can occur during combat, and I have seen a few minor instances of it throwing off my muscle memory for attack combos because of it. It is not game-breaking, but still disappointing for an otherwise perfect fit for the portable. But when faced with the stellar Japanese voice acting, impactful soundtrack, and gorgeous character art, I suppose I can forgive the occasional technical hiccups for what is primarily a visual novel. By expertly wrapping up what would have otherwise been an extremely inconsistent trilogy, Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth almost single-handedly justifies the whole journey up until this point. It is not without its caveats, however, with a mandatory to play predecessor (arguably almost two), and some nagging grievances with the occasionally spotty visual novel pacing as well as handheld port. Still, it serves as one of the absolute best visual novels out there on the market, and it just so happens to have some pretty fun strategy-RPG gameplay at times too. It is an amazing tale that makes it even more of a shame that it demands so much out of the player beforehand to fully appreciate it, but for those that do will be more than glad that they did. Pros + Intricate, and sometimes extremely poignant, visual novel storytelling that provides a really satisfying conclusion to the trilogy during the course of its lengthy adventure + Develops most of its primary cast really well + Smart adjustments to combat noticeably makes allies more capable and skirmishes more varied + Excellent localization and Japanese voice work Cons - Storytelling makes very little effort in catching up players who have not at least finished Mask of Deception prior to it - Awkward visual stuttering and audio cutoffs during random gameplay points in the Vita version - While toned significantly down from the previous game some 'fanservice' scenes and slice-of-life moments here and there do bog down the pacing Overall Score: 9 (out of 10) Fantastic Managing to weave intricate world-building and excellent storytelling Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth should more delight those that are patient enough to trek past its shortcomings towards the wonderful conclusion of the trilogy Disclosure: This game was reviewed using downloadable PS Vita code provided by the publisher.
  8. Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is underway this week in Japan, and last night Sony held their annual pre-TGS press conference to showcase new games and other announcements. While there were a host of new games announced, one very big piece of news was also revealed: Monster Hunter: World's release date. Capcom mentioned the game would be releasing sooner than most people probably realized: January 26, 2018. This effectively makes it the first big AAA game release of 2018, and is also sure to make Monster Hunter fans pretty happy to boot. Also announced were Digital Deluxe and physical Collector's Edition versions of the game alongside the standard version; pre-orders for all three start today. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the digital game, plus additional customizable options that can be used in-game: a Samurai Set skin, three gestures, two sticker sets, plus an extra face paint and hair style option for the hunter. As for the North American version of the physical Collector's Edition, it includes a physical copy of the game, voucher for the additional customizable options from the Digital Deluxe Edition (a Samurai Set skin, three gestures, two sticker sets, plus an extra face paint and hair style option for the hunter), a 32 page hardcover art book, high-quality flagship monster statue, and digital soundtrack code, all for $149.99. Capcom also released a new trailer for the game, which can be seen below. Monster Hunter: World kicks off the hunt globally on January 26, 2018 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC version to follow sometime after. Source: Press Release Are you looking forward to Monster Hunter: World?
  9. Be like Arnold. Or in this case I'm just gonna play some more #DeusEx So come check out the #Twitch stream! https://www.twitch.tv/streams/26289939648/channel/70899168

  10. Be like Arnold. Or in this case I'm just gonna play some more #DeusEx So come check out the #Twitch stream! https://www.twitch.tv/streams/26289939648/channel/70899168
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  12. Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    I mean, I'll probably play it for trials, try and learn the meta, not enjoy it due to lack of interest in the roster, then go back to my extensive list of stream games. Next week is Danganronpa V3 after all!
  13. Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    Roy's our boy! I've been hoping someone would try out Infinite so we could get an idea of where it stands, quality-wise.
  14. Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    Pretty much at that point in the year where I'm locked down regarding gaming purchases until Black Friday
  15. Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    I actually decided to give Marvel vs Capcom Infinite a try in hopes that I end up enjoying it a lot more than Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, so here's hoping that's the case! Though, phew, so many fighting games and not nearly enough time to play them anymore with the stuff I stream.
  16. What are your favorite ending/credits themes?

    I've got some good ones. Firstly, the ending credits for dotHack//Infection, the first of the four games ends with not a feeling of peace and success, but a somber and almost dreary echoing tone that you'd only just begun to scratch the surface as to what The World had to offer. On the opposite side of that, the final game in the series delivered exactly what you'd expect, a soft, elegant tone to commemorate the accomplishment and revelations the players had been forced to endure. However, still one of the only ending credit themes to get me to tear up with what led to it was Persona 3. Attempting to avoid spoilers, I'll just post the sound to be safe as I believe everyone should try and enjoy that game spoiler free.
  17. Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    I got to play that with my friend in coop mode and it was pretty awesome.
  18. Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    I've been playing a lot of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. That game is actually surprisingly good. And I've always hated Rabbids.
  19. Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    Well, my copy of Metroid: Samus Returns came in, so there's that. I also plan on picking up SteamWorld Dig 2 and Pokken Tournament (didn't play the original). I'm also really interested in Golf Story for some reason. I'm not even that into golf, but this particular game intrigues me. Not entirely sure yet on Cuphead. I love the art direction, but the game looks a bit repetitive. I might wait for reviews. Oh, and yes, I too need to get A Hat in Time.
  20. What are your favorite ending/credits themes?

    I've always liked the one from Super Mario 64 quite a lot: The one from Super Mario World was great as well:
  21. Perfect Dark had great music good choice For me it's gotta be - This was the credits song of PS2 Gundam: Federation vs Zeon These are the ones I remember and also resulted in my playing the games a bazillion times just for the sweet music at the end. I can't remember any other credits music.
  22. MoviePass Week 1 Impressions

    One movie a day is a lot of movie. I'm okay with just seeing the movie once. Mainly because if you really enjoyed the movie you can always buy it when it is released. The only problem is there won't be enough movies to watch in the theater if you go every day. Great deal for people who have time to go to the movies.
  23. Switch versions of NBA 2K18 are visually impressive

    But should anyone expect it to be any less? Games these days files are pretty big and you aren't going to buy a small memory card and expect it just to be enough. Unless the switch games are just suppose to be smaller in sizes?
  24. Oh, this is easy. Whenever I played the combat simulator (multiplayer, except I only ever played it against bots) I had this set as the music. Every match, every map, never got old. I mean, yeah, it's basically just an extended remix of the title screen music, but is that really a bad thing? Because it's Shovel Knight.
  25. Similar to the thread about your favorite RPG music, I'm a bit of a music rut, so here's another one! So many games have great ending/credit themes -- whether it be because they're catchy and just generally a good song, or because they have a great reflective quality on the game itself -- so let's hear some of your favorites! Here are some of mine: It's mostly the first 30 seconds or so that really give me the feels (and it's 'anime' as heck) but I like the song overall too. Really feels like a good closing theme for the entire series as well considering that this was the trilogy finisher. It's technically not the "ending/credits theme, but this song does play either before or after the credits, if I remember correctly. While not serious in any capacity, it's a fun sort-of wrap-up song, and it's neat to see the villains collaborating as well to sort of tie the whole cast together for one final send-off as a thank you to the player for playing. Definitely by far the most serious of the themes I've posted in this thread, "Symphonic Poem - Hope" is a really cool suite of different songs that play in succession during the credits of Final Fantasy XII. It starts off super somber in the intro for the first minute or so, as almost a reflection of the tragedy and losses of war experienced in the game, before it rolls out into a triumphant crescendo and then further into another upbeat song that ends on a nice note. One of my favorite ending themes in a game by far. This one might sound like a weird collection of noises if you're not familiar with the Metroid or Metroid Prime series in particular, but it's a pretty cool one imo. Basically, it's a sort of expansion/remix on the intro theme, but branches out into its own sort of rendition toward the end; my favorite part starts at 2:29. Overall, the music is super alien and out there, but it's a perfect fit for the series because... well, that's what it's about! Super light-hearted song, but wow, what an ending to a great game. The whole parade sequence really makes for a satisfying conclusion to the whole story, and it's a fun send-off for the game's characters as well. If you've never played Journey before, I recommend playing it first before listening to this. Honestly? No words. An amazing, beautiful song that's super somber and reflective of the experience Journey provides. Austin Wintory is a masterful composer. So which ending/credits themes do you like the most? Let us know below!
  26. Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    Forgot to add A Hat in Time to my list. I'm also super interested in that.
  27. Switch versions of NBA 2K18 are visually impressive

    Thaaaaaat's pretty insane, especially for a Switch title. Wow. Hope anyone buying that opts for a 128 or 160GB card.
  28. Switch versions of NBA 2K18 are visually impressive

    And then you see this and probably start to wish the game looked worse if it meant it took up less space:
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