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Jason Clement

Unconfirmed: Deep Silver Publishing Bloodstained

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While it was initially a mystery as to who picked up Bloodstained, all signs point to Deep Silver/Koch Media being the publisher. The Germany-based company seems to have recently had a trademark filed in the United States bearing the game's name. If this trademark turns out to be authentic, it's likely that Deep Silver owns the rights to the franchise.


Honestly, I'm not that surprised, especially after they ended up picking up Mighty No. 9 just a month ago or so. I'd be curious to know if they were the only publisher that expressed interest though, and if not, did they have to win a bidding war (in a manner of speaking)?


Another thing that is running through my head is, was this deal already set in motion before the Kickstarter even took off, only to announce it after it was a big success?


At any rate, it's surprising to me that more publishers haven't picked up some of the bigger games from KickStarter other than Deep Silver and Atlus. Also, I'll be shocked if no one picks up Yooka-Laylee, though I imagine Deep Silver will snatch that one up too.


I guess this is good for their profile, though. Before this and Mighty No. 9, they were pretty much a publisher only known for shooters, so this will help give them more of a portfolio going forward.


What do you guys make of this? Do you think Deep Silver is a good match?

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DS could use the credit for publishing and promoting indie games and Bloostained could certainly benefit from having such a high-profile publisher behind it, so if it's true I think it would work out just fine. While we have yet to really see how they'll handle marketing and such for Mighty No. 9, I can't really think of another publisher better equipped to give it the attention it deserves instead of just throwing it out there and forgetting about it like some of the other big names would.

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